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D826166 Electrical connector  
D826164 Electrical connector  
D826154 Power inverter  
D826186 Modular circuit board  
D826193 Modular circuit board  
D826167 Terminal  
D826192 Modular circuit board  
D826147 Battery pack  
D826171 Connector  
D826184 Optical semiconductor element  
D826163 Socket  
D826153 Mobile power bank  
D826191 Modular circuit board  
D826158 Snap-in electrical receptacle  
D826175 Bail for optical transceiver  
D826169 Terminal  
D826159 Socket  
D826183 Heat sink for a head mounted device  
D826151 Charging surface  
D826195 Modular circuit board  
D825461 Energy generating apparatus  
D825480 Terminal  
D825460 Power supply unit  
D825473 Electrical connector  
D825498 Heat sink assembly  
D825505 Target profile for a physical vapor deposition chamber target  
D825496 Remote controller for household appliance  
D825459 Inverter  
D825474 Electrical connector  
D825469 Ground fault circuit interrupter  
D825484 Indoor cabinet with surface ornamentation  
D825504 Target profile for a physical vapor deposition chamber target  
D825455 Battery  
D825483 Terminal  
D825502 Heater for substrate processing apparatus  
D825454 Solar stand  
D825472 Input/output device  
D825490 Switch  
D825479 Terminal  
D825458 Smart hub wall charger  
D825501 Air flow controller for heater of substrate processing apparatus  
D825462 Protective frame for an electronic component  
D825487 Cable wrap  
D825481 Terminal  
D825482 Terminal  
D825452 Palm tree shaped USB solar charger  
D825500 Optical semiconductor element  
D825784 Crossarm  
D825475 Fiber optic splitter module with surface ornamentation  
D825468 Cable connector