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D833911 Car, toy car replica and/or other replica  
D833915 Expedition vehicle body  
D833940 Rock sliders  
D833939 Tail gate panel for vehicles  
D833920 Electric wheelchair  
D833955 Catamaran boat  
D833922 Automobile bumper  
D833962 Tire tread  
D833938 Door for vehicles  
D833921 Tractor trailer landing gear assembly with galvanized surface treatment  
D833929 Bumper for vehicles  
D833928 Bumper component  
D833947 Vehicle wheel, toy vehicle wheel, and/or replicas thereof  
D833937 Seat back  
D833917 Motorcycle  
D833954 Windscreen wiper blade  
D833924 Exhaust for a vehicular hood  
D833949 Wheel rim  
D833931 Rear spoiler  
D833930 Brake insert  
D833953 Wheel rim extension mounting  
D833950 Wheel rim  
D833918 Baby stroller  
D833952 Vehicle wheel rim  
D833932 Rearview mirror  
D833963 Car tyre  
D833960 Tire  
D833958 Truck bed cap  
D833959 Non-pneumatic tire  
D833913 Vehicle  
D833961 Tire  
D833943 Automotive wheel  
D833967 Tire  
D833944 Wheel for motor vehicle  
D833933 Dashboard device  
D833926 Bumper component  
D833951 Wheel  
D833919 Electric wheelchair  
D833957 Rock sliders with lights  
D833936 Exhaust pipe  
D833934 Console for a work vehicle  
D833927 Bumper component  
D833948 Wheel  
D833965 Tire  
D833966 Tire  
D833935 Console for a work vehicle  
D833941 Automotive wheel  
D833912 Car, toy car replica and/or other replica  
D833964 Tire tread  
D833916 Electric bicycle