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D823244 Charger base  
D823248 Electric power storage module  
D823254 Electrical connector housing  
D823253 Condenser  
D823243 Jump box  
D823247 Power bank charging system  
D823260 Data transmission cable  
D823255 Fiber optic connector  
D823239 Combination battery, charger and cables for electronic equipment  
D823241 Battery base  
D823249 Electric power storage module  
D823238 Battery  
D823266 Sliding switch  
D823250 Electric power storage module  
D823288 Wireless communication repeater  
D823256 Grounding strap head  
D823261 Data transmission cable  
D823304 Vehicle diagnostic adapter  
D823268 Electronic hybrid switch for resistive loads  
D823264 Remote control housing  
D823242 External battery  
D823257 Electrical connector  
D823251 Electric motor  
D823259 Cable junction device  
D823269 Light-emitting diode  
D823240 Battery charger  
D823267 Switch  
D823263 Outlet plate  
D823246 Earphone charging case  
D823258 Cable junction device  
D823343 Impeller housing  
D823245 Powerbank dock  
D823492 Light emitting device  
D823270 Semiconductor device  
D823265 Remote control  
D823252 Rectifier of AC generator for vehicle  
D823237 Solar panel  
D823262 Earth plate  
D822594 Battery  
D822606 Block body of wire connection terminal  
D822625 Fin for heat exchanger  
D822607 Adapter for connector  
D822603 Battery cover  
D822604 Insulator  
D822615 Corner cable conduit  
D822613 Electrical connector part  
D822598 Charger  
D822620 Digital safety relay  
D822609 Sealing assembly for mating an electrical device enclosure  
D822630 Power converter enclosure