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D852229 Electronic device  
D850486 Electronic device with animated light display  
D849145 Video game controller  
D846598 Multimedia communication terminal  
D844578 Media extender device  
D843419 Audio input/output device  
D843418 Audio input/output device  
D841693 Electronic device  
D840436 Audio Input/output device  
D839920 Media device  
D839919 Smart home device  
D839353 Electronic housing with removable support stand  
D839354 Electronic housing with removable support stand  
D839355 Electronic housing  
D838691 Control panel  
D836086 Accessory for an audio player  
D835071 Portable electronic device  
D835062 Electronic device  
D832306 White noise machine  
D831646 Wireless networking device  
D831072 Hands-free voice-controlled device  
D829768 Audio network interface device  
D829242 Control device  
D828856 Audio input/output device  
D828324 Digital audio player  
D828331 Speaker  
D828342 Smart home hub  
D827671 Media playback device  
D826989 Control terminal holder for home automation device  
D827034 Wireless game controller  
D827032 Electronic housing  
D826205 Electronic device  
D826276 Audio input/output device  
D826334 Electronic housing  
D826337 Electronic housing  
D826335 Electronic housing  
D826336 Electronic housing  
D824384 Media computing unit  
D824423 Control panel  
D824385 Modular smart home device with a battery case  
D824424 Control panel  
D823894 Portable audio player  
D823895 Control panel  
D823398 Programming tile  
D822716 Voice interface device  
D822717 Control terminal for home automation device  
D822065 Mobile computer  
D821349 Digital content player  
D821501 Arithmetic and control unit  
D820798 Medical video recorder