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D783063 Door with handle for merchandiser  
D783065 Grinding tool  
D783054 Combined inflation machine and turntable assembly  
D783062 Ice pack  
D783069 Wire feeder for a welding robot  
D783059 Tractor  
D783060 Merger  
D783068 Grinding tool  
D783064 Grinding tool  
D783133 Compact ball seat downhole plug  
D783066 Grinding tool  
D782538 Propulsion control system for ship with a display  
D782543 Plenum for a pneumatic distribution system  
D782552 Pool skimmer  
D782553 Industrial robot  
D782551 Cutting insert  
D782550 Cutting insert  
D782545 Pivot assembly for folding wing of large agricultural implement  
D782542 Hinged bonnet for a blowout preventer  
D782547 Cabin for a tractor  
D782549 Rotating grind stone  
D782544 Pulley with fan function  
D782540 Electric pump  
D782548 Cabin for a tractor  
D782539 Limited slip differential  
D782546 Adapter cover for a ground engaging machine implement  
D782541 Diaphragm pump  
D781927 Mower blade  
D781943 Robotic arm component  
D781939 Blade  
D781928 Bead bracelet loom  
D781925 Chipper shredder  
D781926 Robotic mower  
D781933 Refrigerator  
D781945 Autonomous mobile robot  
D781932 Ice maker  
D781924 Diaphragm pump  
D781923 Diaphragm pump  
D781938 Crushing shell  
D781937 Crushing shell  
D781920 Engine  
D781942 Graphite sheet for protecting crucible  
D781936 Contractor refuse box  
D781929 Bead bracelet loom  
D781931 Single serving barrel cube maker  
D781930 Ice maker appliance  
D781940 Sliding nozzle plate  
D781921 Reciprocating pump  
D781941 Gear cutting tool  
D781934 Refrigerator