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D772299 Automotive engine computer unit cover  
D772321 Track rail for linear motion guide device  
D772313 Pipe bending machine  
D772307 Boom for a work vehicle  
D772309 Grill for a backhoe loader  
D771722 Dyeing machine  
D771714 Diaphragm pump  
D771728 Three-leg iron core  
D771716 Rotary hand pump  
D771715 Combined rotary hand pump and drum connector  
D771729 Gear case  
D771721 Dyeing machine  
D771724 Refrigerator  
D771457 Ceramic floor cutter  
D771719 Plural component proportioner  
D771723 Dyeing machine  
D771720 Screed for a paving machine  
D771718 Pumping device  
D771727 Torch  
D771725 Leather imprinting machine  
D771726 Cutting insert  
D771712 Rotational pump  
D771713 Electrically driven pump  
D771717 Rotary hand pump body  
D771159 Refrigerator  
D771168 Wire bonding ceramic capillary  
D771143 Gasoline engine  
D771158 Cooler  
D771155 Thread aspirating device for a circular knitting machine  
D771149 Rail transposing machine  
D771165 Milling cutter  
D771156 Mobile cam device for commanding needles of a needle bed of a knitting machine  
D771157 Laboratory freezer  
D771148 Combined positive displacement pump with motor  
D771146 Belt cover  
D771167 Crucible  
D771151 Double telescoping tongue  
D771164 Printer for printing 3-dimensional objects  
RE46197 Cutting insert  
D771154 Knitting head for a circular knitting machine  
D771161 Door for refrigerator  
D771150 Tractor  
D771162 Door for refrigerator  
D771147 Axle mounted hydraulic power unit  
D771145 Fuel bowl  
D771160 Door for refrigerator  
D771166 Tapered roller bearing cage  
D771152 Joystick  
D771153 Circular knitting machine  
D771163 Refrigerator