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D689107 Weldment fixture  
D689104 Refrigerator  
D689108 Transparent oil monitoring and maintenance cover  
D689103 Freezer showcase  
D689100 Pump fitting  
D689102 Ice cream dispenser  
D689106 Bath sponge soap mold  
D689105 Overhead drill machine with offset activation probe and trigger mechanism  
D688710 Powder pump  
D688712 Main body of a construction machine  
D688716 Auxiliary cutting insert of a masonry drill bit  
D688709 Powder pump  
D688715 Main cutting insert of a masonry drill bit  
D688711 Apparatus for handling materials in granular form  
D688713 Upper rotating body for an excavator  
D688714 Mitre saw  
D688276 Robotic mower  
D688278 Structural stay  
D688319 Figure maker  
D688279 Structural stay  
D688273 Piston pump  
D688274 Fuel dispenser  
D688275 Fuel dispenser  
D688277 Tractor exhaust  
D688281 Die set blade with a dovetailed waveform cutting edge  
D688282 Tool  
D688283 Oil filter changing sleeve  
D688280 Die set blade with a waveform cutting edge  
D688329 Dancing toy robot  
D687868 Crane cab  
D687865 Excavator  
D687867 Product tank for agricultural seeding and planting implements  
D687866 Product tank for agricultural seeding and planting implements  
D687870 Sewing machine  
D687861 Filter media retainer  
D687873 Double end mill  
D687874 Electrode for plasma torch  
D687908 Toy robot  
D687869 Sewing machine  
D687907 Toy robot  
D687862 Latch body  
D687871 Woodworking drill bit  
D687863 Latch body  
D687872 Drill bit  
D687864 Latch body  
D687322 Coordinate acquistion member of a portable coordinate measurement machine  
D687473 Reinforced equipment pad  
D687474 Wall mounted adhesive melter  
D687469 Operation panel for working vehicle  
D687472 Hole saw