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D827590 Power semiconductor device  
D827569 Portable power bank  
D827565 Battery adapter  
D827564 Portable solar charger  
D827570 Sidewall for an I/O module  
D827584 Lighting control device  
D827589 Heat sink  
D827586 Vehicle lift platform hand switch  
D827574 Electrical connector  
D827592 Electrode cover for a plasma processing apparatus  
D827577 Conductor  
D827571 Electric power storage module  
D826874 Tampering detection clamping box for ingress and egress lines  
D826860 Wall-mounted multifunctional electrical receptacle  
D826845 Battery  
D826857 Soft magnetic core piece for soft magnetic core assembly  
D826846 Battery  
D826848 Power source module  
D826856 Electric drive unit  
D826862 Electrical connector  
D826871 Light emitting diode device  
D826851 Charging station  
D826859 Plug adapter  
D826865 Terminal  
D826869 Electromagnetic contactor  
D826847 Battery pack  
D826850 Charging station for electronic device  
D826853 Wall charger  
D826852 Charge box for a headset  
D826849 Portable power supply  
D826872 Conductive sheet  
D826868 Cable holder  
D826870 Control module  
D826866 Combined flexible docking cable and support for mobile device  
D826873 Cap for a smart motor sensor  
D826858 Plug adapter  
D826854 Portable power bank  
D826863 Electrical connector  
D826861 Ground fault circuit interrupter receptacle with dual indicator lights  
D826864 Connection plug  
D826875 Tampering detection clamping box for ingress and egress lines  
D826867 Fiber optic cable  
D826855 Power source storage and protection box  
D826162 Electrical receptacle  
D826148 Battery pack  
D826180 Tool controller unit  
D826174 Access panel  
D826161 Receptacle  
D826152 Charger  
D826185 Ceiling heater for substrate processing apparatus