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D814412 Portable battery charger  
D814422 Connector  
D814420 Wall outlet  
D814430 Switch  
D814403 Secondary battery for cellular phone  
D814432 Resonator coil  
D814428 Control device  
D814401 Foldable solar panel  
D814423 Adapter  
D814415 Inverter  
D814418 Electrical connector  
D814408 Charger  
D813827 Switch base for an anti-vandal switch  
D813830 Magnetic holder with removable top  
D813928 Camera housing component with heat dissipation  
D813800 Concentrator photovoltaic unit  
D813819 Cable  
D813821 Male electrical connector  
D813808 Battery powered drive unit  
D813814 Storage battery  
D813812 Carbon fiber composite casing with an electromagnetic-wave penetrable area  
D813811 Alternator  
D813807 Casing for electrical devices  
D813875 Multi-function docking station  
D813828 Control device  
D813818 USB socket  
D813824 Switch box  
D813829 Waterproof switch assembly  
D813802 Solar panel  
D813803 Power bank  
D813805 Charging stand for portable electronic devices  
D813816 Connecting terminal for storage battery  
D813822 Female electrical connector  
D813825 Transmitter  
D813820 Connector  
D813810 Inverter enclosure  
D813815 Storage battery  
D813806 Charger  
D813817 Electrical connection terminal  
D813826 Fan controller  
D813809 Transformer  
D813813 Battery charger for electric cars  
D813929 Camera housing component with heat dissipation  
D813804 Electrical power hub  
D813801 Fabric transpired solar collector system  
D813823 Control panel with graphical user interface  
D813171 Cover for an electric connector  
D813164 Motor for railway vehicle  
D813155 Battery for a tobacco suction tool  
D813180 Elastic membrane for semiconductor wafer polishing apparatus