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D702743 Gate portion of a preform  
D702740 Shelves for refrigerator  
D702736 Fluid-mixing device for a catalytic converter  
D702902 Airflow portion of debris-collecting apparatus  
D702735 Exhaust gas purifying device  
D702744 Actuator  
D702741 Cabinet door with tread pattern  
D702262 Piston pump  
D702269 Grinding disc  
D702260 Cylinder block  
D702268 Cooler bridge  
D702264 Vehicle cockpit  
D702270 Extruder plate for extruder inserts  
D702265 Modular chiller system  
D702271 Linear actuator  
D702272 Outer nozzle for plasma torch  
D702099 Angle head for a grinder or sander  
D702273 Tablet distributing apparatus  
D702263 Agricultural baler  
D702261 Stay rod for a high pressure oil field pump  
D702267 Modular chiller system  
D702266 Refrigerator  
8689987 Container adapter  
A container adapter for use in feeding human infants and animal infants is shown. The container adapter has an internal threaded portion that can comprise a set of thread segments sized and...
D702192 Actuator for vacuum circuit breaker  
D701885 Cylinder head  
D701887 Inflator  
D701888 Mobile refrigeration cabinet  
D701886 Air cleaner cover for internal combustion engines  
D701891 Grinding element  
D701890 Multiple spinner carousel for dressing a grinding wheel  
D701889 Profiled abrasive segment  
D701536 Air pump  
D701541 Cabinet door with tread pattern  
D701548 Checker brick  
D701538 Cover of compressor for automobiles  
D701542 Corner and side hole punch  
D701535 Motorcycle ignition coil assembly  
D701545 Tool stand  
D701540 Cabinet door with tread pattern  
D701539 Refrigerator  
D701544 Hole saw  
D701546 Actuator  
D701543 Machine tools (wood and metal working)  
D701547 Checker brick  
D701537 Compressor or vacuum machine  
D701248 Apparatus for producing disinfectant  
D701244 Pump device  
D701256 Intelligent guide robot  
D701251 Guillotine-type cutting machine  
D701243 Pump actuator anti-rotation device