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D850376 Fluid turbine rotor blade  
D850363 Solar panel support  
D850391 Magnetic electrical circuit breaker panel overlay  
D850374 Thermodynamic converter  
D850387 Housing  
D850384 Electrical connector  
D849679 Battery  
D849678 Portable battery charger with solar cells  
D849689 Connector housing  
D849684 Battery pocket  
D849568 Bioreactor controller  
D849810 Ceramic heater  
D849687 Smart plug  
D849688 Connector housing  
D849692 Outlet cover  
D849698 Handheld controller  
D849695 Part of lighting control console  
D849577 Ground fault circuit interrupter  
D849690 Electrical connector housing  
D849697 Handheld controller  
D849685 Rotor for electric motor  
D849680 Rechargeable battery  
D849686 Electrical power unit  
D849693 Hermetic terminal  
D849683 Charger for electronic devices  
D849699 Controller  
D849691 Frame for high density large cables  
D849696 Part of lighting control console  
D849681 Battery  
D849694 Part of lighting control console  
D849682 Base station for robot  
D848956 Part of lighting control console  
D848954 Fiber and housing assembly  
D848962 Water cooling device  
D848952 Connector assembly  
D848867 Display device for hardness tester  
D848945 Protecting housing for power supply output  
D848949 Socket receptacle assembly  
D848957 Controller  
D848951 Electrical connector  
D848946 Battery box  
D848943 Battery mounting case  
D848948 Socket  
D848958 Toggle for a self-powered wireless switch  
D848953 Connector assembly  
D848961 Water cooling device  
D848960 Water cooling radiator  
D848950 Electrical connector  
D848947 Travel adapter  
D848959 Vibration element for a haptic actuator