Match Document Document Title
D749010 Set of reconfigurable frames with image block  
D749012 Female member of nemo buckle  
D749011 Decorative novelty  
D749009 Link for band  
D748768 Combination fireplace, fountain, music player and planter  
D748531 Ultra metal ring  
D748525 Earring  
D748522 Pair of earrings  
D748520 Bracelet  
D748532 Buckle  
D748518 Combined necklace and pendant  
D748526 Jewelry pendant  
D748521 Under gallery element for a ring  
D748530 Cover lock cam belt strap adjuster  
D748528 Vase  
D748527 Band attachment  
D748529 Metal cam belt strap adjuster  
D748519 Jewelry article  
D748524 Earring  
D748523 Article of jewelry  
D748007 Ornament having a tomb with stone rolled away  
D748005 Earring  
D748006 Earring  
D748002 Bracelet  
D748011 Reusable apparatus for affixing gift material to a presentation device  
D748012 Trakline belt buckle  
D748001 Watch bracelet  
D747996 Rope formed by interlocking stitches for use in jewelry, clothing, accessories, or applied to the surface of articles of manufacture  
D748010 Band attachment  
D748008 Band attachment  
D747998 Necklace  
D747995 Neck strap supported device  
D748000 Bracelet  
D748009 Band attachment  
D747999 Necklace  
D748004 Earring  
D747997 Band  
D748013 D-ring  
D748003 Earring  
D747659 Article of jewelry  
D747661 Necklace  
D747665 Earring hoop  
D747623 Cooking implement  
D747660 Article of jewelry  
D747664 Ring  
D747662 Bracelet  
D747663 Ring  
D747666 Earring  
D747237 Flower hanger  
D747236 Paper tissue