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D824340 Fiber optic fanout kit  
D824343 LED chip  
D824459 Controller  
D824345 Modular circuit board  
D823802 Electric motor  
D823807 Electrical connector with shared wire harness  
D823796 Multi USB charging station  
D823794 Mobile power bank  
D823803 Stator  
D823816 Circuit breaker  
D823793 Car battery booster  
D823810 Electrical connector  
D823817 Control module cooling fan  
D823808 Electrical connector  
D823800 Inverter  
D823787 Wire cover for solar panel  
D823815 Outlet cover  
D823791 Jump starter  
D823789 Inverter battery charger  
D823806 Inverter for vehicle  
D823809 Electrical connector  
D823812 Data transmission cable  
D823786 Asymmetrical solar panel bracket assembly  
D823804 Socket  
D823811 Cable junction device  
D823788 Battery box  
D823799 Cover for power adaptor  
D823814 Contact wafer  
D823795 Mobile power bank  
D823797 Energy storage and power supply device  
D823818 Electrical enclosure  
D823813 Data port adapter  
D823792 Charging dock  
D823798 Modular power supply container  
D823805 Power strip  
D823801 Power adapter  
D823790 Charger  
D823244 Charger base  
D823248 Electric power storage module  
D823254 Electrical connector housing  
D823253 Condenser  
D823243 Jump box  
D823247 Power bank charging system  
D823260 Data transmission cable  
D823255 Fiber optic connector  
D823239 Combination battery, charger and cables for electronic equipment  
D823241 Battery base  
D823249 Electric power storage module  
D823238 Battery  
D823266 Sliding switch