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D696318 Removable basket lid  
D696323 Apparatus for pulling a plastic film over a package  
D696315 Machine tool  
D696317 Die segment for a progressive former  
D696311 Panel for kimchi refrigerator  
D696300 Fuel pump  
D696305 Kimchi refrigerator  
D696302 Portion of a tractor  
D696321 Cuff for a hot melt adhesive hose  
D696308 Panel for refrigerator  
D696309 Panel for refrigerator  
D696316 Ophthalmic roughing wheel  
D696301 De-thatching, mulching and grass cutting lawn mower blade  
D696325 Feed arm for a self-feeding device for an individual  
D696306 Panel for refrigerator  
D696304 Sewing machine  
D696310 Panel for refrigerator  
D696303 Sewing machine  
D696319 All in one turning tool  
D696314 Operation panel of machine tool numerical control equipment  
D696320 Bearing set for crushers  
D696322 Adhesive melter  
D696312 Panel for kimchi refrigerator  
D696324 Robot  
D696307 Panel for kimchi refrigerator  
D695797 Double end mill  
D695790 Lawn mower blade  
D695791 Hydraulic excavator  
D695799 Linear actuator  
D695794 Foot controller for sewing machine  
D695788 Gland follower with integral loading cylinders for a rotary or reciprocating mechanical device  
D695795 Cooler  
D695800 Extrusion welding machine  
D695789 Compressor for automobiles  
D695798 Electric cylinder  
D695796 Refrigerator tray  
D695793 Side panel for a road roller  
D695792 Joystick  
D695325 Milling tool  
D695324 Mixing machine  
D695317 Internal combustion engine  
D695320 Air compressor cylinder housing  
D695321 High-pressure cleaner  
D695322 Sewing machine  
D695318 Pump  
D695319 Tire inflator  
D695323 Ice bucket  
D694784 Weaving loom  
D694782 Mower blade  
D694791 Baffle plate for manufacturing semiconductor