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D778971 Robot arm  
D778957 Ignition coil  
D778966 Skiving device  
D778330 Double-sided tangential cutting insert  
D778324 Housing  
D778329 Handling and/or processing station  
D778321 Rear support for an oil pan  
D778327 Plow  
D778322 Supercharger roller shuttle  
D778326 Plow  
D778323 Pump  
D778325 Housing  
D778328 Post pulling device  
D778331 Wire feeding apparatus for welding  
D777805 Cab for mining machine  
D777809 3D printer  
D777791 Engine for boat  
D777797 Mower housing  
D777793 Support bracket  
D777798 Tractor  
D777795 Handle for a ground working implement  
D777794 Compressor  
D777792 Hydraulic discharge system  
D778023 Vehicle handhold element  
D777814 Rail  
D777800 Meter panel for construction equipment  
D777802 Drive and drum of a concrete mixer  
D777806 Loom  
D777811 Pipe milling machine  
D777801 Air conditioning duct for construction equipment  
D777799 Towable litter rake  
D777796 Rock dust blower  
D777807 Holder for refrigerator storage container  
D777812 Liquid cooled plasma torch electrode  
D777810 Post cure box  
D777816 Machine for preparing food  
D777804 Track for a loader  
D777803 Control device  
D777815 Gearbox  
D777808 3D printer  
D777813 Connecting box for a control unit  
D777219 Self-propelled agricultural applicator hood  
D777221 Refrigerated appliance storage bin  
D777211 Oval air filter  
D777231 Wire feeding apparatus for welding  
D776985 Food storage container for refrigerator  
D777227 Stereolithography machine  
D777213 Compressor  
D777222 Plural storage bin assembly for refrigerated appliance  
D777215 Tractor