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D855569 Edge-wound resistor  
D840340 Ultracapacitor module  
D823253 Condenser  
D811333 Varistor unit  
D792847 Ultracapacitor module  
D774456 Ultracapacitor module  
D759593 Ultracapacitor module  
D758970 Edge-wound resistor  
D742828 Ceramic capacitor  
D742317 Recloser for capacitor switching  
D729737 Passive component  
D712835 Capacitor cell  
D694710 High voltage variable capacitor  
D671890 Solid electrolytic capacitor  
D666970 Concentrator  
D633044 Vacuum capacitor  
D598848 Electrical double layer capacitor  
D587199 Surface-mount low-profile capacitor  
D586749 Electrical double layer capacitor  
D576943 Chip-type solid state electrolytic capacitor  
D571293 Power protection module  
D571295 Ultracapacitor module assembly design  
D569799 Solid electrolytic capacitor  
D567179 Multi-capacitor assembly  
D566043 Metal plate resistor  
D553566 Capacitor module  
D547720 Capacitor cell  
D522456 Capacitor cell  
D512375 Capacitor module  
D439220 Lamp dimmer  
D423453 Light bulb life extender  
D417652 Electronic variable resistor  
D405414 Roll capacitor  
D404007 Electronic device  
D392253 Electrolytic capacitor  
D381313 Faceplate for a quiet fan controller  
D380445 Resistor arrangement for a fan for motor vehicles  
D364141 Combined bezel and actuator for dimmer switch  
D355638 Portable capacitive discharge blasting unit  
D354730 Remotely operated light bulb output controller  
D353575 Flatpack capacitor  
5287083 Bulk metal chip resistor  
A bulk metal chip resistor includes an elongated resistor element having terminals at its opposite ends. The terminals are formed by coating the opposite ends of the resistor element with a...
D340692 Electrolytic capacitor  
D340223 Control resistor for an automobile blower motor  
D331038 Vehicle flasher control  
D320786 Dimming switch  
D317898 Replaceable resistor for a soldering iron  
4999544 Tree hung ornamental dimmer  
A dimmer device adapted to enable conveniently accessed control over the intensity of illumination of Christmas tree lights, in which a housing for the dimmeter device is enclosed in a housing on...
D311170 Wall mounted power control panel  
D310820 Combined dimmer, fan speed control switches and cover plate  
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