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D777230 Double-sided tangential cutting insert  
D777225 Air curtain guide for a refrigerator  
D777214 Tractor  
D777223 Three storage bin assembly for refrigerated appliance  
D777217 Rear enclosure for a work vehicle  
D777216 Battery box for an agricultural vehicle  
D777229 Air chuck  
D777218 Operator compartment and engine housing  
D777212 Nozzle ring  
D777226 Door bin  
D777228 3D printer  
D777224 Slidable bin carrier for storage bin of a refrigerated appliance  
D777220 Lawn care vehicle hood assembly  
D776724 Operator compartment and engine housing  
D776730 Plasma torch cartridge  
D776719 Hydraulic power unit having fill port  
D776721 Snowthrower chute control  
D776729 Linear actuator  
D776734 Oil drainage exhauster  
D776726 Wine refrigerator  
D776720 Pump housing  
D776722 Gold pan  
D776731 Plasma torch cartridge  
D776728 Linear actuator  
D776725 Operator compartment  
D776723 Drive for the drum of a concrete mixer  
D776735 Industrial robot  
D776727 3D printer enclosure  
D776732 Material handling apparatus  
D776733 Material handling apparatus  
D776172 Electronic refrigeration controller  
D776018 Engine cover for motorcycles  
D776167 Combined inflator mounting bracket and inflator  
D776168 Air compressor  
D775882 Merchandiser  
D776164 Internal-combustion engine  
D776173 Refrigerator  
D776176 Injection tube support apparatus  
D776177 Air cooled plasma torch electrode  
D776170 Vibrating roller  
D776054 Docking station  
D776165 Motorcycle ignition coil assembly  
D776163 Skid mounted garbage and waste facility  
D776171 Refrigerator  
D776174 Three-dimensional printer frame  
D776169 Robotic mower  
D776178 Robotic arm  
D776166 Impeller for a pump  
D776175 Grinder  
D775672 Tractor