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D812571 Box for electrical elements  
D812564 Wireless charger  
D812553 Pocket solar panel charger  
D812575 Switch  
D812570 Electrical connector  
D812563 Charger  
D812569 Electrical connector  
D812573 Switch  
D812559 Charger  
D812572 Adapter for patch panel assembly  
D812562 Charger  
D812566 Motor for railway vehicle  
D812558 Charger for electronic device  
D812568 Electrical connector  
D812561 Battery charger  
D812574 Switch  
D812565 Home energy management unit  
D812576 Control panel  
D812560 Charger  
D812555 Battery pack  
D812577 Wireless control button  
D812567 Electrical extension cord receptacle end  
D812557 Portable power supply  
D812556 Wireless charger  
D812578 Upper chamber for a plasma processing apparatus  
D812554 Vertical tiled solar module article  
D812099 Plate for a trolling motor  
D812010 Modular extension cord reel  
D812013 Electrical connector  
D812018 Switching device with front cover  
D811999 Battery receptacle  
D812015 Extension cord connector lock  
D811998 Car charger  
D812008 Fixture for restraining a turbine wheel  
D812020 Switch  
D812025 Cabinet for electrical switchboards  
D812024 Power transfer module housing  
D812002 Wireless power transfer device  
D811996 Battery pack for a vacuum cleaner  
D812021 Digital switch  
D812007 Fixture for restraining a turbine wheel  
D812004 Home energy management unit  
D812001 Current transducer  
D812014 Ring for holding the connections of the connectors  
D812012 Conductive plate  
D812017 Remote-controlled door opener module  
D812000 Portable charger  
D812003 Home energy management unit  
D811995 Battery  
D812019 Controller for servomotors