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D754217 Door for refrigerator  
D754221 Refrigerator  
D754211 Cab console for a wheeled loading shovel vehicle  
D754208 Air intake system  
D753732 Long arm sewing machine for quilts  
D753730 Tractor  
D753728 Air compressor  
D753735 Electric discharge machine  
D753741 Capsule filler for pharmaceutical purposes  
D753729 Boom arm for agricultural sprayer  
D753743 Reduction gear  
D753744 Reduction gear  
D753737 Cutting tool  
D753607 Numerical controller for processing machine  
D753742 Gravimetric measuring instrument of capsule for pharmaceutical purposes  
D753736 Dresser disk  
D753739 Wire bonding wedge tool  
D753453 Portable handheld drill press  
D753748 Block piece for optical lenses  
D753726 Throttle body coupler  
D753733 Machine cover  
D753738 Milling cutter  
D753731 Pillow creation kiosk  
D753740 Monolithic rider arch for glass furance regenerator  
D753454 Portable handheld drill press  
D753727 Blower housing for an engine  
D753734 Device for metal deposition  
D753190 Compaction machine  
D753200 Headstock cover for a lathe  
D753191 Road construction machine  
D753194 Engine hood of an agricultural vehicle  
D753199 Sliding shield for a lathe  
D753189 Screed  
D753195 Engine hood of an agricultural vehicle  
D753197 Food storage container for refrigerator  
D753201 Milling cutter  
D753187 Precleaner adapter kit  
D753188 Airless pump  
D753186 Internal combustion engine cylinder head  
D753193 Harvester tine  
D753192 Fender of an agricultural vehicle  
D753196 Refrigerating apparatus  
D753118 Controller  
D753198 Support plate for refrigerator container  
D753202 Track locking handle for a welding tractor  
D752662 Change module  
D752667 Mixing device  
D752653 Work vehicle body  
D752649 Airless pump  
D752668 Mount system for robotic tooling