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D811340 Conductive plate  
D811392 Smart home control device  
D810700 Irrigation controller  
D810706 Semiconductor module  
D810681 Smart socket set  
D810677 Battery  
D810679 Electric lighting device charging station  
D810683 Bus bar carrier for lithium ion battery module  
D810703 Switch cover  
D810685 Coaxial cable connector  
D810676 Solar cell article  
D810704 Light-emitting diode array  
D810697 USB cover plate  
D810689 Electric connector  
D810675 Solar cell article  
D810702 Control device  
D810678 Charger  
D810589 Airbed pump control panel  
D810687 Socket plate for cable drum  
D810688 Conductive plate  
D810698 Charging cable apparatus  
D810708 Magnetic gripping device  
D810691 Cable connector  
D810694 Electric connector  
D810680 Charging device  
D810707 Flexible printed wiring board with device  
D810701 Wall-mounted touch pad control for lighting and home automation  
D810684 Coaxial cable connector  
D810695 Single gang extension ring  
D810590 Temperature control device  
D810686 Electrical connector  
D810699 Cover for electric power outlet receptacle  
D810693 Connector terminals (P04-2P-3P-5P)  
D810696 Double gang extension ring  
D810690 Cable connector  
D810682 Cover lid of battery  
D810705 Self-centering wafer carrier for chemical vapor deposition  
D810692 Connector interface for a cable  
D810031 Protective cover for an electronic connector  
D810021 Battery  
D810030 Electric power outlet receptacle  
D809943 Control device  
D810035 LED component  
D810023 Electric connector  
D810015 Charging station  
D810011 Battery  
D810028 Connector interface for a cable  
D810022 Housing with a heat sink for an electrical connector  
D810016 USB charger  
D810026 Socket plate for cable drum