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D709402 Spiky heart shaped ring  
D709401 Bracelet  
D709405 Slider for slide fastener  
D709400 Band of a wrist-top instrument  
D709404 Plant container stabilizer  
D709403 Setting for jewelry  
D708984 Garment gatherer  
D708981 Gemstone setting  
D708982 Psalms 91 plaque  
D708983 Planter box  
D708548 Cufflink  
D708541 Earring  
D708547 Banner  
D708546 Self-watering planter  
D708545 Bubble shaped cross  
D708542 Jewelry  
D708540 Earring  
D708549 Harness buckle  
D708544 Clip for bracelet and straps  
D708420 Seat belt buckle cover protector  
D708543 Jewel  
D708090 Spring ring  
D708095 Clipping apparatus  
D708096 Cufflink  
D708089 Wristband with interchangeable elements  
D708091 Jewel  
D708094 Wine cork holder  
D708093 Lawn article  
D708092 Link for forming part of a charm bracelet  
D708088 Bracelet  
D707587 Snowman wreath hanger  
D707689 USB memory device  
D707588 Hanging basket  
D707584 Metal clasp for leather bracelets  
D707583 Faux bicycle chain jewelry clasp  
D707582 Bracelet  
D707585 Stone  
D707589 Slider for slide fastener  
D707586 Decorative object  
D707150 Necklace  
D707296 Wristband with detachable labels  
D707151 Triple stack button earring  
D707153 Fastener for a relocatable ornament  
D707156 Gem lapel accent  
D707154 Security patch  
D707149 Bracelet  
D707148 Wristband  
8752402 Jewelry and method of wearing  
A jewelry item includes an ornament, a coil with a plurality of turns, and a pad. The pad includes a central bore configured for receiving the helical coil. A compressive force between adjacent...
D707155 Decorative windmill base  
D707152 Earring accessory