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D812005 Home energy management unit  
D812023 Flexible printed wiring board  
D812022 Multi-chamber heat sink module  
D812009 Desktop receptacle  
D811997 Battery charger  
D812016 Organizer for cables and wires  
D812011 Trailer wiring connector  
D812006 Fan motor  
D811994 Battery pack  
D811335 Connector  
D811346 Connector  
D811380 Cradle for electronic device  
D811331 Generator housing  
D811325 Battery charger  
D811334 Connector  
D811348 Connector housing  
D811345 Electric connector  
D811337 Electrical power unit for a work surface  
D811332 Device for control of electric power  
D811324 Jump starter  
D811350 Electrical connector  
D811327 Power supply unit  
D811343 Connector of data and charging cable  
D811352 Home automation device controller  
D811342 Optical fiber array  
D811328 Power supply remote control  
D811330 Rotor blade for hydro turbine  
D811339 Connector for modular electronic building system  
D811351 Remote control  
D811329 Power adapter  
D811326 Wireless charger  
D811333 Varistor unit  
D811344 Electrical connector  
D811336 Contact for electrical connector  
D811349 Electrical connector  
D811347 Connector  
D811338 Socket  
D811341 Conductive plate  
D811340 Conductive plate  
D811392 Smart home control device  
D810700 Irrigation controller  
D810706 Semiconductor module  
D810681 Smart socket set  
D810677 Battery  
D810679 Electric lighting device charging station  
D810683 Bus bar carrier for lithium ion battery module  
D810703 Switch cover  
D810685 Coaxial cable connector  
D810676 Solar cell article  
D810704 Light-emitting diode array