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D804419 Desktop receptacle  
D804422 Electrical connector  
D804420 Electrical connector  
D804418 Rechargeable battery  
D804433 LED light controller  
D804415 Power bank  
D804416 Power inverter  
D804430 Circuit breakers  
D804427 Cable rail system  
D804406 Mounting platform for parallel connected solar cells  
D804429 Receptacle plate  
D804411 Charging wallet  
D804426 Coaxial cable connector  
D804432 System controller enclosure  
D804438 Electronics enclosure  
D804410 Charger  
D804428 Cable rail system  
D804412 Power adapter  
D804409 Mobile phone with battery  
D804407 Panel rail saddle device for solar module  
D804413 Charging cradle  
D804425 Cable clamping insert  
D804408 Mobile phone with battery  
D804424 Electrical connector  
D804435 Flap in an adhesive tape for semiconductor manufacturing  
D804423 Socket  
D804431 User interface for a trim control system on a marine vessel  
D804417 Frequency converter  
D804414 Charging dock for robot  
D803778 Rechargeable battery  
D803776 Rechargeable battery  
D803798 Surface mount device  
D803795 Surface mount device  
D803792 4 button FOB transmitter  
D803794 Mechanical activator for electrical contactor  
D803774 Foldable solar panel  
D803784 Electric lamp socket pin  
D803793 Control device  
D803800 Lead frame  
D803790 Circuit breaker  
D803797 Surface mount device  
D803804 Magnet plate  
D803786 Electric connector  
D803775 Battery pack  
D803779 Battery  
D803796 Surface mount device  
D803802 Electrostatic chuck for semiconductor manufacturing equipment  
D803787 Electric connector  
D803801 Lead frame  
D803911 Programmable controller