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D853342 High-performance semiconductor module  
D853328 Car inverter  
D853592 Electric power transmission line support tower with insulator assembly  
D853325 Multi-function mobile phone charging device  
D853338 Controller for a robot  
D853320 Battery case  
D853319 Battery  
D853321 Electric battery  
D853330 Battery clamp  
D853340 Light-emitting diode array  
D852761 Switch  
D852737 Battery  
D852747 Terminal assembly with a bimetal thermal protection plate for a power receptacle  
D852765 Semiconductor device  
D852754 Connector assembly  
D852758 DC switch disconnector  
D852650 Operator console housing for measuring and control tool  
D852762 Wafer carrier with a 14-pocket configuration  
D852760 Switch  
D852757 Connector contact  
D852759 Electric operating unit  
D852739 USB charger  
D852740 Inverter  
D852764 Circuit breaker board for a portable isolation power supply  
D852744 Vacuum generator  
D852736 Support member ends for solar panel truss mounting systems  
D852763 Circuit board  
D852756 Connector contact  
D852752 Electrical connector  
D852748 Plug  
D852746 Nine volt battery safety cap  
D852970 Sexual stimulation control box  
D852751 Electrical connector  
D852749 Smart socket  
D852753 Electrical connector housing  
D852741 Power adapter  
D852750 Trailer wiring connector  
D852738 Charger  
D852745 Wind power generation apparatus  
D852663 Load control device  
D852743 Vacuum generator  
D852755 Connector contact  
D852742 Inverter  
D852138 Smart socket  
D852142 Electrical connector  
D852134 Wireless charging stand  
D852133 Phone charger  
D852139 Smart socket  
D852132 Charging device  
D852130 Solar-charging mounting bracket for video doorbell