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D742441 Punch holder  
D742421 Rotary cutting disc center blade device  
D742424 Wheeled loading shovel vehicle  
D742438 Refrigerator  
D742423 Mobile earthmoving machine  
D742439 Device for producing three-dimensional articles  
D742427 Impeller for a rotary injector  
D742435 Refrigerator handle  
D742420 Pump casing  
D742431 Refrigerator  
D741922 Die cutter  
D741917 Cordless blower  
D741925 Cultivating cutting disc  
D741916 Differential having externally mounted plenum  
D741920 Ice pack  
D741918 Wing for ground engaging machine implement  
D741921 Positive mold for manufacturing a sample holding disc  
D741924 Cable guiding drill bit  
D741919 Ice pack  
D741923 Cutting insert  
D741926 Bit breaker  
D741915 Electronic limited slip differential with separation of clutch and actuator  
D741914 Differential case having lock pins in-line with clutch ear guides  
D741913 Integrated electronic limited slip rear wheel drive axle cover  
D741381 Refrigerator  
D741372 Production pack harness feeder ferrule delivery unit  
D741376 Storage tank for an agricultural implement  
D741383 Refrigerator door  
D741374 Hammer for a spreader apparatus  
D741135 Strip-type saw bit for vibrating saw  
D741134 Keyless chuck  
D741379 Spherical ice cream maker  
D741385 Side plate design for a portable welding system  
D741387 Articulated tool-holding arm  
D741375 Lip for ground engaging machine implement  
D741373 Hexagonal trimmer line  
D741380 Refrigerator  
D741384 Grinding disc  
D741382 Refrigerator having air cleaner  
D741378 Bobbin with thread holding function  
D741386 Machine for packaging dosed quantities of solid drug portions  
D741377 Panel with perforation pattern  
D741136 Fan-type saw bit for vibrating saw  
D740858 Outboard motor  
D740866 Face gear  
D740862 Tray for refrigerator door  
D740867 Gear device  
D740859 Bridge for a dual-port throttle body  
D740864 Form roller assembly  
D740863 Three-dimensional printer frame