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D798247 Round light emitting display  
D798250 Heater  
D798241 Card connector  
D798233 Power adapter  
D798244 Electrical circuit breaker  
D798231 Photovoltaic connection box  
D797668 Wireless charger  
D797669 Charging dock for mobile computer  
D797670 Battery cover for mobile computer  
D797690 Heater for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D797673 Electrical connector  
D797691 Composite edge ring  
D797659 Power bank with data storage device  
D797658 Charging station  
D797661 Battery pack  
D797686 Remote control  
D797545 Wall mounted jack panel  
D797683 Wall mounted button panel  
D797684 Wall mounted button panel  
D797663 Portable power charger with AC and DC connection ports  
D797675 Power strip  
D797660 Battery charger module  
D797682 Removable face pack for an electronic irrigation controller  
D797679 Portable transmission cable  
D797685 Wall mounted button panel  
D797676 Power strip  
D797680 Cable connector  
D797681 Controller of a vacuum cleaner  
D797667 Wireless charger  
D797678 Card connector  
D797580 Thermostat housing  
D797672 Controller for servomotor  
D797687 Switch apparatus component  
D797657 Configurable solar-powered utility tower  
D797665 Charger  
D797666 Motion sensor charger  
D797677 Electrical connector  
D797689 Light-emitting diode array  
D797674 Electrical contact  
D797664 Mounted charging station  
D797662 Rechargeable battery  
D797688 Light emitting diode  
D797671 Electrical connection box for electric motors  
D797056 High density frame  
D797066 Integrated light emitting diode (LED) light engine  
D797049 Housing with a heat sink for an electrical connector  
D797044 Portable power charger with AC and DC charging capability  
D797052 Connecting plug  
D797040 Battery pack  
D797042 Portable battery