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D745067 Storage container for refrigerator  
D745058 Pump  
D745060 Fuel dispenser unit  
D745073 Screening media  
D745066 Brunnian link forming loom  
D745056 Blower housing  
D745061 Four blade de-thatching, mulching and grass cutting lawn mower blade  
D745068 Drawer for refrigerator  
D745063 Tandem roller  
D745112 Hydraulic unit  
D745069 Three-dimensional printer frame  
D745070 Machine tool  
D745071 Sheet metal processing machine  
D745064 Post driver handle  
D745059 Pump  
D745057 Cylinder for pneumatic automotive lifting device  
D745062 Screed for a paving machine  
D744303 Handheld particulate spreader  
D744549 Refrigerator  
D744542 Hydraulic control unit having unitary sump and accumulator housing  
D744551 Refrigerator  
D744553 Sample crushing apparatus  
D744550 Refrigerator  
D744557 Cutting insert  
D744564 Two-piece nozzle assembly nose component  
D744558 Frame  
D744554 Tool  
D744555 Distributor for shotblast machine  
D744586 Cartridge  
D744556 Swing arm  
D744543 Tandem roller  
D744559 Electric actuator  
D744545 Scraper bar for a milling machine  
D744563 Two-piece nozzle assembly base component  
D744562 Two-piece nozzle assembly  
D744546 Sewing machine  
D744560 Tapered contact tip  
D744561 Tapered nozzle assembly  
D744552 Sheet metal processing machine  
D744544 Control grip  
D744547 Door bin for refrigerator  
D744548 Shelf for refrigerator  
D744008 Interior beltline of a truck  
D744018 Impeller blade for shotblast machine  
D744003 Pump cover  
D744014 Composite coring reinforcement material  
D744006 Compressor  
D744010 Wheel cleat guard  
D744004 Sentry pump  
D744019 Handle design for a portable welding system