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D855492 Solar-powered rotating ornamental device  
D855577 Circuit board for electrical connector  
D855574 Connector terminal  
D855561 Flexible interconnecting member for solar cells  
D855573 Electric connector  
D855567 Charging disk  
D855576 Remote control  
D855572 Connector  
D855566 Charging stand for mobile devices  
D855575 Automobile remote controller  
D855569 Edge-wound resistor  
D855565 Power box  
D855563 Recharging stand for a media player  
D855568 Main body of motion controller  
D855564 Recharging stand for a media player  
D855571 Travel adapter set  
D855570 Cable connector  
D855016 Solar cell  
D855026 Housing for automotive electrical switch management apparatus  
D855018 Battery for an unmanned aerial vehicle  
D855025 Switching device  
D855022 Helical worm gear motor  
D855023 Rotor for rotary electrical machine  
D855020 Current transducer  
D855021 Current transducer  
D855024 Rotor for rotary electrical machine  
D855017 Solar cell  
D855019 Battery charger  
D855027 Cover of seal cap for reaction chamber of semiconductor  
D854518 Remote control  
D854429 Wall mount touch screen controller  
D854499 Equipment for control of electric power  
D854496 Mobile power bank  
D854501 Electrical connector  
D854497 Battery charger  
D854504 Electrical power connector  
D854498 Electric drive unit  
D854503 Electrical power connector  
D854502 Cable connector  
D854509 Smart device  
D854435 Irrigation controller  
D854544 Multi-port type-C docking station  
D854505 Face pack for electronic lighting controller  
D854506 Chemical vapor deposition wafer carrier with thermal cover  
D854500 Electrical connector  
D853965 Vacuum generator  
D853968 Electrical switch rated connector  
D853957 Charging plate for electronic device  
D853964 Motor  
D853978 High-performance semiconductor module