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D796457 Light emitting diode  
D796448 Hooded cable plug  
D796460 Housing for electrical or electronic component  
D795814 Cable securing device  
D795804 Uninterruptible power supply and mobile power bank  
D795822 LED chip  
D795805 AC-to-DC power supply  
D795823 Component for electronic device  
D795721 Surveying instrument  
D795810 Power plug  
D795807 Cover of AC generator for vehicle  
D795817 Cable  
D795808 Electric motor casing  
D795803 USB wall charger  
D795712 Thermostat  
D795800 Solar cell  
D795819 Optical fiber array  
D795821 Liquid cooling cold plate with diamond cut pin fins  
D795815 Card connector  
D795802 Charging circuit control device  
D795806 Current transducer  
D795816 USB connection cable  
D795799 Charcoal fuel article  
D795818 Terminal block  
D795720 Surveying instrument  
D795820 Cable management system  
D795812 Pivotable power strip  
D795813 Electric connector  
D795809 Conductor  
D795811 Power plug  
D795801 Battery pack  
D795183 Charger  
D795237 Wireless charger case for electronic communications device  
D795211 Enclosure door  
D795196 Electric connector  
D795201 Controller for cooling apparatus  
D795215 Telecommunication power cabinet  
D795207 Light emitting diode  
D795044 Cord box  
D795194 Housing for connector plug  
D795200 Terminal block  
D795182 Charger  
D795199 Retainer for electric connector  
D795205 Switch apparatus  
D795187 Charging station  
D795186 Charging station  
D795198 Busbar  
D795193 AC coupler of electric vehicles  
D795210 Enclosure for multi-frequency band signal booster system  
D795184 Wireless charger for electronic device