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D711768 Jewelry  
D711772 Tie tack  
D711777 Buckle  
D711765 Ring  
D711771 Decoration holder  
D711764 Ring  
D711625 Wedgie  
D711759 Jewelry with brackets and charms  
D711770 Decorative tree  
D711769 Medallion  
D711763 Jewelry  
D711761 Watch strap  
D711767 Gemstone  
D711775 Chest strap clip  
D711762 Bracelet  
D711776 Slide buckle body  
8813519 Modified princess cut diamond having hearts and arrows pattern and method  
A modified princess cut diamond and method of forming a modified princess cut diamond into a symmetrical shape possessing a hearts and arrows pattern characteristic of the true hearts and arrows...
D711773 Side release buckle  
D711760 Watch strap  
D711774 Buckle  
D711766 Ring  
RE45079 Expandable wire bangle bracelet  
D711284 Fashion clip  
D711278 Heart-shaped locket  
D711276 Personal jewelry  
D711283 Flag  
D711282 Wheelbarrow planter  
D711277 Necklace  
D711280 Diamond  
D711279 Diamond  
D711281 Veteran's commemorative coin  
D710737 Wristband having a gel support member  
D710752 Placket straightener  
D710742 Holiday ornament  
D710743 Vase  
D710741 Money clip  
D710749 Zipper-pulling device  
D710750 Slider for slide fastener  
D710746 Telescopic pole  
D710740 Ring band  
D710747 Buckle  
D710751 Device to adjust garments  
D710739 Wearable device  
D710744 Vase  
D710745 Eagle-shaped flag pole finial  
D710748 Chain for slide fastener  
D710738 Adjustable bangle  
D710736 Watch band  
D710246 Football shaped flag  
D710248 Seat belt tongue