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D802515 Boat  
D802483 Motor vehicle, toy and/or replicas thereof  
D802511 Wheel for a motor vehicle  
D802505 Instrument panel for media and navigation systems  
D802522 Tire tread  
D802475 Snowmobile  
D802513 Three-blade propeller  
D802488 Sprocket jammer  
D802477 Protective shade  
D802514 Tailgate strap connector  
D802492 Bolt-on radiator  
D802497 Front bumper of car  
D802473 Snowmobile front fairing  
D802480 Car  
D802502 Vehicle side mirror  
D802478 Vehicle body exterior  
D802498 Vehicle front bumper  
D802484 Automotive body  
D801876 Bicycle drive unit  
D801865 Motor vehicle  
D801896 Fender of a truck vehicle  
D801901 Vehicle wheel  
D802178 Aircraft ice detection light  
D801860 Automobile  
D801879 Wheelchair  
D801868 Motor vehicle  
D801869 Motor vehicle  
D801904 Vehicle wheel  
D801891 Front bumper for motor vehicle  
D801881 Leg rigging clip  
D801883 Rear bumper for automobile  
D801909 Cargo netting  
D801864 Motor vehicle  
D801893 Remote control for drones  
D801908 Extended car flag support  
D801867 Motor vehicle  
D801874 Container trailer  
D801870 Motor vehicle  
D801862 Motor vehicle, toy and/or replicas thereof  
D801888 Rear bumper of car  
D801897 Vehicle bonnet vent  
D801892 Grill guard  
D801866 Motor vehicle  
D801886 Front bumper  
D801858 Passenger car  
D801895 Brake torque plate  
D801857 Car, toy car replica and/or other replica  
D801912 Automobile tire  
D801884 Rear bumper for a vehicle  
D801900 Tailgate panel for vehicles