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D719989 Optical disc sanding machine with top lid open  
D719978 Cylinder head for internal combustion engines  
D719597 Banner hem sealing apparatus  
D719596 Induction apparatus  
D719595 Linear actuator  
D719620 Robot  
D719588 Undercarriage track system for mobile earthmoving machine  
D719593 Mini turbo plane blade with three teeth  
D719469 Cutting guide  
D719592 Mini turbo plane blade with two teeth  
D719589 Duct for refrigerator  
D719591 Substrate cleaning tool  
D719594 Drill bit assembly  
D719590 Punch  
D719199 Substrate cleaning tool  
D719197 Agitating rotor  
D719191 Filter housing  
D719307 Blower  
D719195 Jaw crusher support frame  
D719190 Air intake snorkel for a vehicle  
D719194 Shelf  
D719200 Light duty contact tip  
D719196 Drill bit guide  
D719192 Pump  
D719198 Agitating rotor  
D719193 Refrigerator  
D718794 Compaction wheel cleat  
D718796 Abrasive screen  
D718788 Adapter for a modular viscous fan clutch system  
D718795 Machine tool  
D718605 Handle  
D718787 Adapter for a modular viscous fan clutch system  
D718786 Adapter for a modular viscous fan clutch system  
D718791 Apparatus for handling fluent material  
D718792 Shovel  
D718799 Tool for rotation  
D718789 Adapter for a modular viscous fan clutch system  
D718793 Self-powered robotic lawn mower  
D718798 Tool for rotation  
D718790 Tank-type air compressor  
D718797 Tool for rotation  
D718352 Refrigerator  
D718354 Slide operator type dovetail groove sliding stage for precision equipment  
D718341 Self-powered robotic lawn mower  
D718348 Refrigerator  
D718340 Self-powered robotic lawn mower  
D718344 Compaction cleat base  
D718346 Refrigerator  
D718353 Laser beam machine  
D718358 Torch