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D851039 Accumulator  
D851033 Mobile power bank  
D851046 Electrical Junction Box  
D851037 Charging station  
D851050 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D851032 Battery pack  
D851052 Fiber optic closure with surface ornamentation  
D851041 Electrical connector  
D851044 Vertical electrical connector system  
D851040 Air turbine starter housing  
D851177 Fidget spinner with charging cable  
D851047 Data cable  
D851043 Electrical connector  
D851031 Photovoltaic panel support  
D851034 Portable power charger with audio device  
D851042 Power supply socket  
D851051 Heat sink  
D851045 Electrical connector  
D851038 Power adapter  
D851036 Charging dock  
D851035 Bluetooth headset charging box  
D851049 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D851048 Housing for electrical or cabling wires  
D850309 Layout of contacts  
D850385 Connector housing  
D850375 Current transducer  
D850382 Electric connector  
D850297 Sprinkler controller  
D850371 Charger for electronic devices  
D850381 Electrical connector  
D850386 Cable box  
D850372 Wireless charger  
D850367 Charging dock  
D850389 Control device  
D850366 USB charger  
D850388 Push switch  
D850380 Electrical connector  
D850383 Electric connector  
D850377 Fluid turbine mixing rotor blade  
D850373 Battery case  
D850379 Common-mode filter  
D850362 Solar canopy  
D850370 Charger for electronic devices  
D850369 Charging station for electronic devices  
D850378 Wind collector  
D850368 Portable charger device  
D850390 Controller  
D850365 Wearable device charger  
D850298 Sprinkler controller  
D850364 Power strip