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D822566 Attachable external vehicle sign  
D821961 Tire for automobile  
D821938 Vehicle fender  
D821930 Gearbox assembly for an axle  
D821959 Car trunk organizer with straps  
D821947 Side wall of an aircraft cockpit  
D821941 Vehicle front fascia spoiler  
D821922 Vehicle exterior  
D821951 Wheel  
D821937 Vehicle front fascia splitter  
D821928 Wheelchair structure element  
D821916 Vehicle front bumper plate lower  
D821927 Shower chair  
D821964 Tire  
D821956 Rowing boat with removable hard cover  
D821935 Component for vehicle grille  
D821960 Tire  
D821942 Automobile front bumper  
D822120 Modular skelter racer  
D821920 Motor vehicle  
D821924 Automobile  
D821944 Vehicle hood  
D821955 Vehicle storage barrier  
D821962 Tire  
D821957 Electric foldable device of rearview mirror for automobiles  
D821921 Vehicle, toy, and/or replicas thereof  
D821917 Amphibious unmanned vertical takeoff and landing flying automobile  
D821945 Steering column locking hub  
D821953 Propeller  
D821939 Vehicle front lower valance  
D821926 Wheelchair caster  
D821950 Vehicle front fascia plate  
D821946 Center console  
D821954 Windscreen wiper  
D821925 Electric unicycle  
D821963 Tire for automobile  
D821855 Hose slide  
D821933 Grille for automobiles  
D821958 Cargo box  
D821966 Tire for automobile  
D821931 Outer tie rod end  
D821918 Motor vehicle, toy and/or replica  
D821919 Vehicle, toy, and/or replicas thereof  
D821932 Front grille for an automobile  
D821952 Vehicle wheel  
D821943 Vehicle hood  
D821934 Component for vehicle grille  
D821923 Vehicle body exterior  
D821965 Tire tread  
D821949 Vehicle liftgate