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D852201 Case for portable electronic computing device  
D852199 Case for portable electronic computing device including keyboard  
D852200 Case with handle for portable computing device  
D852198 Electronic device cover  
D852202 Case for laptop-shaped portable electronic computing device  
D851648 Tablet case  
D851647 Screen case with surface pattern  
D851649 Tablet case  
D851092 Tablet case  
D851093 Device cover  
D850455 Case with 360° rotating ring stand  
D850454 Device case  
D850458 Device cover  
D850457 Cover for portable computer  
D850456 Case for a computing device  
D850453 Mobile device case  
D850452 Cover  
D850451 Case for electronic device  
D849751 Electronic device sleeve  
D849750 Case for a computing device  
D849011 Ipad case  
D848441 Case for portable electronic tablet device  
D848437 Handles for a tablet computer enclosure  
D848435 Cover for an electronic device  
D848439 Electronic device sleeve  
D848438 Electronic device cover  
D848440 Electronic device cover  
D848436 Enclosure for electronic device  
D847819 Electronic device cover  
D847817 Tablet case  
D847818 Electronic tablet case  
D847140 Tablet computer enclosure with curved handle  
D846552 Electronic product protective case  
D846551 Electronic product protective case  
D846550 Electronic product protective case  
D846553 Electronic product protective case  
D845956 Device cover  
D845957 Cover member for electronic component  
D845305 Tablet case  
D844621 Protective case for tablet computer  
D844555 Personal electronic device cover with integrated fuel cell system  
D844011 Screen protector assembly  
D843377 Case for electronic device  
D843376 Arm band case for portable electronic device  
D842861 Clip for an electronic device  
D842860 Case for electronic device  
D841655 Protect case for IPAD  
D841013 Case for portable electronic device  
D841012 Case for portable electronic device  
D841011 Electronic device cover