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D784265 Busbar  
D784271 Table top lighting control  
D784266 Lug block of a line stab unit  
D784275 Keypad  
D784260 Battery pack  
D784272 Keypad  
D784264 Busbar  
D784253 Solar cell  
D784270 Control panel  
D784269 Control panel  
D784273 Keypad  
D784268 Switch  
D784259 Multi-functional charger  
D784263 Plug  
D784168 Temperature control device  
D784254 Tiled solar cell  
D784261 Battery pack carriage assembly  
D784257 Fuel supply device for fuel cell based charger  
D784255 Mosaic solar cell  
D784258 Charger  
D783530 Case for electric power storage cell pack  
D783534 Housing for electric and electronic components  
D783525 Combination battery, charger and cables for electronic equipment  
D783536 Connector  
D783524 Ring charging base  
D783543 Actuator module for an electric strike assembly  
D783527 Mobile power supply  
D783528 Shrouded current transformer  
D783526 Charger  
D783548 Portions of light-emitting device  
D783523 Battery for vacuum cleaner  
D783521 Solar panel mount  
D783542 Electrical outlet cover  
D783547 LED package  
D783546 Slide dimmer switch with cord set  
D783537 Electrical control box  
D783541 Triple headed charging cable  
D783549 Semiconductor device  
D783529 Frequency converter  
D783540 Busbar  
D783618 Part of an optical fiber connector  
D783544 Online rotary dimmer switch  
D783531 Electrical brush  
D783550 Power semiconductor device  
D783551 Stencil for locating openings for electrical conduits and electrical conductors  
D783522 Solar panel arrangement  
D783533 Lighting strip connector  
D783538 Electrical plug  
D783535 Connector  
D783545 Control panel with keypad