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D828813 Car charger  
D828810 Charger adapter holder and connector  
D828807 Base station  
D828299 Electrical engine for a valve  
D828184 Clock  
D828301 Portable generator  
D828305 Waterproof receptacle connector  
D828312 Electronics housing  
D828298 Current transducer  
D828292 Solar battery module  
D828295 Portable charger  
D828306 Electric connector  
D828309 Switch controller  
D828303 Electrical power unit  
D828296 Inverter  
D828300 Electrical engine for a valve  
D828297 Inverter  
D828310 Button of vehicle handlebar  
D828294 Battery charger  
D828302 Floor outlet  
D828308 Cable armor stop  
D828304 Power strip  
D828293 Solar power box  
D828311 In-wall switch  
D828307 Electrical connector  
D827568 Charging station for electronic devices  
D827579 Power and data receptacle mount  
D827583 Fan controller  
D827581 Electrical connector  
D827576 Terminal fitting for electric connector  
D827591 Semiconductor module  
D827588 Chip connector  
D827582 Busbar  
D827572 Flexible fuel generator  
D827575 Electrical enclosure  
D827567 Wall charger  
D827595 Utility pole service cabinet  
D827587 Line switch  
D827585 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D827594 Housing for a smart motor sensor  
D827566 Battery assembly  
D827563 Solar powered portable mister  
D827593 Semiconductor module  
D827578 Conductor  
D827573 Clamping hub  
D827580 Car charger  
D827455 Controller  
D827590 Power semiconductor device  
D827569 Portable power bank  
D827565 Battery adapter