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D804358 Motor vehicle and/or other replicas thereof  
D804379 Vehicle side mirror  
D804400 Tire tread  
D804353 Automobile and/or replica thereof  
D804375 Disc brake caliper  
D804395 Car tire  
D804361 Automobile and/or toy replica thereof  
D804381 Exhaust pipe  
D804382 Exhaust pipe  
D804380 Instrument panel for automobile  
D804374 Airbag cover  
D804366 Balance bike  
D804401 Tire  
D804359 Automobile and/or replica thereof  
D804389 Spokes  
D804392 Paddle having an internal reservoir  
D804393 Console for automobile  
D804377 Rearview assembly  
D804360 Motor vehicle  
D803728 Balance bicycle frame  
D803723 Aerial vehicle  
D803745 Exhaust pipe  
D803760 Deer shaped vehicle attachment  
D803769 Tire tread  
D803754 Wheel  
D803741 Front fender for motor vehicle  
D803766 Tire tread  
D803896 Steering column  
D803770 Tire tread  
D803743 Instrument panel for an automobile  
D803732 Radiator grille of car  
D803725 Automobile  
D803734 Rear bumper for a vehicle  
D803722 Electric self-balancing scooter  
D803759 Underwater remotely operated vehicle  
D803737 Bumper for a vehicle  
D803756 Fuel tank for a work vehicle  
D803729 Medical knee walker frame  
D803750 Spokes  
D803733 Front end of a motor vehicle  
D803762 Bicycle storage unit  
D803738 Bumper for a vehicle  
D803763 Wheel rim  
D803753 Automobile wheel  
D803735 Rear bumper for an automobile  
D803726 Pneumatic tank  
D803724 Amphibious unmanned vertical takeoff and landing aircraft  
D803767 Tire tread  
D803742 Trim and connector track for a truck or trailer deck  
D803772 Tire