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D701249 Disc for sanding machine  
D701255 Double end mill  
D701250 Guillotine-type cutting machine  
D701254 Portable log splitter  
D701252 Guillotine-type cutting machine  
D701247 Refrigerator shelf support  
D701253 Guillotine-type cutting machine  
D700918 Cotton module spear implement  
D700919 Cooling wine rod  
D700917 Fuel dispenser  
D700922 Overburden pilot bit  
D700923 Actuator  
D700916 Paint spray pump housing  
D700920 Portion of a hammer  
D700921 Cutting tool  
D700915 Pump  
D700628 Cap for air compressor  
D700641 Collet chuck  
D700637 Icepack  
D700640 Cutting insert  
D700630 Grass chute blocker  
D700636 Icepack  
D700623 Pump  
D700632 Replaceable wear piece for grapple work tool  
D700624 Submersible pump  
D700626 Handle for pump  
D700621 Intake manifold  
8662208 Downhole cutting tool, cutting elements and method  
A cutting tool that has a leading or cutting surface that includes affixed thereto a plurality of irregular nine-faced polyhedrons or three-dimensional solid elements with nine faces, wherein each...
D700639 Cutting insert  
D700635 Refrigerator  
D700634 Sewing machine  
D700625 Piston pump  
D700638 Die cutting machine with stripping and blanking  
D700631 Exhaust system  
D700629 Snow plow  
D700642 Collet chuck  
D700633 Asphalt repair device  
D700622 Plunger adapter  
D700620 Internal combustion engine  
D700627 Compressor  
D700213 Submersible pump  
D700214 Submersible pump  
D700211 Pump  
D700224 Mold  
8657143 Small engine fuel tank systems and mounting methods  
The present subject matter relates to systems and methods for coupling a fuel tank assembly to a combustion engine in which a cover configured for covering at least a portion of the combustion...
D700223 Four corner rounding shear  
D700217 Cap for air compressor  
D700212 Pump flange  
D700221 Refrigerator with wine rack  
D700225 Cutting insert