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D709920 Pump cover  
D709932 Log splitter wedge housing  
D709925 Refrigerator  
D709919 Manifold catalyst  
D709934 Adhesive melter  
D709523 Internal combustion engine  
D709526 Hydraulic breaker vehicle  
D709541 Adjust plate for packager  
D709534 Refrigerator door  
D709536 Focusing ring  
D709525 Adaptable, disposable grass catching bag for a lawn mower  
D709537 Focusing ring  
D709540 Cutting insert  
D709539 Focusing ring  
D709528 Portion of a tractor  
D709531 Storage container for refrigerator  
D709530 Hydraulic breaker vehicle tool and bracket assembly  
D709527 Undercarriage track idler for mobile earthmoving machine  
D709524 Compressor  
D709529 Hydraulic breaker vehicle bracket  
D709532 Shelf for refrigerator  
D709533 Shelf support of door for refrigerator  
D709522 Internal combustion engine  
D709538 Focusing ring  
D709535 Tubeformer  
D709114 Friction plate for a clutch  
D709100 Counterweight system  
D709110 Cutting insert  
D709101 Rake prong  
D709106 Dispenser for refrigerator  
D709107 Shelf support for refrigerator  
D709113 Agitator fitting assembly  
D709141 Robot system  
8776757 Transmission fluid pan  
A transmission or engine pan is provided for holding the lubricating fluid. A plug is removably installed in a drain hole in the bottom of the pan to allow the fluid to be drained. The floor of the...
D709102 Portion of operation grip for machine  
D709099 Automotive valve cover  
D709105 Refrigerator  
D709108 Shelf support for refrigerator  
D709112 Pick holder  
D709109 Grinding attachment  
D709111 Woodworking drill bit  
D709104 Landfill compactor tooth  
D709103 Landfill compactor tooth  
D708644 Diesel engine  
D708646 Engine fan cover  
D708645 Engine cover  
D708651 Electrostatic chuck  
D708650 Hole saw  
D708649 Bulk seed tank  
D708648 Utility pump