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D847767 Operating button  
D847982 Heat exchanger base plate  
D847744 Battery handle assembly tab  
D847743 Voltage transducer  
D847750 Electrical or optical connector  
D847739 Charging stand for electronic devices  
D847741 Wireless charger  
D847760 Connector terminal  
D847759 Connector terminal  
D847758 Illuminated fiber and housing assembly  
D847761 Connector terminal  
D847740 Charging stand for a vacuum cleaner  
D847751 Electrical or optical connector  
D847749 Electrical or optical connector  
D847755 Electrical connector  
D847092 Reverse bent coupling  
D847102 Light emitting diode  
D847100 Control device  
D847096 Terminal block  
D847098 Electrical cord connection cover  
D847094 Connector  
D847091 Housing for cable transition assembly  
D847097 Wire spring terminal  
D847101 Control device  
D847103 Power semiconductor module  
D847095 Terminal block  
D847099 Measuring device for monitoring the state of industrial machine  
D847090 Charger  
D847104 Power semiconductor module  
D847093 Electrical or optical connector  
D847089 Base station for charging wristband devices  
D847105 Boat of substrate processing apparatus  
D846495 Charger  
D846612 Movable barrier operator device  
D846513 Sheet heater for electrostatic chuck  
D846497 Portable charging device  
D846492 Battery for a vaporizer  
D846499 Battery charger  
D846493 Rechargeable battery  
D846489 Solar cell  
D846508 Control device  
D846498 Portable electrical power unit  
D846547 Cage for shielding interference  
D846496 Charging plate for electronic device  
D846503 Control device  
D846510 Lens for LED package  
D846509 Electrical connector with coloured mating portion  
D846514 Boat of substrate processing apparatus  
D846511 Optical semiconductor element  
D846506 Remote control