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D800667 Modular switchgear insulation device  
D800664 Safety car charger  
D800076 Control box  
D800057 Solar panel mounting  
D800058 Battery  
D800066 Electrical connector  
D800059 Charger  
D799997 Control device  
D800073 Skull-shaped switch  
D800061 Transformer  
D800069 Connector plug  
D800067 Electrical connector  
D800077 Light dimmer module  
D800074 Relay socket  
D800065 Electrical connector  
D800054 Solar energy collector  
D800055 Solar panel attachment base  
D800070 Electric connector  
D800060 Charging case  
D800072 Electrical connector cover  
D800068 Car charger  
D800078 Switch apparatus  
D800071 Equipment for distribution of electric power  
D800134 Charging stand  
D800063 Lamination for stator of single phase electric motor  
D800079 Switch apparatus component  
D799934 Wall mounted receptacle  
D800080 Reactor tube for semiconductor production devices  
D800064 Lamination for stator of single phase electric motor  
D799821 Bi-fold wallet with built-in battery  
D800075 Control box for a generator  
D800056 Configurable solar-powered utility tower  
D800062 Battery pack carriage assembly  
D799439 Power converting semiconductor module  
D799433 Data entry device for numerical controller  
D799431 Terminal box  
D799417 Single flow ion exchange cartridge  
D799432 Wall controller  
D799434 Order and signaling devices for low-voltage switchgears  
D799418 Single flow ion exchange device  
D799427 Desktop receptacle cover  
D799436 Remote controller  
D799428 Desktop receptacle  
D799422 Wall charger  
D799426 Desktop receptacle cover  
D799423 Desktop USB charger  
D799430 Optical fiber array  
D799419 Solar energy collector  
D799421 Electric vehicle charging stand  
D799425 Battery