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D699274 Paper crumpler  
D698823 Modular fluid reservoir  
D698825 Modular fluid reservoir  
D698828 Modular fluid reservoir  
D698827 Modular fluid reservoir  
D698826 Modular fluid reservoir  
D698822 Engine cover for motor vehicle  
D698834 Connector  
D698833 Dehydrator  
D698832 Refrigerator  
D698837 Gear box  
D698824 Modular fluid reservoir  
D698821 Valve handle  
D698830 Turf cutting reel  
D698836 Packaging machine for food container  
D698835 Weld gun handle  
D698829 Fuel pump mounting structure  
D698831 Combined tractor windows and intake and exhaust  
D698377 Elevated router base plate  
D698370 Lower set caged ball insert for a downhole plug  
D698374 Refrigerator  
D698373 Refrigerator  
D698378 Plasma torch  
D698376 Sliding nozzle plate  
D698372 Refrigerated cooler  
D698371 Refrigerated cooler  
D698375 Abrasive article having shaped segments  
D698367 Water pump  
D698368 Magnetic pump wet end  
D698369 Diaphragm pump  
D697944 Row divider hood having a structured surface for a corn head assembly  
D697954 Refrigerating apparatus  
D697943 Intake manifold with an integrated PCV port  
D697945 Swing arm of a grader assembly  
D697946 Grader assembly  
D697951 Refrigerating apparatus  
D697950 Refrigerating apparatus  
D697953 Refrigerating apparatus  
D697949 Sewing platform  
D697952 Refrigerating apparatus  
D697948 Sewing machine  
D697955 Vacuum sander pad  
D697942 Mixer assembly  
D697947 Grader blade  
D697956 Ultrasonic welding sheath  
D697538 Ice cream dipping cabinet  
D697539 Oil filter change device  
D697537 Dispenser for refrigerators  
D697540 Oil funnel  
D697533 Compressor housing