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D855056 Hinge for an electronic tablet  
D851084 Wireless keyboard  
D850439 Notebook  
D842856 Tablet computer  
D838269 Computer  
D837202 Notebook laptop computer  
D837201 Musical instrument digital interface controller keyboard with an effects roller and a hinged touch screen tablet  
D835095 Information handling system housing  
D832834 Notebook computer  
D832249 Electronic device  
D829710 Notebook computer  
D829708 Notebook computer  
D829709 Notebook computer  
D829707 Computer laptop assembly  
D827633 Computer  
D827632 Notebook computer  
D826925 Notebook laptop computer  
D826923 Laptop computer  
D826927 Notebook laptop computer  
D826924 Laptop computer  
D826926 Laptop computer  
D826226 Computer case  
D825554 Portable computer  
D825553 Portable computer  
D825552 Portable computer  
D824897 Modular computing device  
D824381 Modular computer  
D821387 Computer  
D820827 Notebook computer  
D820826 Notebook computer housing  
D820250 Notebook computer  
D820249 Set of biometric sensors for an electronic device  
D819625 Sound system for electronic device  
D817326 Portable display device  
D817322 Notebook computer  
D816661 Electronic device  
D816660 Notebook computer  
RE46812 Portable computer  
RE46801 Portable computer  
D813859 Notebook computer  
D813860 Information handling system  
D813861 Information handling system  
D813224 Electronic device  
D813225 Electronic device  
D813226 Electronic device  
D812604 Electronic device  
D810730 Notebook computer  
D810068 Electronic device  
D808949 Folding display notebook computer  
D808950 Dual screen notebook computer