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D816130 Gear metrology machine  
D816127 Collapsible portable solar refrigerator design  
D816123 Frame for air compressor  
D816121 Lightweight limited slip differential  
D816134 Cutting insert  
D816133 Cutting insert  
D816135 Spoked solder pad  
D816129 Gear manufacturing machine  
D816137 Linear actuator  
D816119 Intelligent carrying robot  
D816120 Pair of water pump adaptor plates  
D816124 Floor stripper and scraper  
D816131 Abrasive disc  
D816128 Gear manufacturing machine  
D816136 Gear  
D816125 Tractor  
D816138 Gripper for filling machine  
D816122 Sealing element for reciprocating gas compressor valve  
D815668 Precast valve housing  
D815675 Gear  
D815674 Welding apparatus for thermoplastic material  
D815671 Overlay frame for tight-flask molding machine  
D815672 Cutting tool  
D815670 Molding sand introducing nozzle for tight-flask molding machine  
D815669 Impeller  
D815673 Recirculating bearing  
D815154 Irrigation implement  
D815161 Feed chute for molding sand with damper for flask-less molding machine  
D815167 Linear actuator  
D815163 Injector ring  
D815153 Snow plow  
D815166 Positioning table  
D815162 Inspection door with vent hole for flask-less molding machine  
D815158 Low profile receiver  
D815151 Diesel engine fuel filter mounting bracket  
D814900 Blade for oscillating power tools  
D815169 Engine component  
D815152 Fuel transfer pump  
D815164 Cutting insert with corner radii cutting surfaces  
D815378 Retractable wheel  
D815157 Meter roller for an agricultural metering system  
D815155 Roll-over protective structure for a construction machine  
D815156 Meter roller for an agricultural metering system  
D815160 Ball joint press adapter  
D814901 Drilling guide accessory  
D815168 Cartridge for heat pump dispenser  
D815165 Cutting insert  
D815159 Mechanical debonder  
D814536 Drill  
D814531 Sensor housing of an agricultural work vehicle