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D761884 Tray  
D761883 Coupler and tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D761894 Pressure interactive robot  
D761882 Undercarriage track roller for mobile earthmoving machine  
D761335 Appliance cabinet interior liner with color  
D761331 Metallic core of rubber crawler  
D761333 Refrigerator  
D761330 Metallic core of rubber crawler  
D761325 Rear crankshaft seal housing  
D761332 Chiller  
D761327 Display interface or housing thereof  
D761337 Saw  
D761326 Compressor  
D761336 Refrigerator  
D761339 Compliant manufacturing robot  
D761334 Refrigerator  
D761328 Metallic core of rubber crawler  
D761329 Metallic core of rubber crawler  
D761338 Billet push rod  
D760811 Bucket work machine for a loader  
D760806 Robotic mower  
D760821 Refrigerator  
D760810 Agricultural machine  
D760824 Refrigerator  
D760814 Field for control panel of road construction machine  
D760828 Skid mounted fuel storage tank  
D760826 Gear cutting tool  
D760827 Spool mount for clippers on a rotating table  
D760805 Fluid pressure cylinder  
D760809 Turf vehicle for dispensing granular and liquid materials  
D760817 Sewing machine  
D760812 Side plate for a road roller  
D760816 Sewing machine  
D760649 Docking station  
D760807 Concrete mixing device  
D760818 Refrigerator  
D760820 Refrigerator  
D760813 Armrest for a road roller  
D760819 Refrigerator  
D760823 Refrigerator  
D760877 Radiator hose kit  
D760804 Carburetor main body  
D760815 Hood for an agricultural machine  
D760825 Bioprinter  
D760808 Electric rope shovel crowd take-up device  
D760822 Refrigerator  
D760306 3D printer enclosure  
D760308 Cutting insert with flower-shaped seating area  
D760299 Agricultural machine  
D760300 Mowing line