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D864019 Flower box  
D864015 Ornament  
D864011 Wrist band  
D864018 Planter  
D864014 Ornament  
D864012 Watchband  
D864016 Plant growing shelf system  
D863907 Insert for finger ring of shears  
D864013 Charm  
D864021 Planting tray  
D864017 Planter  
D864020 Flower box  
D863098 Gemstone and charm for a necklace or bracelet  
D863097 Band  
D863099 Adjustable ring arm  
D863094 Band  
D863095 Band  
D863096 Band  
D863101 Belt connector  
D862842 Buttons and placket for a garment  
D863100 Tree stand  
D862284 Controller for shoulder strap for bags  
D862276 Leather watch band  
D862280 Gemstone  
D862275 Wristband with slot  
D862279 Adjustable ring  
D862264 Wristband with access control  
D862282 Planter and package combination  
D862281 Flower stripper  
D862283 Buckle  
D862459 Band of a smart watch  
D862277 Set of bands for a fitness tracker  
D862278 Adjustable ring  
D861535 Snap fastener assembly  
D861534 Buckle for bags  
D861532 Planter  
D861530 Apparel ornamentation pin  
D861437 Cooler  
D861529 Canvas watch band  
D861531 Jewelry  
D861533 Bra accessory  
D860856 Floral packaging tray assembly  
D860855 Hydroponic pot  
D860857 Belt buckle  
D860858 Belt buckle  
D860852 Neckwear for minted bars  
D860854 Plant cultivator with storage cabinet set  
D860853 Pendant for bracelet  
D860036 Precious stone jewelry setting  
D860033 Watch strap