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D825372 Jewelry product  
D825377 Window box with handles  
D825371 Jewelry product  
D825375 Tree stand  
D825378 Belt clip  
D825369 Bracelet  
D825374 Six-hole dog tag  
D825373 Neckwear to house and display coins and rounds  
D825370 Jewelry product  
D825376 Incense burner  
D824797 Gem  
D824796 Gemstone  
D824799 Element for jewelry  
D824798 Diamond jewelry  
D824801 Fastener head cap  
D824800 Buckle  
D824802 Cuff link  
D824795 Neckwear to house and display metallic bars  
D824144 Short-leg garment with a curved zipper  
D824272 String bead  
D824275 Ring  
D824285 Stopper for zippers  
D824283 Clasp  
D824276 Earring  
D824274 Bracelet  
D824277 Earring  
D824278 Pendant  
D824280 Jewelry article including hand and cat  
D824279 Jewelry article including hand and horse  
D824273 Band  
D824284 Quick release buckle  
D824281 Jewelry article including hand and dog  
D824282 Plant stand  
D824286 Pair of zipper parts  
D823712 Pendant jewelry  
D823714 Artificial tree trunk cover  
D823718 Watertight zipper  
D823716 Green wall system  
D823717 Tension lock buckle  
D823713 Memorial plaque  
D823711 Multiple facet gemstone  
D823708 Bracelet with a drawer  
D823715 Collapsible vase  
D823719 Slide fastener tape  
D823710 Modular ID piece  
D823721 Clasp for leather goods  
D823709 Bracelet  
D823720 Single cuff cufflink  
D823161 Buckle  
D823160 Zipper Tooth