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D845247 Receptacle for electric motor  
D845226 Electrode of a solar cell substrate  
D845243 Plug  
D845240 Part of a receptacle connector  
D845253 Casing for equipment for control of electric power  
D845241 Inner housing for optical fiber adapter  
D845236 Electromotor  
D845255 Rocker switch with rectangular illumination ring  
D845377 Battery grip for digital still cameras  
D845227 Electricity generating assembly  
D845250 Tag for electrical plug  
D845246 Electrical connector housing with asymmetric rectangular hot terminal edge slots and terminals with a rectangular edge protrusion  
D845232 Charging base  
D845248 Electric connector  
D845233 Power charging box  
D845242 Connector housing  
D845257 Part of a breaker lockout  
D845234 Charger  
D845238 Controller for servomotors  
D845251 Slip electrical conduit coupler body  
D845239 Vehicle charger connector  
D845228 Floating solar structure  
D845256 Trim switch of control wheel for aircraft  
D845237 Terminal seat  
D845235 Charger  
D845252 Switch  
D845231 Vehicle charger  
D845245 Socket  
D845254 Lighting control console  
D845249 Electrical connector  
D844553 Photovoltaic panel support  
D844577 Conductor pad  
D844566 Electrical socket with USB charging  
D844563 Extendable outlet  
D844557 Lighting battery  
D844575 Light-emitting diode array  
D844550 Venturi device  
D844559 Electric vehicle charging system  
D844561 Switching power supply  
D844565 Electrical socket  
D844556 Battery  
D844685 Garage door opener  
D844571 Wireless control module  
D844569 Electrical switch  
D844554 Photovoltaic panel support  
D844551 Photovoltaic tile  
D844574 Remote control  
D844568 Electrical connector  
D844564 Extendable outlet  
D844562 Fuel cell