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D810165 Multimedia terminal  
D810147 UTV food plot plow  
D810143 Valve cover  
D810160 Tool holder  
D809577 Aftertreatment system housing  
D809569 Gas filling apparatus  
D809578 Pocket hole jig  
D809573 Appliance interior with color  
D809575 Ingot mold  
D809568 Gas filling apparatus  
D809579 Welding torch component  
D809572 Refrigerator shelf  
D809574 3D printer  
D809571 Bonnet for tractor  
D809576 Carrier link for longitudinally compressed tablet  
D809570 Autonomous vehicle  
D809567 Pump  
D809034 Welding wire buffer  
D809029 Extruded structural building component for robotics  
D809030 Change module  
D809021 Pump  
D809022 Pump  
D809032 Pocket hole jig  
D809227 Battery powered blower  
D809018 Multi-chamber blowoff valve  
D809033 Retainer for rolling bearing  
D809038 Electric cylinder  
D809026 Beverage dispenser drawer  
D809019 Belt guard  
D809028 Continuous casting nozzle coupler  
D809023 Pump  
D809020 Pump  
D809025 Grill and headlight unit assembly for an agricultural tractor  
D809037 Gear  
D809036 Sluice mat  
D809039 Gearings for electric motors  
D809035 Ignition tip  
D809093 Lubricant dispenser  
D809017 Outboard motor cowl  
D809040 Multimedia terminal  
D809031 Cutting tool  
D809024 Compressor enclosure  
D809041 Surgical robot end effector  
D809027 Automated controller  
D808443 Industrial tool insert  
D808451 Gearing  
D808447 Handling and/or processing station  
D808444 Blade threading device  
D808434 Lower vent of a multi-chamber blowoff valve  
D808438 Inline fuel pump