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D812647 Cabin for construction machine  
D812649 Refrigerator drawer  
D812660 Bearing pillow bracket  
D812648 Sewing machine  
D812644 Set of engine valve covers  
D812443 Cutting element  
D812656 Texturing tool  
D812661 Welding fixture  
D812663 Autonomous mobile robot  
D812561 Battery charger  
D812652 Refrigerator  
D812662 Sealer  
D812646 Backhoe  
D812645 Pump  
D812654 3D printing block base  
D812659 Hex pillow bracket  
D812658 Fluid applicator  
D812655 Grinding machine  
D812657 Agitator bead mill  
D812651 Refrigerator  
D812578 Upper chamber for a plasma processing apparatus  
D812653 3D printing block assembly  
D812099 Plate for a trolling motor  
D812118 Bracket for use with a welding table  
D812112 Floor sanding sponge pads  
D812110 Scraper arm  
D812104 Valve cover  
D812100 Exhaust manifold  
D812121 Linear actuator accessory  
D812103 Valve cover  
D812102 Engine valley cover  
D812109 Gang tension spring washer for an agricultural machine  
D812107 Nozzle cover  
D812105 Pump  
D812200 High-pressure fuel injection pipe  
D812115 Tooth for mechanical equipment  
D812120 Welding wire conveyor  
D812199 High-pressure fuel injection pipe  
D812116 Cutting insert  
D812108 Hex coupler  
D812111 Agricultural row planter link arms  
D812117 Bracket for use with a welding table  
D812201 High-pressure fuel injection pipe  
D812152 Robot  
D811948 Chain sprocket  
D812106 Pump  
D812119 Portable welding power source with cooling module  
D812122 Robot hand  
D812113 Squeeze plate with molding sand inlet part for flask-less molding machine  
D812101 Combination fuel cell adapter and cap