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D793283 Vehicle exterior  
D793300 Vehicle rear lower bumper  
D793292 Vehicle front bumper  
D793332 Vehicle ID holder  
D793299 Vehicle rear lower bumper  
D793288 Front cowl of a three-wheeled vehicle  
D793296 Vehicle front bumper  
D793327 Watercraft vessel with forward bottom window for underwater viewing  
D793287 Angled tower bicycle parking stand  
D793324 Vehicle wheel rim  
D793289 Wheelchair frame  
D793307 Brake backing plate with heat sink  
D793318 Vehicle wheel rim  
D793325 Vehicle wheel cap  
D793315 Vehicle interior  
D793331 Cargo slide  
D793322 Wheel  
D793328 Air boat cover  
D793284 Cart  
D793303 Automobile front bumper  
D793329 Protective car guard  
D793295 Vehicle rear lower bumper fascia  
D793305 Vehicle bumper  
D793312 Tapered automobile paint protection device  
D793330 Fuzzy dice incorporating voice communication by bluetooth or similar technology  
D793321 Vehicle wheel rim  
D792927 Kart  
D792822 Vehicle front wheel lip molding  
D792840 Tire tread  
D792810 Automobile  
D792816 Vehicle front bumper  
D792843 Tire  
D792820 Compound curved trapazodial window  
D792819 Windshield guard  
D792838 Tire tread  
D792817 Vehicle bumper  
D792829 Vehicle wheel  
D792824 Vehicle mirror  
D792823 Vehicle mudflap  
D792836 Tire  
D792837 Tire tread  
D792835 Tire tread  
D792815 Vehicle front bumper  
D792813 Upper vehicle grille  
D792839 Tire  
D792841 Tire stud  
D792809 Motor vehicle  
D792842 Sidewall portion of a motorcycle tire  
D792811 Electric tricycle  
D792831 Spoke insert for wheel rim