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D791085 Switch-disconnector  
D791073 Electric vehicle charging station  
D791070 Battery  
D791082 Connector housing  
D791083 Connector housing  
D791069 Solar power charging  
D791080 Connector housing  
D791072 Charging stand  
D791091 Pattern wafer  
D791084 Connector cover for electronic device  
D791075 Charging connector  
D791089 Light-emitting diode  
D791078 Electric motor  
D791087 Vehicle remote controller  
D791079 Connector assembly  
D791077 Charging case  
D791090 Reaction tube  
D791088 Switch handle for circuit breakers  
D791076 Charger for mobile phone  
D790460 Wi-Fi device  
D790462 Power converter  
D790492 Electronic device  
D790479 Body of a wire harness protector  
D790464 Wall charger  
D790491 Power semiconductor device  
D790480 Signal relay device  
D790457 Combination charging and display station  
D790483 Remote controller for industrial robot  
D790465 Power adapter  
D790453 Battery pack  
D790468 Coil bobbin for transformer  
D790488 Light-emitting diode array  
D790461 Wi-Fi device  
D790463 Power adapter  
D790477 Cable conduit  
D790469 Electrical brush  
D790473 Cable connector  
D790475 Charging cable  
D790466 Generator for oxyhydrogen gas  
D790472 Receptor connector  
D790456 Combination accessory hook and charging station  
D790470 Adapter for optical connectors  
D790489 Vacuum contact pad  
D790482 Foot actuated controller  
D790484 Remote control unit  
D790454 Battery  
D790459 Power adapter  
D790478 Outdoor electrical device cover  
D790485 Timer blade  
D790481 Control panel for road paving machines