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D776617 Lamp module for lighting control  
D776613 Battery  
D776624 Angle hood  
D776619 Electrical box extender with breakaway flange  
D776611 Battery  
D776627 Data entry device for numerical controller  
D776612 Chargeable battery  
D776625 Safety relay  
D776626 Safety relay  
D776623 Extension cord cover  
D776629 Light emitting diode  
D776614 Accumulator unit  
D776618 Vehicle interface connector device  
D776620 Cable assembly  
D776610 Battery  
D776616 Optical connector  
D776628 Switch plate  
D776622 Cover  
D776621 Electrical contact  
D776630 Backplane for an industrial control system (ICS)  
D776615 Connection of two angled bus bars  
D776068 Control module  
D776064 Indoor electrical wall outlet cover  
D776052 Battery receptacle  
D776050 Solar power bank and charger  
D776077 Electrical signal relay  
D776060 Augmented junction box  
D776069 Push switch  
D776066 Safety relay  
D776070 Non-contact type data carrier  
D776051 Electronic cigarette battery  
D776056 Power charging station inside a decorative case  
D776054 Docking station  
D776061 Electric connecting terminal  
D776055 Integrated conduit and interface box for a motor  
D776062 Electric connecting terminal  
D775975 Control device  
D775986 Sensor control interface  
D776304 Light source  
D776067 Safety relay  
D776063 Entrance cap  
D776071 Power semiconductor module  
D776057 Lighting control module  
D776053 Inductive charging station  
D776059 Electrical connector  
D776065 Microswitch  
D776058 Electrical connector  
D775976 Control device  
D775590 Electrical fitting for non-metallic electrical cable  
D775593 Power semiconductor module