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D782418 Housing for electric and electronic components  
D782413 Charger  
D782422 Lead-through frame for cables, wires or pipes  
D782412 Charger for cleaner  
D782408 Solar panel optic  
D782419 Female keyed lamp plug  
D782409 Lithium ion battery cell with terminal washers  
D782421 Right expansion module for RTU IO module and expansion end plate  
D782410 Portable power supply  
D782566 Pedal for a musical instrument  
D782427 Light-emitting diode array  
D782415 Wireless charging transmitter  
D782425 Lead frame for light-emitting diode  
D782411 Charging stand  
D782182 Device for storing and carrying vehicle battery jumper cables  
D782423 Retrofittable switch guard  
D782414 Power pack for a camera  
D782428 Portion of light-emitting diode unit  
D782416 Vertical wind power generator  
D782424 Panel  
D782426 Light-emitting diode array  
D782417 Back panel for power supply  
D782420 Power cord  
D781790 Electrical circuit breaker  
D781785 Adapter  
D781793 Push switch  
D781725 Room sensor  
D781787 Connector  
D781784 Game controller charger base  
D781998 Solar powered water mixing device  
D781783 Emergency jump starter  
D781791 Electrical circuit breaker  
D781786 Adapter  
D781788 Splice tray cabinet  
D781789 Enclosure for a switch having sloping and convex curved top  
D781792 Dimmer switch  
D781232 Docking device  
D781244 Front panel of a circuit breaker  
D781241 USB cover plate  
D781242 Contactor  
D781238 Protective cover for a round junction box  
D781247 Switch  
D781231 Neck-worn battery  
D781229 Solar panel assembly  
D781235 Charging device  
D781255 Light emitting diode  
D781239 Terminal fitting for electric connector  
D781254 Light-emitting diode array  
D781252 Control device  
D781246 Control panel