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D863226 Electrical junction box for motor diagnosis  
D863239 Chemical vapor deposition wafer carrier with thermal cover  
D863218 Wireless charger for a car  
D863232 Foot switch  
D863223 Travel adapter  
D863225 Tabletop media center with an interchangeable module  
D863227 Main distribution panel  
D863221 Illuminable female connector  
D863231 Front panel of a controller  
D863237 Push button knob with illumination capabilities for a laundry treating appliance  
D863229 Switch  
D863235 Remote control  
D863228 Laptop adapter organizer  
D863220 Ignitor for automobile engine  
D863224 Tabletop media center with an interchangeable module  
D863219 Wireless charger for a car  
D863217 Charger  
D863238 Light emitting diode chip  
D863230 Rotary switch for automobile  
D863222 Conductive pin  
D863233 Foot switch  
D863216 Scanning appliance  
D863234 Foot switch  
D863236 Electrical switch  
D862400 Environment controller  
D862387 Electric plug receptacle  
D862383 Wallbox  
D862384 Portable power bank  
D862391 Modular electrical connector  
D862380 Power optimizer  
D862399 Operator panel for inverter controller for electric motors  
D862255 Hydronic zone controller  
D862394 Wire connector  
D862402 Memory heat dissipation sink  
D862454 Vent device holder with a wireless charger  
D862396 Switching device  
D862388 Socket  
D862389 Low voltage outlet  
D862390 Charging port for vehicle  
D862379 Panel rail saddle device for solar module  
D862403 Light emitting diode  
D862386 Transformer  
D862382 Battery pack  
D862378 Power unit  
D862404 Sealing material ring for a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D862393 Voltage input adapter  
D862395 Cable cover part  
D862401 Remote control  
D862398 Button based actuator  
D862392 Modular electrical connector