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D755076 Belt buckle  
D755074 Band  
D755072 Gemstone jewelry article  
D755075 Seed propagation frame  
D755073 Jewelry setting  
D755070 Band  
D755071 Guitar finger ring  
D754557 Centrifugal compressor  
D754560 Herb pot set  
D754559 Planter  
D754561 Bird note holder  
D754558 Bracelet  
D754862 Decorated bandage clip  
D754022 Jewelry setting  
D754026 Award plaque  
D754025 Gemstone setting  
D754029 Clip attachment  
D754028 Slider for slide fastener  
D754020 Commemorative bracelet  
D754023 Gemstone setting  
D754356 Smart band  
D754027 Statue of confucius  
D754024 Gem setting in basket  
D754021 Bracelet  
D753536 Multiple facet gemstone  
D753530 Ring  
D753541 Eyelet for fastening  
D753534 Gem set hollow sphere  
D753531 Ring  
D753793 Shower head  
D753542 Eyelet for fastening  
D753654 Wearable electronic display device  
D753537 Jewelry design  
D753533 Hoop earring  
D753366 Zipper pull  
D753535 Article of jewelry  
D753539 Centerpiece  
D753538 Birth stone jewelry  
D753540 Elliptical panel  
D753532 Ring with cup mount  
D753020 Buckle  
D753012 Earring  
D753017 Medallion  
D753107 Wearable computing device  
D753008 Band  
D753016 Gem setting in basket  
D753018 Overhead display hanger  
D753011 Link ring  
D753015 Earring component  
D753010 Ring