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D723064 Vacuum pump  
D723067 Compressor for vehicles  
D723065 Portable compressed gas power assembly  
D723069 Counterweight for wheeled loading shovel vehicle  
D723066 Portable compressed gas power assembly  
D723070 Rubber crawler  
D723077 Chuck carrier film  
D723062 Recoil cover of an internal-combustion engine  
D723063 Hydraulic control unit having unitary sump and accumulator housing  
D723073 Name tag for refrigerator container  
D723075 Drill press  
D722617 Cylinder block for internal combustion engines  
D722624 Refrigerator door handle  
D722632 Mobile robotic platform  
D722631 Mobile robotic platform  
D722633 Apps controlled automatic watch winder with LED light and door lock  
D722629 Fluid pressure actuator  
D722625 Refrigerator door handle  
D722628 Fluid pressure actuator  
D722622 Guide for refrigerator  
D722626 Crusher  
D722623 Refrigerator door handle  
D722619 Lawn mower front panel  
D722620 Side console  
D722618 Air compressor  
D722630 Transmission case for automobiles  
D722621 Seal  
D722627 Drill bit penetration measurement system control housing  
D722330 Exhaust system for an agricultural work vehicle  
D722328 Fuel pump assembly  
D722329 Rear cylinder for automobiles  
D722281 Mobile robotic platform  
D722331 Dressing pellet for dresser disk  
D722327 Engine rocker cover  
D722093 Watch winder accessory device  
D721994 Work vehicle body  
D722084 Road plate securing assembly  
D721988 Work vehicle body  
D722090 Refrigerator handle  
D722087 Tractor switch  
D722089 Refrigerator  
D722092 Fluid pressure actuator  
D722091 Collet chuck for pipe expander  
D722085 Cloverleaf button for control handle  
D722088 Mini loom  
D722083 Combined positive displacement pump and motor  
D722086 Tractor switch  
D721742 Tractor cabin  
D721749 Plasma gun  
D721771 Toy robot