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D803155 Concrete vibrator motor and housing therefore  
D803152 Electronic device charger  
D803281 Programmable controller  
D803160 Electrical plug receptacle  
D803171 Array of triangular semiconductor dies  
D803158 Power connector  
D803170 Light-emitting diode  
D803163 Tip receptor mount for lightning protection systems  
D803156 Rechargeable battery  
D803165 Clip-on cord controller  
D803168 Control panel cover  
D803157 Electrical connector assembly  
D803153 Charger for electric toothbrush  
D803159 Power plug  
D803169 Combined liquid cooling cold plate and vapor chamber  
D803161 Connector housing  
D803154 Current transducer  
D803164 Power cord controller  
D803172 Flexible printed wiring board  
D803162 Connector housing  
D803167 Control device  
D803151 Jump starter  
D803166 Circuit breaker  
D803150 Portable charger  
D803173 Perfusion module lid without pressure features  
D802533 Portable power manager enclosure  
D802530 Portable power supply  
D802450 Thermostat  
D802531 Turbocharger adapter  
D802534 Electrical connector  
D802539 Electrical connector  
D802537 Connector hub  
D802536 Cigarette lighter device  
D802790 Cover ring for a plasma processing apparatus  
D802538 Connector housing  
D802540 Operation panel for controlling machine tools  
D802546 Outer wall of reactor for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D802528 Battery  
D802535 Connector for automotive power cord kit  
D802532 Cylinder assembly  
D802548 Switch cabinet  
D802541 Vehicle remote controller  
D802543 Cooling fin  
D802547 Magnet  
D802527 Structural support for solar envelope and solar collector  
D802542 Mobile patient bed controller  
D802529 Charger for wearable health monitor  
D802545 Lower chamber for a plasma processing apparatus  
D802544 Light-emitting diode  
D801930 Conductor