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D743458 Concrete cutter  
D743449 Tractor  
D743460 Impeller blade for shotblast machine  
D743446 Coupler  
D743452 Refrigerator  
D743453 Appliance  
D743448 Cutting blade for rotary tool  
D743450 Forage harvester  
D743459 Telescopic chute  
D743445 Snow thrower battery housing  
D743451 Sewing machine  
D743456 Dresser disk  
D743455 Dresser disk  
D742928 Peristaltic pump cap  
D742941 Refrigerator  
D742930 Portion of mower  
D742922 Blower housing with low profile air cleaner  
D742946 End mill  
D742931 Side tapered panel  
D742949 Cutting bit  
D742942 Appliance drawer interior with color  
D742925 Air chuck  
D742937 Side panel of a road construction machine  
D742948 Cutting bit  
D742923 Engine blower housing with low profile air cleaner  
D742944 Handle of cutting wheels for ceramic cutting machines  
D742945 Electrical discharge machine  
D742947 End mill  
D742929 Tiller head  
D742921 Piston  
D742943 Ice cube tray design  
D742935 Side panel for a road construction machine  
D742926 Air chuck  
D742938 Tire protection mount  
D742924 Engine blower housing with air cleaner  
D742934 Backhoe  
D742932 Road construction machine  
D742933 Track-type loader  
D742939 Tractor  
D742936 Control panel of road construction machine  
D742927 Pump rod  
D742940 Cabin for work machine  
D742434 Refrigerator  
D742429 Storage tank for an agricultural implement  
D742444 Welder enclosure  
D742425 Blade rake tine  
D742437 Refrigerator  
D742432 Refrigerator  
D742428 Excavator mounted concrete handler with remote camera for accurate positioning and dispensing with hydraulic valve control  
D742436 Refrigerator