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D740154 Earring  
D740169 Slide fastener with angled elements  
D740155 Elastic band for holding money and card  
D740164 Planter  
D740161 Planter  
D740151 Banded accessory  
D740156 Bridle charm  
D740167 Tie strap  
D740172 Button cover  
D740170 Slide for slide fastener  
D740162 Planter  
D740166 Box top holder for stored value cards  
D740157 Object  
D740160 Decorative ornament  
D740159 Graduate scale of watch bracelet clasp  
D740165 Planter  
D740153 Earring  
D740152 Bracelet  
D740171 Decorative attachment  
D740163 Planter  
D740168 Reversible locking garment closure  
D740158 Round diamond  
D740150 Wristband  
D739783 Buckle assembly  
D739786 Slide for slide fastener  
D739785 Brassiere shoulder-strap closure  
D739784 Buckle for garment belt  
D739788 Button cover  
D739787 Slide for slide fastener  
D739765 Gift bag  
D739782 Planter  
D739780 Band  
D739974 Buckle with light  
D739781 Planter  
D739290 Plate  
D739289 Watch strap  
D739294 Greenhouse pouch  
D739301 Buckle  
D739299 Ornament  
D739291 Gemstone  
D739300 Cord cam buckle  
D739303 Non-twisting D-rings  
D739302 Buckle latch  
D739293 Wire decorative holder  
D739298 Decorative magnet  
D739206 Fastener assembly  
D739274 Intelligent watch  
D739292 Gemstone  
D739296 Planter  
D739295 Planter