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D788708 Connection device  
D788603 Smart door sensor  
D788722 Socket for an electronic device testing apparatus  
D788717 Remote control  
D788713 Front panel for a circuit card  
D788037 Adapter  
D788043 Adjustable electrical connector  
D788063 Combined modular radio and power pole  
D788041 Connector  
D788039 Desktop receptacle faceplate  
D788034 Charger  
D788035 Charger for electronic device  
D788038 Heat insulating unit for substrate processing apparatus  
D788065 Combined radio and power pole with pier  
D788042 Optical fiber array  
D788029 Solar cell  
D788051 Enclosure design panel  
D788033 Charger  
D788049 Remote control for air purifiers  
D788040 Electrical receptacle tester  
D788062 Combined modular radio and power pole  
D788036 Charging station  
D788032 Charger  
D788044 Splice box  
D787961 Measurement data collector  
D788045 Fingerprint switch box  
D788046 Wireless control module  
D788064 Combined radio and power pole with bench seating  
D788047 Touch screen for medical apparatus  
D788048 Touch-less swipe controller  
D788097 Magnetic disc storage  
D788027 Patterned solar module article  
D788031 Multi-device charging station with wireless charging pad  
D788028 Solar panel  
D788030 Battery for portable terminal  
D788050 Dimmer switch  
D787455 Loudspeaker heat sink  
D787451 Wall dimmer switch  
D787448 Electrical connector  
D787454 Dimmer switch  
D787447 Electrical connector  
D787449 Electromagnetic contactor  
D787442 Industrial control component interface  
D787444 Connector  
D787453 Dimmer switch  
D787439 Automotive battery charging device  
D787445 In-wall power relocation interconnect cable connector with retention detent  
D787438 Set of mobile phone charging stations in a cooler  
D787452 Switch  
D787446 Electrical connector