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D795208 Electrostatic chuck for semiconductor manufacturing equipment  
D795209 Heater for semiconductor thermal process  
D795188 Charging station  
D795181 Battery  
D795197 Electric connector  
D795185 Mobile battery bank  
D795206 Light-emitting diode array  
D795204 Switch apparatus  
D795090 Controller housing  
D795192 Brush assembly  
D795180 Redox flow battery cell stack  
D795203 Sports night switch  
D795190 Power adapter  
D795195 USB socket  
D795191 Portable generator  
D795189 Charging station  
D795202 Tabletop remote load control device  
D794478 Wall mountable connector  
D794572 Male electrical connector  
D794586 Circuit board  
D794555 Charging device  
D794556 Portable charger for smart watch  
D794570 Connector for automotive power cord kit  
D794558 Charging station  
D794574 Busbar  
D794562 Flexible fuel generator  
D794585 Retainer ring for substrate  
D794576 Solid state relay  
D794560 Electric motor drive system  
D794569 Connector for automotive power cord kit  
D794577 Wireless control module  
D794561 Converter housing for an electric motor drive system  
D794567 Sensor cable and connector  
D794571 Plug  
D794573 Plug for a connector  
D794564 Wind turbine with a unibody up-tilt furling  
D794584 Electrode strip  
D794565 Battery clamp  
D794581 Controller  
D794554 Battery  
D794580 Tabletop remote load control device  
D794563 Alternator  
D794583 Light emitting diode  
D794575 Two port USB charger  
D794557 Charger  
D794582 LED chip  
D794568 Heat mat cord strain relief device  
D794579 Display panel  
D794566 Controller for servomotor  
D794487 Doorbell