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D820323 Fuel dispenser  
D820330 Water tight tool holder with hanger  
D820333 Funnel stand  
D819710 Electric rotary actuator  
D819698 Filter element  
D819702 Air compressor  
D819701 Pump body for centrifugal pump unit  
D819705 Wheel loader  
D819580 Self-centering wafer carrier for chemical vapor deposition  
D819707 Part of construction machine  
D819706 Operator station ventilation pod  
D819709 Gear motor casing  
D819711 Mobile robot having a shaft-mounted table  
D819700 Fluid pressure cylinder  
D819704 Rear part of single drum roller  
D819712 Inventory-tracking robotic system  
D819699 Filter element  
D819708 Part of construction machine  
D819697 Engine blower mount  
D819419 Circular saw blade  
D819703 Hydrogen dispenser  
D819083 Hydraulic power unit  
D819082 Upper vent of a multi-chamber blowoff valve  
D819086 Track for tracklaying vehicles  
D819094 Ice mold  
D818788 Device for collecting drilling dust  
D819087 Wheel loader  
D819084 Supercharger housing having integrated cooling fins  
D819088 V-shaped drum mounting  
D819096 Mold release discharge nozzle for tight-flask molding machine  
D819103 Autonomous driver assistance device  
D819098 Chisel  
D819089 Part of construction machine  
D819085 Transmission pump  
D819102 Robot hand  
D819092 Refrigerator interior with color  
D819144 Robotic toy  
D819101 Electric rotary actuator  
D819097 Coulter shank and offset casting  
D819091 Refrigerated equipment stand  
D819090 Part of construction machine  
D819100 Linear actuator  
D819095 Flask-less molding machine  
D819099 Impeller for an agitator or mixer  
D819093 Liquid chilling capsule  
D818508 Roller bearing  
D818511 Industrial robot  
D818510 Sluice  
D818505 Refrigerator interior with color  
D818509 Nozzle for soldering iron