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D833986 Equipment for control of electric power  
D833991 Modular circuit board  
D833990 Modular circuit board  
D833971 Charging stand for electronic devices  
D833976 Wire connection terminal block  
D833977 Electrical junction box  
D833993 Modular circuit board  
D833989 Light emitting diode  
D833978 Rail car power connector  
D833994 Modular circuit board  
D833396 Electric buss rail carrier  
D833385 Power station  
D833383 Solar cell with via  
D833386 Jump starter  
D833391 Current transducer  
D833382 Photovoltaic roof tile  
D833451 Mobile terminal housing  
D833303 Electronic tap control box  
D833390 Modular inverter system  
D833393 Faceplate with a plug for charging a portable communications device  
D833392 Electrical connector housing  
D833394 Faceplate with a plug for charging a portable communications device  
D833384 Battery holder  
D833389 Charger for a video game controller  
D833405 Serrated light engine and circuit board  
D833404 Equipment for control of electric power  
D833400 Electrical connector  
D833401 Distribution point unit with surface ornamentation  
D833403 Switch  
D833388 Movable swing arms for an electric vehicle charging station  
D833397 Car charger  
D833395 Electric buss rail carrier  
D833387 Electric vehicle charging station with movable swing arms  
D833399 Connector for modular electronic building system  
D833402 Home automation control device  
D833398 Cabling hub  
D832802 Optical semiconductor element  
D832794 Hermetic terminal  
D832796 Switch  
D832779 Panel skirt  
D832799 Paddle switch with externally facing electrical connector port or ports  
D832798 Switch  
D832791 Plug connector  
D832785 Portable power supply  
D832787 Electrical connector  
D832788 Micro power connector  
D832803 Heater assembly for a laser diode  
D832784 Modular power bank  
D832795 Hermetic terminal  
D832792 Connector interface for a cable