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D762138 Cable accessory  
D762139 Support bar for a tree stand  
D762136 Cable accessory  
D762135 Necklace  
D762137 Cable accessory  
D762125 Wrist watch  
D761683 Necklace  
D761689 Band attachment  
D761792 Wearable computing device  
D761667 Watch  
D761688 Band attachment  
D761684 Necklace  
D761687 Clasp  
D761685 Combined jewelry ring interface and camera  
D761686 Ribbon  
D761149 Cover for a finger ring  
D761158 Cufflink  
D761152 Trapezoidal link  
D761153 Planter  
D761147 Bracelet  
D761154 Planter  
D761130 Wristwatch  
D761157 Hanging-personalized-cube ornament  
D761151 Locket  
D761150 Jewelry pendant  
D761155 Planter  
D761156 Rock planter  
D761148 Necklace  
D760603 Wristwatch  
D760616 Ring  
D760622 Tower planter  
D760604 Wristwatch  
D760615 Ring  
D760621 Single-sided portion of a decoration  
D760618 Earring  
D760620 Locket  
D760619 Article of jewelry  
D760617 Ring  
D760110 Chain earring  
D760111 Locket  
D760118 Indoor planter  
D760116 Cover for Christmas tree base  
D760107 Band  
D760117 Wall decoration  
D760108 Ring  
D760114 Decorative tree  
D760113 Article of jewelry  
D760115 Cover for christmas tree base  
D760112 Locket  
D760109 Flower ring