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D852143 Cable outlet tube  
D852152 Protective casing for cables, wires, and the like  
D852140 Smart plug  
D852144 Hermetic terminal  
D852067 Thermostat  
D852150 Magnet mount  
D852148 Handheld controller  
D852147 Controller  
D852136 Rotor for rotary electrical machine  
D852145 Switch  
D852141 Contact configuration  
D852135 Wireless charging stand  
D852354 Fastener for medical tubes lines and cables  
D852151 Power supply  
D852149 Key button  
D852137 Electrical connector  
D852146 Electrical display and control panel  
D852131 Solar laser LED spot light  
D851594 Power socket  
D851611 Semiconductor module  
D851599 Socket  
D851583 Casing for concentrator photovoltaic module  
D851595 Power connector  
D851593 Control signal transmission device for motion controller  
D851586 Power bank  
D851601 Busbar  
D851596 Electrical plug adapter  
D851592 Power distribution device  
D851589 Air turbine starter housing  
D851608 Dimmer switch  
D851610 Key button  
D851605 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D851590 Air turbine starter housing  
D851603 Controller  
D851606 Remote controller for air conditioner  
D851584 Portable electrical energy storage device with components  
D851602 Duplex receptacle with nightlight  
D851607 Handheld controller  
D851604 Controller  
D851585 Battery charger  
D851588 Wireless car charger  
D851613 Target profile for a physical vapor deposition chamber target  
D851598 Multi-socket power strip  
D851614 Generator running cover  
D851587 Charging dock  
D851609 Switch plate  
D851612 Electrical module  
D851600 Electric connector  
D851597 Socket  
D851591 Battery belt