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D836544 Combination accessory hook and charging station  
D836542 Charger  
D836556 Electrical power unit  
D836554 Rechargeable battery  
D836569 Home automation remote control unit  
D836565 Solid state relay  
D836573 Ring for a plasma processing apparatus  
D836834 Charger for a vaping device  
D836555 Wireless control power supply device  
D836564 Controller housing  
D836557 Electrical connector housing  
D836551 Motor for a railway vehicle  
D836550 Protective housing for a transformer  
D836567 Remote controller  
D836468 Electric motor control device  
D836562 Cable gland  
D836538 Mosaic solar cell  
D836553 Rechargeable battery  
D836572 Target profile for a physical vapor deposition chamber target  
D836560 Flange with vertical slot and jack  
D836570 Switch  
D836566 Remote controller for household appliance  
D836541 Charging device  
D836559 Connecting device for mounting electrical equipment  
D836546 Wireless charger for portable terminal  
D836548 Inverter module  
D836543 Portable power source  
D836568 Transmitter parts  
D836547 Charger for an electric toothbrush  
D836571 Heat sink  
D836067 Battery charger  
D836012 In-wall humidity sensor  
D836009 HVAC control device  
D836068 Battery jump starting device  
D836011 In-wall humidity sensor  
D836072 Cable clip  
D836073 Solid state relay  
D836071 Electrical connector  
D836064 Solar power bank  
D836065 Photovoltaic panel array  
D836070 Electrical or optical connector  
D836066 Battery  
D836069 Electrical or optical connector  
D835589 Controller for controlling charging current  
D835590 Heat sink clip  
D835588 HDMI and USB extender wall plate  
D835579 Charging station  
D835611 Charging stand for wireless earpiece case  
D835578 Portable power source  
D835577 Earphone charger