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D786193 Charger  
D786460 LED package  
D786188 Solid fuel sphere  
D786198 Wire harness protector  
D785570 Connector of a vehicle on-board diagnostics (OBD) extension cable  
D785578 Substrate supporting arm for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D785565 Inverter  
D785569 Low profile wiring extension  
D785561 Battery  
D785573 Controller  
D785575 Flexible printed wiring board  
D785559 Solar cell  
D785566 Electric motor  
D785567 Battery case with hinged cover and external jacks  
D785571 Right-angle electrical connector  
D785568 Generator enclosure  
D785560 Mosaic solar cell  
D785574 Electric controller  
D785577 Semiconductor device  
D785562 Battery pack  
D785576 Dummy wafer  
D785572 Combined junction box load controller and network bridge  
D785564 Wireless charger for electronic device  
D785563 Emergency power supply (PQ-500)  
D784922 Fuel cell based charger  
D784919 Mosaic solar cell  
D784928 Electrical connector with distributed wire harness  
D784931 Sensor connector cable  
D784937 Dummy wafer  
D784932 Busbar  
D784927 Electrical brush  
D784934 Winch remote control  
D784936 Flexible printed wiring board with device  
D784929 Electrical connector  
D784935 Light emitting diode  
D784920 Battery  
D784930 Stacked electrical connector  
D784938 Magnetic brick  
D784925 Tower  
D784924 Generator enclosure  
D784923 Automotive wireless charging cradle  
D784921 Charger  
D784933 Switching device  
D784926 Battery pack carriage assembly  
D784267 Cable braiding and strain relief  
D784276 Susceptor assembly  
D784256 Mosaic solar cell  
D784262 Electrical plug  
D784274 Keypad  
D784574 LED lighting module