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D803764 Tire  
D803749 Spokes  
D803755 Vehicle wheel rim  
D803761 Turkey shaped vehicle attachment  
D803721 Air-inflated vehicle  
D803757 Automotive mounting bracket  
D803736 Rear bumper for automobile  
D803768 Tire  
D803744 Exhaust pipe  
D803746 Tailgate panel of car  
D803740 Fender panel of car  
D803758 Adjustable aftermarket automotive mount  
D803765 Robot vehicle  
D803748 Four-lug wheel rim  
D803731 Vehicle grille  
D803730 Grille for a truck vehicle  
D803747 Hubcap for a wheel  
D803739 Front bumper side air dam for a vehicle  
D803727 Vehicle body exterior  
D803773 Tire sidewall  
D803771 Tire tread  
D803752 Wheel rim  
D803751 Automotive wheel  
D803119 Front fender for a vehicle  
D803100 Vehicle, toy, and/or replicas thereof  
D803101 Truck vehicle  
D803110 Front bumper for automobile  
D803131 Wheel for automobile  
D803104 Bicycle sprocket assembly  
D803098 Aerial vehicle  
D803105 Side cover for motorcycle  
D803141 Double roof for a vehicle  
D803126 Rectangular bar with two steps  
D803114 Hood for a truck vehicle  
D803103 Electric motorbike  
D803123 Body part for a vehicle  
D803111 Front bumper of car  
D803107 Front side cowl for motorcycle  
D803115 Gear shift knob  
D803136 Vehicle wheel  
D803106 Front cowl for motorcycle  
D803113 Energy absorption member  
D803117 Disc brake  
D803099 Car, toy car replica and/or other replicas  
D803147 Tire  
D803108 Bike trailer connector  
D803144 Portable tow apparatus  
D803102 Camping supply trailer  
D803143 Bicycle basket  
D803129 Wheel