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D796395 Rear bumper for a motor vehicle  
D796429 Tire tread  
D796427 Tire tread  
D796409 Automobile wheel  
D796415 Pickup truck  
D796383 Decorative hitch receiver prong  
D796397 Rear bumper insert for a vehicle  
D796586 Aerial vehicle  
D796420 Tail gate veil  
D796388 Rear suspension for motorcycles  
D796410 Wheel  
D796422 Vehicle partition  
D796396 Front bumper for a vehicle  
D796389 Hitch  
D796426 Tire  
D796423 Tire tread  
D796408 Vehicle wheel rim  
D796403 Autonomous vehicle overall interior  
D796407 Vehicle wheel  
D796413 Wiper blade with tire tread cover  
D796419 Van roof  
D796645 Aircraft interior lavatory  
D795967 Quadcopter  
D795789 Child snack and play travel lap tray  
D795748 Decorations for a motorcycle  
D795784 Multi-rotor type aircraft  
D795785 Multi-terrain landing gear for unmanned aircraft  
D795796 Tire tread  
D795745 Vehicle, toy, and/or replicas thereof  
D795795 Tire tread  
D795781 Cable retaining device for vehicle antenna  
D795769 Clip for vehicle  
D795791 Tire  
D796096 Pair of front lights for a three-wheeled vehicle  
D795775 Wheel for motor vehicle  
D795766 Cover of airbag device for automobile  
D795747 Electric bicycle  
D795771 Automotive instrument panel  
D795772 Automotive instrument panel  
D795782 Middle rail for a watercraft  
D795773 Set of automobile foot pads  
D795973 Handle for exercise machine  
D795777 Vehicle wheel rim  
D795757 Vehicle grille  
D795762 Vehicle grille  
D795749 Decorations for a motorcycle  
D795758 Vehicle grille  
D795794 Tire  
D795751 Motorcycle presentation stand  
D795760 Vehicle grille