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D797687 Switch apparatus component  
D797657 Configurable solar-powered utility tower  
D797665 Charger  
D797666 Motion sensor charger  
D797677 Electrical connector  
D797689 Light-emitting diode array  
D797674 Electrical contact  
D797664 Mounted charging station  
D797662 Rechargeable battery  
D797688 Light emitting diode  
D797671 Electrical connection box for electric motors  
D797056 High density frame  
D797066 Integrated light emitting diode (LED) light engine  
D797049 Housing with a heat sink for an electrical connector  
D797044 Portable power charger with AC and DC charging capability  
D797052 Connecting plug  
D797040 Battery pack  
D797042 Portable battery  
D797048 Generator adaptor  
D797060 Lift-control device for window coverings  
D797046 Portable generator  
D797058 Hand control  
D797039 Utility pole solar panel  
D797059 Hand control  
D797065 Light-emitting diode array  
D797067 Target profile for a physical vapor deposition chamber target  
D797045 Reconfigurable energy storage and power supply device  
D796978 Socket for electronic device testing apparatus  
D797062 Dimmer switch  
D797063 Electrical receptacle connector  
D797047 Power source generator for medical equipment  
D797055 Connector  
D797043 Charger  
D797041 Charging device  
D797053 Electrical connector  
D797064 Light-emitting diode array  
D797054 Cable electrical connector  
D797051 Electrical plug  
D797061 Paddle switch with externally facing electrical connector port or ports  
D797050 Socket  
D797057 Data entry device for numerical controller  
D796436 Lighted phone charger with cup holder device  
D796458 Gas flow control plate for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus  
D796447 Power plug  
D796439 Controller for servomotor  
D796441 Electrical plug  
D796433 Charging station  
D796455 Electrical terminal  
D796443 Power strip  
D796450 Card connector