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D797036 Automobile tire  
D797019 Rear bumper for motor vehicle  
D797009 Hitch pin  
D796996 Vehicle walkway cover  
D797002 Motorcycle  
D797003 Electrically assisted bicycle  
D797029 Automotive wheel  
D797012 Hitch ball mount  
D797022 Information display for vehicle  
D797005 Storage compartment for a motorcycle  
D797021 Steering wheel for a motor vehicle  
D796390 Vehicle grille  
D796402 Instrument panel for an automobile  
D796384 Motorcycle  
D796425 Tire tread  
D796400 Van window arrangement  
D796399 Bumper component  
D796417 Grooved passenger assist strap with rail clamp  
D796385 Motorcycle  
D796394 Front portion for a motor vehicle  
D796387 Bicyclist support structure  
D796412 Wheel rim spray shield  
D796391 Automobile front grille  
D796228 Floor mat retaining cleat  
D796414 Sinusoidal circular wing and spokes for a closed wing aircraft  
D796401 Fairing nose for motorcycles  
D796424 Tire  
D796386 Decorations for a motorcycle  
D796411 Automotive wheel  
D796382 Solar energy trailer  
D796406 Wheel cover  
D796404 Side vent for automobile, toy replicas, or the like  
D796416 Vehicle umbrella receptacle  
D796428 Tyre  
D796381 Automobile and/or replica thereof  
D796405 Hitch step  
D796392 Front portion for a motor vehicle  
D796393 Rear portion for a motor vehicle  
D796418 Tarp with sleeve for drone navigation  
D796398 Rear bumper insert for a vehicle  
D796421 Car vent mount  
D796395 Rear bumper for a motor vehicle  
D796429 Tire tread  
D796427 Tire tread  
D796409 Automobile wheel  
D796415 Pickup truck  
D796383 Decorative hitch receiver prong  
D796397 Rear bumper insert for a vehicle  
D796586 Aerial vehicle  
D796420 Tail gate veil