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D820161 Automobile exterior  
D820172 Front bumper for a vehicle  
D820164 Automobile and/or replica thereof  
D820187 Double-ended sports paddle  
D820158 Combined body and landing gear for drone  
D820165 Car, toy replica and/or other replica  
D820167 Motorcycle or motorcycle replica  
D820191 Vehicle cab cover with logo  
D820173 Vehicle front side fascia  
D820168 Bicycle parking rack  
D820157 Self-balanced vehicle  
D820195 Tire  
D820163 Vehicle exterior  
D820169 Stroller  
D820162 Vehicle exterior  
D820171 Grill for an automobile  
D820193 Tire tread  
D820189 Boat hull  
D820180 Truck bed stiffener  
D820182 Vehicle liftgate  
D820188 Cargo carrier  
D820159 Special purpose vehicle  
D820166 Car, toy replica and/or other replica  
D820175 Rear bumper for automobile  
D820194 Tire  
D820179 Luggage bin wear strip  
D820190 Security bulwark  
D820184 Vehicle wheel  
D820192 Rooftop tent  
D819522 Vehicle front lower bumper cover  
D819500 Motor scooter  
D819493 Motor vehicle  
D819532 Automobile  
D819548 Tire for automobile  
D819503 Suspension wheelchair  
D819524 Vehicle rear lower bumper cover  
D819541 Aerial vehicle  
D819494 Vehicle  
Support member for bicycle carrier
D819518 Rear bumper for automobile  
D819523 Rear bumper for an automobile  
D819509 Radiator grille for an automobile  
D819515 Air intake grille for vehicle  
D819535 Wheel  
D819553 Motorcycle tire  
D819516 Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof  
D819517 Bumper for motor vehicle  
D819542 Roof imager  
D819501 Frame for motor/electric vehicle  
D819549 Tire