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D794578 Wireless control module  
D794559 Electric motor drive system  
D793962 Cable connector body  
D793963 Protective cover for conduit  
D793958 Charging pad  
D793972 Wafer carrier with a 31-pocket configuration  
D793955 Inverter battery charger  
D793970 Magnetic actuator  
D793969 Remote control  
D793888 Control panel  
D793961 Electric connector  
D793968 Hand control  
D793846 Wall plate  
D794104 Connector for agricultural machines  
D793974 Heater for semiconductor thermal process  
D793959 Electrical connector housing  
D793953 Battery  
D793966 Electrical circuit breaker  
D793965 Electrical circuit breaker  
D793977 DC electric power noise cutoff device for electric anticorrosion apparatus  
D793960 Electrical connector housing  
D793973 Substrate for an electronic circuit  
D793975 Heater for semiconductor thermal process  
D793956 Dock for portable electronic device  
D793954 Battery charger  
D793967 Building control device  
D793964 In-line ground fault circuit interrupter  
D793976 Substrate retaining ring  
D793971 Wafer carrier with a 14-pocket configuration  
D793957 Desktop charging station  
D793337 Servomechanism  
D793350 Heat sink  
D793349 Keypad  
D793400 Heat sink for memory module  
D793348 Keypad  
D793343 Receptacle for modular wiring systems  
D793342 Electrical connector  
D793341 Electric connector  
D793346 Face plate for a remote user interface  
D793352 Getter plate  
D793351 Heat dissipation board  
D793334 Integrated solar panel  
D793344 LED cable with strain relief  
D793335 Charging apparatus with extendable charging cable for a mobile robotic device  
D793339 Electrical outlet  
D793345 Seal groove vent  
D793336 Power station  
D793364 Siren controller  
D793338 Portable energy storage and distribution device  
D793347 Voice controlled automation assistant