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D713422 Piston  
D713491 Water tank  
D713429 Refrigerator  
D712933 Diaphragm pump  
D712936 Seed disc  
D712939 Refrigerator tray  
D712932 Fuel control apparatus  
D712940 Locating ring  
D712935 Undercarriage track shoe for mobile earthmoving machine  
D712941 Diamond cutter  
D712934 Guard  
D712984 Toy robot  
D712937 Track plate for a track of a tracked vehicle  
D712938 Refrigerator  
D712942 Cutting insert  
D712931 Outboard motor  
D712983 Fighting robot  
D712441 Refrigerator handle  
D712436 Lawnmower  
D712445 Angle cutter  
D712438 Free motion quilting table  
D712437 Seed disc  
D712444 Multi-sided cutting chip  
D712443 Abrasive article  
D712435 Controller for centrifugal pump  
D712434 Turbine wheel  
D712439 Modular chiller system  
D712448 Arm portions of industrial robot  
D712447 Robot for testing electric energy meter  
D712440 Ice bin and cover assembly for a refrigerator  
D712442 Coldness/heat preserving container  
D711934 Refrigerator  
D711930 Portion of tractor  
D711937 Refrigerator handle  
D711935 Refrigerator  
D711946 Torch  
D711938 Refrigerator handle  
D711927 Excavator  
D711926 Water pump  
D711944 Ice tray for refrigerator  
D711932 Frozen confection container  
D711936 Black wine rack face  
D711943 Door shelf for refrigerator  
D711948 Numerical control machine center  
D711939 Refrigeration fan housing  
D711928 Track assembly  
D711940 Refrigerator vessel module  
D711945 Coldness/heat preserving container  
D711931 Loom  
D711929 Panel with perforation pattern