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D792489 Cutting tool with w-shaped flute gully  
D792482 Agricultural vehicle  
D792471 Supercharger roller shuttle  
D792469 Combustion bowl  
D792479 Riding lawn mower  
D792494 Head for a robot  
D792485 Snow basket  
D792472 Cordless compressor  
D792484 Bonnet for tractor  
D792488 Hammer for shredding machines  
D792470 Vehicle snorkel  
D792495 Robot  
D792474 Dual compressor nozzle  
D792480 Backhoe  
D791842 Dual compressor nozzle  
D791838 Accessory support bracket assembly  
D791841 Impeller for pumps  
D791845 Door guard for refrigerator  
D791844 Wing shroud for ground engaging machine implement  
D791847 Welding transformer  
D791564 Air compressor  
D791843 Backhoe  
D791837 Accessory support bracket  
D791839 Plenum retaining clip  
D791840 Spiral casing  
D791846 Machine housing  
D791201 Ice pack  
D791189 Outboard engine housing  
D791198 Multipurpose portable mini loom  
D791194 Operational panel for machine tool  
D791193 Power end frame segment  
D791202 Refrigerator door  
D791196 Lip shroud for ground engaging machine implement  
D791203 3D printer  
D791208 Target robot chassis  
D791191 Vacuum pump  
D791200 Door guard for refrigerator  
D791206 Serrated male slot knife  
D791195 Land clearing tool interface  
D791190 Rocker arm assembly  
D791197 Body of an agricultural work vehicle  
D791199 Refrigerator  
D791192 Power end frame segment  
D791207 Heat shrinking machine  
D791204 CNC milling machine  
D791205 Serrated male slot knife  
D790616 Rotary actuator  
D790613 Control apparatus for a soldering iron  
D790615 Linear actuator  
D790618 Robot arm