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D784427 Tandem ice cream maker  
D784417 Filler  
D784420 Lawn mower  
D784425 Cab  
D784419 Snow pusher  
D784415 Rotary drum pump  
D784426 Engine hood for a working vehicle  
D784432 Plasma torch electrode  
D784416 Rotary drum pump  
D784428 Refrigerator  
D784424 Adapter for a ground engaging machine implement  
D784430 Industrial robot module  
D784431 Motor  
D784414 Portable pump assembly  
D784421 Plenum for a pneumatic distribution system  
D784413 Blower housing  
D784429 Condenser for refrigerator  
D783688 Wine refrigerator  
D783693 Three-dimensional printer  
D783689 Refrigerator  
D783691 Refrigerator door  
D783684 Externally mounted plenum for limited slip differential  
D783695 End effector for a robot arm  
D783694 Measuring instruments for machine tools  
D783686 Cab molding with a display and controls  
D783685 Snow pusher  
D783687 Sewing machine  
D783690 Refrigerator  
D783692 Spin coater/developer  
D783056 Control box  
D783055 Control box  
D783061 Door guard for refrigerator  
D783070 Wire feeder for a welding robot  
D783057 Insulation blowing machine  
D783058 Plenum for a pneumatic distribution system  
D783067 Grinding tool  
D783063 Door with handle for merchandiser  
D783065 Grinding tool  
D783054 Combined inflation machine and turntable assembly  
D783062 Ice pack  
D783069 Wire feeder for a welding robot  
D783059 Tractor  
D783060 Merger  
D783068 Grinding tool  
D783064 Grinding tool  
D783133 Compact ball seat downhole plug  
D783066 Grinding tool  
D782538 Propulsion control system for ship with a display  
D782543 Plenum for a pneumatic distribution system  
D782552 Pool skimmer