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D844560 Portable power charger  
D844576 Light emitting diode  
D844552 Photovoltaic panel support  
D844570 Building automation device  
D844572 Wireless control module  
D844555 Personal electronic device cover with integrated fuel cell system  
D844698 Payment reader cradle  
D844558 Storage battery  
D844573 Wireless control module  
D844567 Electric connector  
D844618 Multi-function docking station  
D843935 Battery case  
D843933 Battery  
D843946 Electrical connector  
D843940 Electrical connector  
D843956 Terminal block lock out device  
D843952 Slip electrical conduit coupler body  
D843937 Earphone charging box  
D843955 Fuse lock out device  
D843934 Battery for an electronic device  
D843957 Light emitting diode package  
D843943 WI-FI smart plug  
D843936 Charging apparatus for wrist worn health band  
D844183 Light emitting diode  
D843948 Connector  
D843939 Power inverter  
D843945 Electrical connector  
D843942 Power plug  
D843941 Terminal fitting for electric connector  
D843867 Remote controller for an operating device with display  
D843950 Cable connecting case for a vehicle  
D843947 Plug  
D843949 Cable connecting terminal for a vehicle  
D843938 Wireless earset case  
D843958 Reaction tube  
D843932 Solar panel mounting bracket  
D843953 Wire saver module  
D843951 Cable connector for a vehicle  
D843954 Transmitter  
D843944 Car adapter  
D843859 HVAC control device  
D843323 Electrical connector  
D843318 Plug connector for device charging  
D843322 Combined electrical receptacle and over braided cord  
D843334 Flexible printed circuits  
D843326 Tag for electrical plug  
D843324 Wall mountable connector with terminal labels  
D843236 HVAC control device  
D843612 Light emitting diode  
D843327 Tag for electrical plug