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D846507 Control device  
D846502 Connector  
D846490 Solar cell  
D846491 Solar cell  
D846527 Control block  
D846505 Power wand  
D846494 Storage battery  
D846504 Control device  
D846623 Adapter for mounting assembly for electronic devices  
D846500 Extension socket  
D846512 Optical semiconductor element  
D846501 Charger device  
D845913 Part of lighting control console  
D845906 Electrical shunt  
D845899 Electrical or optical connector  
D846011 Electric rotary actuator  
D845919 Light emitting diode  
D845889 Flexible interconnecting member for solar cells  
D845914 Keypad  
D845904 Waterproof power coupler  
D845912 Lighting control console  
D845917 Light emitting diode  
D845896 Wireless charger  
D845892 Battery charger  
D845909 Air circuit breaker  
D845915 Electrical connector with coloured mating portion  
D845902 Socket  
D845900 Socket  
D845911 Lighting control console  
D845916 Fuse lock out device  
D845918 Light emitting diode  
D845921 Semiconductor device  
D845905 Electrical connector  
D845903 Power and data receptacle mount  
D845895 Portable wall charger  
D845908 Electric switch  
D845894 Portable charging station  
D845907 Electrical contact  
D845897 Wireless charger for mobile phone  
D845920 Portion of light-emitting diode unit  
D845910 Encapsulated circuit breaker  
D845891 Multi-port charger  
D845890 Rechargeable battery  
D845893 Charging case for aerial vehicle  
D845898 Power adapter  
D846012 Electric rotary actuator  
D845901 Power socket  
D845230 Battery jump starting device  
D845244 Track for a power supply system  
D845229 Battery pack