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D707739 Motor actuator  
D707728 Cab for construction machine  
D707732 Lanyard maker  
D707731 Vehicle mount of a grader assembly  
D707730 Engine hood of an agricultural vehicle  
D707737 Fuel oil separator  
D707735 Door for refrigerator  
D707727 Work vehicle body  
D707716 Pressure cup  
D707724 Pointed guard for a sickle  
D707273 Door for a milling machine  
D707277 Robot  
D707257 Base plate for spindle motor  
D707259 Double membrane pump  
D707276 Robotic mico-controller  
D707268 Door for refrigerator  
D707274 Tool holder  
D707269 Chisel and tool holder  
D707264 Adapter for a ground engaging machine implement  
D707271 Chisel and tool holder  
D707265 Snowplough  
D707270 Chisel and tool holder  
D707263 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D707258 Catalytic converter  
D707261 Excavator  
D707157 Switch point guard casting  
D707267 Drawer for refrigerator  
D707262 Pointed guard for a sickle  
D707266 Refrigerator  
D707260 Lawn mower  
D707275 Chute for an optical sorter  
D707272 Turret  
D706843 Splitting wedge for log splitter  
D706844 Percussion drill  
D706838 Portion of a vehicle for work machine  
D706839 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D706842 Icepack  
D706834 Radon/sump dome  
D706836 Pump head and pump motor housing  
D706832 Fluid cylinder for a pump  
D706831 Air filter  
D706841 Engine hood for work machine  
D706835 Cultivator  
D706846 Packaging machine for food container  
D706833 Center portion of a fluid cylinder for a pump  
D706840 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D706837 Tractor  
D706845 Hole saw  
D706325 Motor actuator  
D706320 Milling machine