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D820226 Crosswalk button  
D820248 Magnetic mount for an electronic device  
D820201 Portable rechargeable battery  
D820208 Power adapter  
D820202 Housing for a battery  
D820205 Charger  
D820211 Electrical outlet  
D820199 Battery pack housing for a minibike  
D820218 Connector housing  
D820219 Electrical cord plug retention device  
D820209 Power adapter  
D820221 Controller for elevating device  
D820212 Plug  
D820247 Magnetic mount for an electronic device  
D820223 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D820203 Portable ground power unit  
D820224 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D820213 AC power plug  
D820225 Switch apparatus  
D820265 Earphone cable  
D819570 Smart socket  
D819567 Generator housing  
D819581 Socket for electronic device testing apparatus  
D819565 Frequency converter  
D819568 Transformer cover for amplifier  
D819564 Charging case for aerial vehicle  
D819575 Canopy light housing  
D819578 Heat dissipating fin  
D819577 Switch  
D819569 Connector  
D819571 Electrical cord plug  
D819580 Self-centering wafer carrier for chemical vapor deposition  
D819572 Plug  
D819579 Heat sink  
D819563 Charging stand dock for smart watch  
D819562 Battery pack  
D819566 Power adapter  
D819573 Receptacle connector  
D819576 Charging cable  
D819561 Battery  
D819574 Set of phone chargers  
D818974 Portions of light-emitting diode unit  
D818971 Line switch provided with wireless remote control  
D818965 Plug  
D818947 Detachable power supply for data logger  
D818953 Sine wave inverter  
D818962 Connector shell  
D818960 Insulation unit of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D818945 Solar cell  
D818967 Electric wire boot