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D825494 Remote control housing  
D825503 Resonator coil  
D825467 Electrical connector  
D825453 Pyramid shaped USB solar charger  
D825470 Car charger  
D825457 Inverter battery charger  
D824859 Electric connector  
D824858 Terminal block for electrical fitting  
D824866 Semiconductor device  
D824865 Dual power input circuit board  
D824847 Photovoltaic device  
D824849 Combined rollable solar panel and rollable digital screen  
D824862 Male electrical connector with locking tabs  
D824853 Rotor core  
D824856 Straight female electrical connector with locking arm  
D824848 Solar charger  
D824863 Remote control  
D824857 Cable connector  
D824860 Terminal  
D824864 Light-emitting diode unit  
D824852 Electric motor  
D824855 Power Cord End  
D824861 Terminal  
D824850 Portable battery charger with solar cells  
D824854 Equipment for distribution or control of electric power  
D824851 Charging station  
D824336 Electrical connector  
D824338 Electrical connector  
D824332 Strain relief for USB cable connector  
D824388 Magnetic charging cable for a mobile device  
D824334 Vehicular cell phone charger  
D824329 Power bank  
D824333 Telecommunications housing with surface ornamentation  
D824326 Portable battery  
D824339 Electrical connector  
D824331 Wind turbine  
D824385 Modular smart home device with a battery case  
D824335 Fiber optic splitter module with surface ornamentation  
D824330 Wall-mounted energy storage system  
D824342 Remote control  
D824328 Portable charger  
D824337 Fiber optic splitter module with surface ornamentation  
D824327 Auxiliary rechargeable battery  
D824344 Modular circuit board  
D824341 Cable connector  
D824340 Fiber optic fanout kit  
D824343 LED chip  
D824459 Controller  
D824345 Modular circuit board  
D823802 Electric motor