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D790486 LED package with truncated encapsulant  
D790458 Charger  
D790471 Vertical electrical connector  
D790487 Light emitting diode package substrate  
D790455 Charging unit  
D790474 Board electrical connector  
D790476 Conduit seal  
D790467 Electric motor  
D790490 Reaction tube  
D790452 Foldable solar panel  
D789882 Photovoltaic module  
D789895 Circuit breaker  
D789892 Waterproof connector  
D789889 Adapter for optical connectors  
D789894 Electrical circuit breaker  
D789880 Solar charge controller with LED indicator  
D789887 Inverter and charger integrated power supply  
D789893 Housing for a waterproof connector  
D789883 Collection, charging and distribution device for portable electrical energy storage devices  
D789890 Intelligent lampholder  
D789897 Wall switch  
D789891 Power adapter  
D789881 Utility pole solar panel  
D789884 Hearing aid battery charging base  
D789898 Brake controller  
D789885 Charging stand  
D789888 Electrode plate for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D789886 Charging dock  
D789896 User-actuated lighting effect device  
D789899 Housing for electric and electronic components  
D789820 Doorbell  
D789301 Electrical dongle  
D789293 Charger  
D789302 Electrical connector  
D789306 Wall switch  
D789311 Pattern wafer  
D789298 Connector  
D789185 Fence post insulator for plastic coated electrical wire  
D789308 Light-emitting diode  
D789300 Electrical dongle  
D789310 Wafer boat  
D789307 Switch  
D789296 Electrical connector  
D789312 Single magnetic brick  
D789309 Light-emitting diode  
D789294 Charging stand  
D789297 Connector  
D789292 Li-Ion jump starter  
D789303 Front panel for an optical circuit card  
D789299 Electrical receptacle tester