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D730238 Buckle  
D730234 Fan cut gemstone  
D730235 Hanging garden unit  
D730222 Sensor module  
D730219 Sensor module  
D730237 Birthday cake bottle display  
D730236 Planter enclosure  
D730220 Sensor module  
D730232 Ring  
D730233 Jewelry item  
D730231 Bracelet  
D730221 Sensor module  
D730230 Jewelry  
D729668 Sensor module  
D729686 Band with square attachment  
9032967 Anti-smoking device  
The current invention discloses an inexpensive, easy to use anti-smoking device. The device has an elongated strip having a center portion, a first arm, and second arm along the elongated strip,...
D729687 Snowman  
D729673 Sensor module  
D729688 Planter enclosure  
D729690 Shirt stud  
D729685 Band with oval attachment  
D729689 Buckle  
D729682 Wristband configured for displaying multimedia content  
D729669 Sensor module  
D729684 Jewelry ring  
D729680 Jewelry product  
D729667 Electronic device  
D729681 Band for portable information terminal  
D729683 Jewelry ring  
D729118 Sizing device assembly for clothing, fabrics, and garments  
D729086 Electronic device  
D729119 Seat belt buckle  
D729105 Watch band  
D729107 Earring  
D729102 Bracelet  
D729117 Gun-shaped flag pole holder  
D729113 Charm  
D729109 Band with rectangular attachment  
D729112 Free standing clasp  
D729116 Stretched canvas pennant  
D729085 Electronic device  
D729088 Electronic device  
D729079 Electronic device  
D729114 Christmas tree ornament  
D729115 Indoor growing unit  
D729087 Electronic device  
D729110 Charm  
D729108 Earring  
D729104 Necklace  
D729120 Belt buckle