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D830979 Line switch  
D830964 Battery for an electronic device  
D830312 Connector assembly  
D830300 Current transducer  
D830313 Connector  
D830309 Attachment for an electrical cable  
D830295 Solar path light  
D830293 Solar panel supporting system  
D830317 Switch  
D830316 Socket module for an electronic relay  
D830315 Push switch  
D830308 Connector  
D830307 Power plug adapter  
D830294 Solar battery  
D830301 Jumper clamp  
D830311 Overbraided electrical cord with X pattern  
D830322 Housing  
D830305 Connection terminal  
D830318 Moduler circuit board  
D830310 Line replaceable unit active cable  
D830306 Electrical connector  
D830321 Modular circuit board  
D830302 Jumper clamp  
D830299 Power adaptor  
D830304 Optical connector for optical fiber  
D830297 Charger  
D830296 Foldable solar panel  
D830125 Bottle with solar power  
D830298 USB charging connector for electronic vaporizer  
D830320 Modular circuit board  
D830319 Modular circuit board  
D830314 Switch  
D830303 Stator laminate  
D829646 Battery pack  
D829673 Combined liquid cooling cold plate and vapor chamber  
D829654 Current transducer  
D829671 Digital safety relay  
D829665 RV Power inlet with illumination  
D829666 Modular electrical connector  
D829650 Charging stand  
D829658 Connector assembly  
D829667 Modular electrical connector  
D829675 Modular circuit board  
D829651 Mechanical charging device  
D829674 Modular circuit board  
D829664 Faceplate with a plug for charging a portable communications device  
D829647 Charger  
D829653 Inverter  
D829662 Power plug  
D829659 Conductor