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D787457 Substrate for an electronic circuit  
D787441 Wireless charger for mobile phone  
D787440 Combination USB charger  
D787443 Apparatus for mobile power supply  
D787461 Housing for the installation of electrical and electronic components  
D787458 Gas supply plate for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D787348 Signaling and measuring instrument  
D787450 Electric relay  
D787456 Substrate for an electronic circuit  
D787459 Triangular enclosure  
D787460 Terminal position assurance cover  
D786803 Remote control for air conditioner  
D786793 Redundant power supply  
D786794 Air motor  
D786790 Portable power charger  
D786801 Sheathed spring for strain relief of consumer electronics cords  
D786806 Heat sink module  
D786792 Combination power adapter and detachable battery  
D786802 Circuit breaker  
D786798 Electrical connector  
D786788 Wall charger  
D786799 Electrical connector device  
D786810 Dummy wafer  
D786789 Charger for an electronic vaping device  
D786807 Heat sink  
D786805 Switch  
D786787 Emergency power supply (PZ-700)  
D786800 Electrical connector  
D786811 LED electronic display  
D786796 Electrical connector housing  
D786791 Wireless charger for cellular phone  
D786808 Light-emitting diode  
D786797 Power strip  
D786809 Light emitting diode  
D786795 Ignition coil  
D786804 Wireless remote control  
D786195 Electric motor  
D786202 Heat sink for a light-emitting diode  
D786203 Light emitting diode  
D786190 Photovoltaic module  
D786201 Heat sink for woofer  
D786191 Portable battery pack  
D786197 Terminal block  
D786194 Electric motor  
D786200 Infrared blaster  
D786192 Jump starter  
D786204 Electronics enclosure  
D786199 Compressor control  
D786189 Solar cell  
D786196 Charging connector