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D818956 Wind turbine with stabilizer strut features  
D818955 Engine operated generator  
D818441 Float switch housing  
D818434 Wireless charger  
D818440 Flange with kidney aperture  
D818432 Charging station  
D818430 Portable solar charger tilt mount  
D818437 Capacitor  
D818444 Load control device  
D818446 Power switch  
D818447 Plasma feedthrough flange  
D818445 Remote control  
D818442 Thermoelectric conversion module  
D818431 Battery charger  
D818439 Electronic cable  
D818435 Genset enclosure  
D818433 Robot vacuum charging unit  
D818561 Valve  
D818443 Fuse holder  
D818438 Electrical plug housing  
D818436 Valve drive  
D818258 Umbrella with solar panels  
D817898 Switch  
D817899 Portion of a switch  
D817892 Right-angle electrical connector  
D817788 Control device  
D817880 Electrical connector  
D817868 Portable ground power unit  
D817874 Charging dock for mobile computer  
D817894 Helical strain relief device  
D817893 Flange with hook aperture  
D817888 Electrical socket with cover  
D817884 Electrical outlet  
D817873 Battery charger  
D817918 Combined radio and power pole with pier  
D817895 Cable protector  
D817872 Battery charger  
D817876 Inverter  
D817896 Push switch  
D817882 Terminal  
D817885 Electrical outlet  
D817877 Electromotor  
D817917 Combined radio and power pole with bench seating  
D817787 Checking devices, measuring instruments, apparatus and devices  
D817862 Solar panel arrangement  
D817887 Electrical socket  
D817870 Rechargeable battery  
D817883 Optical connector  
D817878 Servo  
D817886 Electrical plug