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D803099 Car, toy car replica and/or other replicas  
D803147 Tire  
D803108 Bike trailer connector  
D803144 Portable tow apparatus  
D803102 Camping supply trailer  
D803143 Bicycle basket  
D803129 Wheel  
D803121 Vehicle door  
D803122 Vehicle door  
D803137 Vehicle wheel cap  
D803142 Outer surface of bicycle container door  
D803127 Vehicle wheel  
D803134 Vehicle wheel  
D803138 Hublock  
D803130 Wheel  
D803097 Aerial vehicle  
D803146 Vehicle tyre  
D803118 Vehicle windshield  
D803125 Vehicle rear bumper step pad  
D803116 Friction disc with surface pattern  
D803109 Automobile grille  
D803149 Sidewall portion of an automobile tire  
D803124 Inflatable hood ornament  
D803145 Support ledge  
D803132 Wheel for automobile  
D803328 Aerial vehicle  
D803139 Recreational use paddle  
D803135 Vehicle wheel  
D803112 Front bumper for an automobile  
D803128 Vehicle wheel  
D803133 Vehicle wheel  
D803120 Automobile interior  
D803140 Vehicle equipment mounting arm  
D803148 Tire tread  
D802476 Snowmobile front fairing  
D802499 Front bumper for automobile  
D802504 Vehicle dashboard  
D802481 Automobile  
D802486 Motorcycle  
D802526 Tire sidewall  
D802507 Muffler  
D802510 Vehicle wheel  
D802479 Automobile  
D802525 Tray for mounting on a tire  
D802518 Autonoumously driven vehicle  
D802521 Tire tread  
D802493 Bolt-on radiator  
D802494 Bolt-on radiator  
D802489 Stroller system with an expandable base  
D802474 Snowmobile side fairing