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D813801 Fabric transpired solar collector system  
D813823 Control panel with graphical user interface  
D813171 Cover for an electric connector  
D813164 Motor for railway vehicle  
D813155 Battery for a tobacco suction tool  
D813180 Elastic membrane for semiconductor wafer polishing apparatus  
D813178 Car seat alarm kit  
D813175 Softstarter  
D813162 Energy storage and power supply device  
D813176 Circuit breaker  
D813183 Substation transformer cabinet  
D813168 Electrical power connector  
D813181 Cover of seal cap for reaction chamber of semiconductor  
D813170 Plug  
D813187 Telecommunication terminal cabinet  
D813179 Power switch with USB jack  
D813156 Battery charger  
D813157 Electricity charging station for electric vehicles  
D813167 Electrical power connector  
D813160 Frequency converter  
D813161 Power supply  
D813166 Transceiver  
D813169 Connector  
D813174 Softstarter  
D813177 Wall mounted button panel  
D813173 Softstarter  
D813153 Patterned solar cell article  
D813159 Power converter  
D813163 Power supply  
D813240 Dock  
D813182 Semiconductor device  
D813154 Foldable solar panels for umbrella  
D813165 Electromotor  
D813172 Connection bar  
D813158 Power bank  
D812571 Box for electrical elements  
D812564 Wireless charger  
D812553 Pocket solar panel charger  
D812575 Switch  
D812570 Electrical connector  
D812563 Charger  
D812569 Electrical connector  
D812573 Switch  
D812559 Charger  
D812572 Adapter for patch panel assembly  
D812562 Charger  
D812566 Motor for railway vehicle  
D812558 Charger for electronic device  
D812568 Electrical connector  
D812561 Battery charger