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D840942 Terminal crimp socket  
D840950 Surge protection module  
D840934 Electrical connector  
D840931 Wireless power transfer device  
D840956 Push button  
D840938 Electrical connector housing  
D840948 Expansion coupler  
D840946 Fiber housing assembly  
D840936 Power strip  
D840949 Control box  
D840927 Battery charger  
D840922 Venturi device  
D840930 Triple coil wireless charger  
D840944 Electrical box  
D840928 Charging dock  
D840920 Venturi device  
D840943 Cable junction device  
D840924 Solar panel  
D840955 Mechanical activator for electrical contactor  
D840929 Dock  
D840935 Dual mode connector  
D840940 Electrical connector  
D840952 Switch with nightlight  
D840925 Electrical device  
D840671 Umbrella with solar panels  
D840959 LED package  
D840947 Cable storage and provisioning device  
D840957 Dimming switch  
D840932 Gas adaptor for electric generator  
D840937 Car charger  
D840951 Surge protection receptacle  
D840945 Case for an electronic device  
D840958 Shaped tube with a pattern  
D840923 Venturi device  
D840953 Industrial robot controller  
D840933 Electrical connector  
D840921 Venturi device  
D840954 LED lamp controller  
D840926 Charger  
D840941 Electrical connector  
D840939 Right-angle power connector  
D840350 Electrical connector for a grid bus bar system  
D840360 Hand controller for controlling surgical robot  
D840344 Connector receptacle  
D840353 Distribution board  
D840355 Front panel soft starter  
D840332 Power bank  
D840336 Current transducer  
D840351 Cable junction device  
D840338 Battery