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D808776 Cable conduit  
D808775 Cable conduit  
D808905 Battery removal strap  
D808907 Electrical fitting for non-metallic electrical cables and cords  
D808899 Charger  
D808898 Battery  
D808906 Housing for an auxiliary power outlet  
D808777 Cable conduit  
D808902 Charging pad  
D808897 Mount body for a solar panel  
D808909 Remote control  
D808335 Battery charger housing  
D808337 Power adapter  
D808349 Elastic membrane for semiconductor wafer polishing apparatus  
D808348 LED module  
D808343 Remote controller  
D808347 Multi-pole breaker lockout  
D808346 Breaker lockout  
D808334 Game controller power pack  
D808342 Electrical connector  
D808344 Dimmer switch  
D808338 Connector  
D808350 Fixture for delivering interconnect members onto a substrate  
D808339 Desktop receptacle faceplate  
D808336 Uninterruptible power supply  
D808341 Electrical connector  
D808345 Breaker lockout  
D808340 Power distribution module  
D807826 Combination power adapter and detachable battery  
D807837 Light-emitting diode  
D807832 Ruggedized connector  
D807831 Power strip  
D807838 Light-emitting diode  
D807827 USB wall outlet with socket  
D807835 Button  
D807829 Electrical power unit for a work surface  
D807821 I/O module  
D807824 Heat spreader  
D807819 Electronic card battery charger  
D807815 Single flow ion exchange cartridge  
D807820 Charger  
D807828 Electrical outlet adapter  
D807825 Power adapter  
D807822 Power supply cartridge  
D807836 Button for a switch panel user interface  
D807816 Portable renewable energy generator  
D807833 Electrical circuit breaker  
D807830 Cable port chassis  
D807763 Control device  
D807818 Docking station for electronic cigarette