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D816041 Automotive switch electrical connector with latching feature  
D816044 Electrical cable connector  
D816036 Electrical connector  
D816027 Wireless charger  
D815595 Current transducer  
D815604 Cable armor stop  
D815608 Panel  
D815599 Electrical connector  
D815602 Electronic cable  
D815605 Solid state relay  
D815600 Power and data connector  
D815596 Power supply  
D815593 Battery pack with magnetic attachment  
D815592 Battery charger  
D815598 Electronic cable  
D815594 Wireless charger  
D815603 Electronic cable  
D815606 Programmable controller  
D815607 Control panel with touchscreen  
D815601 Cable connector  
D815597 Hydroelectric turbine  
D815038 Auxiliary battery  
D815044 Electric connector  
D815028 Solar cell article  
D815045 Power entry connector  
D815030 Portable renewable energy generator  
D815042 Mounting device  
D815037 USB power bank  
D815036 Portable mobile phone battery charger  
D815035 Charger  
D815052 Button based actuator  
D815040 Home energy management unit  
D815046 Sleeve for cable connector  
D815048 Electrical connector with metal rings  
D815027 Enclosure for portable solar charger  
D815039 Portable power source  
D815053 Solder pad  
D815034 Battery charger  
D815047 Overbraided electrical cord with X pattern  
D815029 Solar cell article  
D815031 Solar cell  
D815041 Device for distribution of electric power  
D815043 Part of an optical fiber connector  
D815032 Rechargeable battery device  
D815049 Flange with vertical slot and jack  
D815033 Battery housing  
D815026 Charcoal briquette  
D814956 Detector for home automation devices  
D815050 Attachment for outlets and switches  
D815051 Tool controller unit