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D793905 Two wheeled balancing scooter  
D793943 Wiper blade for automobiles  
D793933 Vehicle floor mat  
D794089 Wheel  
D793913 Motorcycle chain guide  
D793947 Vehicle rack  
D793944 Wiper blade ornament  
D793910 Motor vehicle, toy and replicas thereof  
D793950 Tire tread  
D793927 Bumper for vehicle  
D793945 Removable automobile hard top convertible  
D793911 Trailer device  
D793941 Wheel or wheel cover  
D793930 Clutch cover  
D793918 Vehicle grille  
D793935 Vehicle floor mat  
D793908 Vehicle  
D793951 Tire tread  
D793926 Bumper for vehicle  
D793920 Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof  
D793906 Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof  
D793919 Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof  
D793946 Roof rack insert  
D793302 Automobile front lower fascia  
D793482 Quadcopter model drone  
D793298 Rear bumper for a motor vehicle  
D793294 Vehicle rear lower bumper fascia  
D793282 Brake lining for railroad vehicle  
D793304 Vehicle bumper  
D793301 Automobile front lower fascia  
D793326 Windshield wiper protector  
D793310 Outside mirror of car  
D793293 Vehicle front bumper  
D793290 Vehicle grille  
D793286 Motor scooter  
D793308 Vehicle temporary replacement window  
D793317 Vehicle floor mat  
D793316 Floor mat  
D793297 Vehicle front lower bumper  
D793320 Wheel  
D793291 Front grille of a three-wheeled vehicle  
D793311 Vehicle side mirror  
D793314 Dashboard for car  
D793285 Motorcycle  
D793313 Automobile interior  
D793306 Steering pad for an automobile  
D793323 Vehicle wheel rim  
D793309 Vehicle mirror  
D793333 Tire  
D793319 Wheel