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D816621 Adjustable bed remote control  
D816613 Contactor  
D816618 Tray for card connector  
D816615 Power adapter  
D816602 Metal interconnecting member for solar cells  
D816614 Smart plug socket  
D816616 90 degree female electrical connector with locking arm  
D816888 Lighting fixture  
D816022 Battery box  
D816032 Rotational drive to linear drive component  
D816031 Motor  
D816035 Surface mount box  
D816038 Power strip with 4 USB charging ports  
D816023 Battery charger  
D816039 Power strip with 6 USB charging ports  
D816040 Male electrical connector with locking tab  
D816025 Charger for an electric cigarette  
D816029 Portable power bank  
D816047 Tool controller unit  
D816024 Charger  
D816028 Battery charging base shell  
D816037 Electrical power unit for a work surface  
D816076 Magnetic mount for electronic device  
D816043 Electrical connector  
D816042 Electrical connector part  
D816049 Sensor housing  
D816033 Common-mode filter  
D816045 Tray for card connector  
D816026 Portable battery charger  
D816034 Spark plug insert  
D816046 Control module  
D816048 Tool controller unit  
D816030 Charger for smartphone or smartwatch  
D816041 Automotive switch electrical connector with latching feature  
D816044 Electrical cable connector  
D816036 Electrical connector  
D816027 Wireless charger  
D815595 Current transducer  
D815604 Cable armor stop  
D815608 Panel  
D815599 Electrical connector  
D815602 Electronic cable  
D815605 Solid state relay  
D815600 Power and data connector  
D815596 Power supply  
D815593 Battery pack with magnetic attachment  
D815592 Battery charger  
D815598 Electronic cable  
D815594 Wireless charger  
D815603 Electronic cable