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D779428 Electric motor  
D779443 Switch apparatus  
D779430 Molded coil  
D779444 Switch apparatus  
D779432 Sensor and connector  
D779439 Jack for an electrical connector  
D779435 Wall grommet  
D779434 Electrical connector  
D779437 Power rod connector for a lighting system  
D779427 Battery vent adapter  
D779441 Protection device against accidental contact for an electric busbar  
D779429 Magnetic component  
D779431 Connector for power cable  
D779438 Electrical connector  
D779436 Illuminated wall socket with switches  
D779445 Keypad  
D779442 Enclosure for a switch having sloping and convex curved top  
D779433 Sensor connector cable  
D779487 Input device for a robot  
D779689 Light source  
D779440 Overhead transmission conductor cable  
D779426 Photovoltaic submodule  
D778830 Wireless charging device  
D778835 Power module  
D778848 Solid state light emitter component  
D778831 Power supply device for electronic cigarettes  
D778842 Box cover for limit switch  
D778828 Portable battery charger  
D778838 Electrical connector  
D778837 Magnetic component  
D778825 Portable charger  
D778851 Substrate for an electronic circuit  
D778846 LED component  
D778827 Portable charger  
D778843 Softstarter  
D778840 Block for transformation of optical path  
D778853 Housing for electrical or electronic component  
D778841 Cable organizer  
D778833 Electronic ballast  
D778819 Portable charger  
D778844 Wall-hanging remote controller  
D778820 Portable charger  
D778845 Switch  
D778826 Portable charger  
D778818 Charging station  
D778914 Power adapter  
D778817 Solar panel pair  
D778913 Power adapter  
D778834 Charger apparatus  
D778674 Fireball