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D821308 Battery charger  
D821335 Keypad  
D821302 Venturi device  
D821336 Keypad  
D821307 Charging cradle for portable loudspeakers  
D821322 Cover for a tubular motor  
D821314 Emergency power supply  
D821319 Rotor for a wave energy converter  
D821318 Rotor for a wave energy converter  
D821338 Contact fields for a printed circuit board  
D821334 Remote control  
D821311 Protective housing for a transformer  
D821326 Battery enclosure  
D821325 1×4 distribution point unit with surface ornamentation  
D821333 Equipment for control of electric power  
D821309 Electronic device power bank  
D820785 Rectifier of AC generator for vehicle  
D820787 Connection plug  
D820789 Electrical connector  
D820788 Power connector  
D820795 Keypad  
D820791 Terminal fitting for electric connector  
D820786 Flexible docking cable for mobile device  
D820781 Housing for a battery  
D820796 Keypad  
D820790 Electrical connector  
D820792 Kill switch clip for a marine engine  
D820794 Keypad  
D820823 Magnetic mount for electronic device  
D820782 Battery charger  
D820783 Portable device charging station  
D820797 Stencil for general purpose electrical and data outlets  
D820793 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D820784 AC adapter  
D820780 Single flow ion exchange device  
D820197 Portable electrical energy storage device with components  
D820207 Power adapter  
D820210 Electrical or optical connector  
D820200 Battery  
D820196 Station for production/storage of solar energy  
D820198 Battery  
D820204 Portable ground power unit  
D820214 Electrical connector  
D820220 Operation board for numerical controller  
D820222 Load control device  
D820216 Card edge connector  
D820206 Wall charger  
D820217 USB cable  
D820353 Mobile printer  
D820215 Electrical connector