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D798820 Card connector  
D798806 Plug charger  
D798814 Coil component  
D798594 Storage dock for kegel exercise monitoring device  
D798817 Female connector housing  
D798831 Cooling device for an electronic component heat sink  
D798829 Cooling device for an electronic component heat sink  
D798825 Cable with integrated in-line battery  
D798811 Multi-function converter  
D798830 Cooling device for an electronic component heat sink  
D798823 Diagnostic connector adapter  
D798251 Printed circuit board of solid-state memory  
D798236 Controller for servomotor  
D798239 Rings for holding the connections of the connectors  
D798237 Wire connector  
D798243 Din rail for carrying wiring and control products  
D798245 Electrical circuit breaker  
D798249 Electric terminal  
D798238 Outlet  
D798235 Universal circuit breaker interlock  
D798240 Card connector  
D798248 Target profile for a physical vapor deposition chamber target  
D798232 Combination mounting and fastening bracket for solar structures  
D798242 Smartphone cable with decorative chain  
D798234 AC-DC power-over-ethernet power supply  
D798252 Pole mounted surveillance enclosure  
D798246 Single-pole breaker lockout  
D798247 Round light emitting display  
D798250 Heater  
D798241 Card connector  
D798233 Power adapter  
D798244 Electrical circuit breaker  
D798231 Photovoltaic connection box  
D797668 Wireless charger  
D797669 Charging dock for mobile computer  
D797670 Battery cover for mobile computer  
D797690 Heater for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D797673 Electrical connector  
D797691 Composite edge ring  
D797659 Power bank with data storage device  
D797658 Charging station  
D797661 Battery pack  
D797686 Remote control  
D797545 Wall mounted jack panel  
D797683 Wall mounted button panel  
D797684 Wall mounted button panel  
D797663 Portable power charger with AC and DC connection ports  
D797675 Power strip  
D797660 Battery charger module  
D797682 Removable face pack for an electronic irrigation controller