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D835038 Current transducer  
D835047 Connector  
D835050 Indoor data connectivity cabinet with surface ornamentation  
D835079 Charging stand assembly for wireless earpiece case  
D835078 Stand for electronic devices  
D835035 Charging hub bridge  
D835041 Power box connector  
D835034 Combination accessory hook and charging station  
D835033 Magnetic charger plug  
D835046 Connector  
D835032 Charger  
D835054 Panel for transfer switch  
D834964 HVAC control device  
D835049 Distribution point unit with surface ornamentation  
D835039 Electromotor  
D835031 Solar cell  
D835040 1×4 distribution point unit  
D835044 Connector housing  
D835030 Solar cell with VIA  
D834962 HVAC control device  
D835053 Panel for transfer switch  
D835042 Socket  
D835045 Plug  
D835036 Charger for a video game controller  
D835052 Panel for transfer switch  
D834963 HVAC control device  
D834961 Thermostat  
D835051 Wall mounted button panel  
D835074 Wireless telecontroller  
D835043 Intelligent socket  
D835037 Remote ballast  
D834534 Universal circuit breaker interlock  
D834531 Torque sleeve  
D834548 Electric terminal  
D834523 Connector  
D834539 Wall mounted button panel  
D834520 Electrical extension cord receptacle end  
D834545 Semiconductor module  
D834544 Semiconductor module  
D834541 Remote control  
D834546 Modular circuit board  
D834514 Portable solar charger  
D834521 Car charger  
D834518 Adapter  
D834535 Wall mounted button panel  
D834528 Busbar cleat  
D834524 Electrical connector  
D834533 Torque sleeve  
D834543 Light emitting diode  
D834519 Electrical apparatus having a square plan view