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D798909 Gas turbine blower/pump  
D798923 Mixing apparatus  
D798911 Handheld vacuum pumping device  
D798914 Refrigerator  
D798919 Pipe splitting tool and base  
D798910 Float switch housing  
D798912 Track for a loader  
D798918 Shield for puncturing device  
D798913 Combined mulching tooth and depth limiter  
D798917 Laser processing machine  
D798928 Gearbox  
D798927 Rotary damper  
D798915 Refrigerator  
D798921 Cutting head for modular drill  
D798924 Tool holder for grooving machine tool  
D798906 Vehicle differential cover  
D798926 Linear guideway  
D798916 Ice chiller  
D798907 Filter element  
D798346 Rotary damper  
D798353 Printing machine  
D798343 Refrigerator  
D798348 Portable safety terminal, in particular for industrial machines  
D798354 Rotary damper  
D798344 Refrigerator  
D798345 Rack for refrigerating machine  
D798352 Bag or sack filling machine  
D798349 Laser engraving machine  
D798341 Tandem ice cream maker  
D798351 Torch handle  
D798350 Cutting tool assembly  
D798355 Control or programming unit, in particular for industrial robot  
D798347 Refrigerator door  
D798340 Hydraulic excavator  
D798342 Refrigerator  
D797814 Backhoe  
D797822 Handling and/or processing station  
D797813 Harvester  
D797829 Robot pebble  
D797815 Equipment boom  
D797812 Casing for compressor  
D797820 Refrigerator  
D797821 Ice pack  
D797817 Refrigerator  
D797582 Sensor housing  
D797827 Printing machine  
D797825 Metal stamp jig  
D797823 Bracket for a packaging machine  
D797818 Refrigerator  
D797826 Ceramic bonding tool with textured tip