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D836076 Mobile phone  
D836077 Mobile phone  
D835596 Mobile phone  
D834549 Mobile phone  
D828318 Mobile phone  
D828317 Mobile phone  
D828319 Mobile phone  
D827604 Mobile phone  
D826889 Mobile phone  
D826203 Mobile phone  
D825513 Mobile phone  
D825514 Mobile phone  
D821347 Mobile phone  
D803178 Mobile phone  
D802554 Mobile phone  
D801293 Mobile phone  
D798262 Mobile device  
D798261 Smart phone  
D781806 Mobile phone  
D778863 Mobile terminal  
D774487 Electronic device  
D767521 Cellular phone  
D762610 Cellular phone  
D740776 Mobile phone  
D738844 Cellular phone  
D738344 Cellular phone  
D722992 Cellular phone  
D722035 Mobile phone  
D721671 Mobile phone  
D719124 Mobile phone  
D714245 Cellular phone  
D709477 Portable terminal  
8718725 Method and apparatus for double slider device with tilting display  
In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, an apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus includes a housing, a first hinge member, and a second hinge member. The housing...
D703668 Tablet computer  
D701847 Mobile phone  
8676269 Mobile terminal having wide display unit  
A mobile terminal having a wide display unit is provided. The mobile terminal includes a main body having a first display unit therein. The mobile terminal includes a folder unit having a second...
8666463 Portable communication apparatus with automatically rotating display by actuating a switch unit  
A portable communication apparatus in which an LCD can slide and stand at a desired angle is provided. To this end, the portable communication apparatus includes a first housing extending in a...
D698356 Mobile terminal  
8634882 Pop-up apparatus for portable communication device  
A pop-up apparatus for a portable communication device for insertion or ejection of parts of the portable communication device is provided. The pop-up apparatus preferably includes a body housing,...
D697065 Tablet computer  
D692405 Mobile terminal  
D692407 Mobile phone  
D692406 Mobile communication terminal  
D691575 Mobile terminal  
D690677 Communication device with a biometric verification means  
D690676 Communication device with compartment for access to replaceable parts  
D689034 Mobile communication terminal  
D688641 Mobile terminal  
D687795 Mobile terminal  
D680510 Handheld electronic device