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D832889 Vehicular inflator pump  
D832888 Rotary pump  
D832899 Braking film dispenser with lobes  
D832902 Gas combustor  
D832893 Fitting for tire inflation and tire repair  
D832310 Adapter for a ground engaging machine implement  
D832314 Fluid applicator  
D832327 Robot  
D832322 Soldering iron holder  
D832308 Track link  
D832318 Drill bit tip  
D832313 Three dimensional printing material container  
D832326 Household robot  
D832317 Cutting tool  
D832319 Cutting insert with four-lobed seating area  
D832551 Loader  
D832328 Robotic device  
D832552 Lift arm for loader  
D832321 Soldering station  
D832316 Ice auger  
D832324 Grading cylinder  
D832325 Electrically operated actuator  
D832311 Refrigeration device  
D832315 Wear resistant funnel sheet for material guide chute  
D832307 Compressor unit  
D832312 Refrigerator  
D832309 Lip shroud for a ground engaging machine implement  
D832323 Condensate neutralizer device  
D832320 Roller for mirror-finishing  
D831790 Lubricant dispenser  
D831702 Stator  
D831711 Portable sawmill upper carriage front  
D831717 Controlling apparatus for soldering  
D831719 Speed reducer  
D831718 Gear  
D831713 Control board device for machine tool  
D831714 Rock drill bit  
D831708 Refrigerator  
D831716 Controlling apparatus for soldering  
D831709 Refrigerator handle  
D831720 Robot  
D831706 Spool holder  
D831712 Fluid application device  
D831710 Power tool  
D831707 Refrigerator door handle  
D831715 Controlling apparatus for soldering  
D831705 Sewing machine  
D831703 Reciprocating compressor  
D831704 Portable compressor  
D831084 Cutting tool