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D729278 Turbocharger  
D729283 Presser foot with (LED) pointer  
D729289 Door design for beverage cooler  
D729294 Gripper for automated ruckers, reruckers, deruckers and/or skin brakes  
D729280 House for robotic mower  
D729288 Door and handle design for beverage cooler  
D729293 Three-dimensional display device  
D729285 Refrigerator  
D729281 Tractor  
D729292 Bearing housing  
D729282 Engine bonnet for a tractor for agriculture  
D729291 Bearing housing  
D729141 Diesel emissions fluid tank  
D729279 Pump valve housing  
D729123 Cab for a vehicle  
D728643 Refrigerator for medical use  
D728641 Sewing machine  
D728642 Sewing machine  
D728638 Excavator cowling  
D728647 Electrode  
D728648 Resistance spot welding electrode  
D728640 Bonnet for wheeled loading shovel vehicle  
D728629 Refuse compactor  
D728626 Manifold  
D728631 Work vehicle  
D728637 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D728627 Diffuser for a jet pump assembly  
D728634 Machinery control assembly  
D728630 Gold pan  
D728645 Ice pack  
D728632 Fuel tank and related assembly  
D728628 Fluid working machine  
D728625 Hybrid electric supercharger assembly  
D728649 Contact tip  
D728635 Coupler for a ground engaging machine implement  
D728644 Refrigerator  
D728633 Fuel tank and related assembly  
D728639 Excavator cowling  
D728636 Coupler and tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D728646 Two piece replacement blade for oscillating tool  
D727984 Foot operated riveting machine  
D727985 Drill bit assembly  
D727975 Tapered compactor wheel  
D727971 Pump  
D727695 Cutting head  
D727974 Undercarriage track roller for mobile earthmoving machine  
D727970 Combined positive crankcase ventilation valve and dynamic camshaft seal  
D727981 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D727983 Panels  
D727982 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement