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D807922 Bypass fuel pressure regulator  
D807931 Drawer for refrigerator  
D807936 Robotic joint  
D807921 Fuel heater block  
D807923 Interface portion of a pump  
D807924 Pump and bearing frame  
D807933 Tool for a press brake  
D807929 Refrigerator  
D807935 Double-sided, indexable cutting insert  
D807925 Compressor  
D807934 Sealing blade for working machine  
D807926 Coupler for a ground engaging machine implement  
D807991 Compact ball seat downhole plug  
D807405 Sweeper swing arm  
D807407 Bucket work machine for a loader  
D807410 Refrigerator  
D807406 Front part of a tandem roller  
D807414 Tower configuration gravimetric blender  
D807409 Refrigerator  
D807404 Pump  
D807418 Ring bit  
D807411 Refrigerator  
D807412 Shelf for refrigerator  
D807415 Wash fixture to hold circuit boards  
D807413 Door for refrigerator  
D807419 Face gear  
D807417 Ring bit  
D807408 Refrigerator  
D807402 Portable air inflation device  
D807403 Hand-operable vacuum pump  
D807416 Folding mechanism of a machine arm  
D806759 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D806755 Compressor  
D806767 Dimpling tool  
D806763 Refrigerator  
D806766 Machine cover  
D806762 Engine hood  
D806757 Compressor  
D806754 Eddy pump impeller  
D806768 Tight-flask molding machine  
D806758 Tip for a ground engaging machine implement  
D806752 Tiller having haptic throttle position indication  
D806761 Hood of an agricultural work vehicle  
D806764 Appliance cabinet interior liner with color  
D806769 Welding wire buffer  
D806765 Dispenser for refrigerator  
D806805 Robot  
D806756 Compressor  
D806753 Compressor  
D806770 Oxygen acetylene torch handle