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D795750 Middle cowl for a motorcycle  
D795741 Drone  
D795753 Rollator  
D795774 Vehicle wheel rim  
D795765 Automobile hood  
D795755 Cylinder assembly  
D795743 Drone  
D795763 Vehicle grille  
D795761 Truck vehicle grille  
D795793 Tire  
D795770 Clip for vehicle  
D796097 Pair of front lights for a three-wheeled vehicle  
D795788 Seatbelt holding clip  
D795768 Vehicle rear wheel lip molding  
D795780 Spoke of a wheel  
D795787 Turbine  
D795786 Aircraft passenger control console with USB port  
D795764 Rear portion for a motor vehicle  
D795754 Wheelchair brake attachment bracket  
D795797 Tire  
D795742 Drone  
D795790 Tire  
D795744 Automobile  
D795767 Vehicle front wheel lip molding  
D795792 Tire tread  
D795798 Tire sidewall  
D795776 Wheel  
D795157 Tarpaulin roller assembly for trucks  
D795160 Airplane  
D795159 Watercraft  
D795153 Wheel  
D795164 Tire  
D795146 Instrument panel  
D795148 Wheel for an automobile  
D795161 Aircraft passenger service unit  
D795170 Tire  
D795177 Tire  
D795156 Wiper blade ornament  
D795172 Tire  
D795171 Automobile tire  
D795136 Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof  
D795169 Tire  
D795150 Wheel  
D795173 Tire tread  
D795179 Sidewall portion of an automobile tire  
D795138 Vehicle body  
D795151 Vehicle wheel rim  
D795178 Tire sidewall  
D795162 Automotive driving recorder  
D795134 Balance scooter