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D798771 Anti-rotation surrogate bicycle top tube  
D798787 Vehicle wheel  
D798777 Wheeled walker  
D798964 Drone arm  
D798782 Truck side mirror  
D798779 Rear bumper for a motor vehicle  
D798796 Cargo liner  
D798793 Pontoon boat cover  
D798775 Motorcycle fairing  
D798794 Closed wing aircraft  
D798792 Integrated tailgate liner and game apparatus  
D798786 Wheel  
D798772 Side cover for a motorcycle  
D798805 Tire sidewall  
D798773 Oil cooler adapter  
D798803 Tire  
D798770 Vehicle, toy, and/or replicas thereof  
D798785 Motorcycle wheel rim  
D798799 Tire  
D798795 Ring wing and spokes for a closed wing aircraft  
D798961 Quadcopter model drone  
D798798 Cargo holder  
D798774 Side cover for a motorcycle  
D798204 Vehicle front bumper  
D798229 Tire tread  
D798214 Vehicle wheel  
D798192 Drone  
D798203 Vehicle upper rear bumper  
D798196 Rear cowl for a motorcycle  
D798211 Automotive wheel  
D798224 Tire  
D798222 Tire  
D798206 Steering wheel  
D798194 Motor vehicle, toy and/or replica  
D798216 Wheel  
D798197 Bicycle derailleur hanger extension  
D798220 Tarpaulin roller assembly for trucks  
D798213 Vehicle wheel rim  
D798201 Vehicle lower bumper  
D798219 Aircraft propeller having two blades  
D798212 Automotive wheel  
D798215 Automobile wheel  
D798228 Tire tread  
D798207 Rearview mirror assembly  
D798226 Tire tread  
D798202 Vehicle front bumper  
D798210 Car mat  
D798209 Vehicle mirror  
D798223 Tire tread  
D798198 Group of vehicle control arms