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D819579 Heat sink  
D819563 Charging stand dock for smart watch  
D819562 Battery pack  
D819566 Power adapter  
D819573 Receptacle connector  
D819576 Charging cable  
D819561 Battery  
D819574 Set of phone chargers  
D818974 Portions of light-emitting diode unit  
D818971 Line switch provided with wireless remote control  
D818965 Plug  
D818947 Detachable power supply for data logger  
D818953 Sine wave inverter  
D818962 Connector shell  
D818960 Insulation unit of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D818945 Solar cell  
D818967 Electric wire boot  
D818950 Charging station for a robotic vacuum  
D818957 Bobbin  
D818959 Capacitor  
D818949 Battery  
D818961 Insulation unit cover of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D818994 Stand for electronic devices  
D818951 Robot vacuum charging unit  
D818952 Power injector  
D818800 Wall mounted receptacle  
D818799 Wall mounted jack panel  
D818975 Utility pole service cabinet  
D818972 Double push reset controller  
D818968 Sensor  
D818966 Controller cable  
D818969 Fuse holder  
D819036 Diagnostic test base station  
D818958 Valve drive  
D818954 Power inverter  
D818970 Touchscreen remote control  
D818973 Switch controller  
D818964 Female electrical connector with locking arms  
D818946 Battery  
D818948 Battery pack  
D818963 Plug adapter  
D818956 Wind turbine with stabilizer strut features  
D818955 Engine operated generator  
D818441 Float switch housing  
D818434 Wireless charger  
D818440 Flange with kidney aperture  
D818432 Charging station  
D818430 Portable solar charger tilt mount  
D818437 Capacitor  
D818444 Load control device