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D810031 Protective cover for an electronic connector  
D810021 Battery  
D810030 Electric power outlet receptacle  
D809943 Control device  
D810035 LED component  
D810023 Electric connector  
D810015 Charging station  
D810011 Battery  
D810028 Connector interface for a cable  
D810022 Housing with a heat sink for an electrical connector  
D810016 USB charger  
D810026 Socket plate for cable drum  
D810025 Coaxial cable connector  
D810032 Switch apparatus  
D810009 Pocket solar panel charger  
D810012 Charger  
D810014 Charging stand for a robot  
D810024 Coaxial cable connector  
D810013 Electronic device charger  
D810033 Main body of push switch  
D810034 Flexible folded fin heatsink with straight and radial fin patterns  
D809793 Slim wallet with built-in battery  
D810017 Charging station  
D810010 Rooftop support base  
D810019 Power converter  
D810036 Semiconductor module  
D809942 Display screens with user interface  
D810029 Electrical connector  
D810020 Molded coil  
D810027 Optical connector  
D810018 Power inverter  
D810008 Rooftop support block  
D809455 Portable charger  
D809457 Transformer housing  
D809460 Vortex generator for wind turbines  
D809461 Outlet bank  
D809515 Motion controller  
D809465 Light switch controller  
D809463 Electronic cable  
D809467 Switch  
D809466 Module for flat cables  
D809454 Power bank  
D809458 Transformer housing  
D809407 Humidity wall control  
D809456 Power adapter  
D809406 Setting unit for pressure sensor with display  
D809459 Electric motor  
D809300 Solar panel charger for a suitcase  
D809468 Switch handle for circuit breakers  
D809464 Keystone jack