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D813119 Bumper component  
D813145 Lift for utility vehicle  
D813133 Back door cladding for a vehicle  
D813097 Vehicle, toy, and/or replicas thereof  
D813151 Non-pneumatic tire  
D813143 Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) winged air vehicle with complementary angled rotors  
D813109 Vehicle front upper bumper  
D813095 Car, toy car replica and/or other replica  
D813108 Supporting cylinder for caravan  
D813129 License plate holder  
D813123 Steering wheel for car and/or toy  
D813130 License plate frame  
D813120 Hood panel of car  
D813113 Front bumper for a vehicle  
D813098 Vehicle body exterior  
D812528 Vehicle front lower bumper  
D812529 Vehicle rear lower bumper insert  
D812549 Tire  
D812546 Rack for transporting kayak on vehicle  
D812530 Vehicle rear upper bumper cover  
D812526 Vehicle front lower bumper  
D812551 Tire tread  
D812548 Tire tread  
D812524 Side bag for motorcycle  
D812550 Tire  
D812536 Instrument panel for an automobile  
D812521 Hoverboard  
D812523 Automobile and/or toy replica thereof  
D812532 Hood panel of car  
D812535 Front fender  
D812540 Wheel  
D812539 Wheel  
D812527 Vehicle front lower bumper  
D812533 Wheel controller for vehicles  
D812779 Vehicle parking-assist curb  
D812542 Auxiliary gas tank  
D812545 Vehicle top  
D812538 Vehicle interior  
D812525 Vehicle grille  
D812547 Tire tread  
D812543 Boat  
D812552 Non-pneumatic tire  
D812541 Wheel  
D812544 Combined door and associated railing for a boat  
D812531 Hood panel of car  
D812522 Drone  
D812537 Tow hook detachable license plate relocator  
D812534 Brake caliper housing  
D811976 Side rail protector bar  
D811984 Loading and unloading apparatus for truck beds