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8844319 Cut gemstone providing a specific optical pattern  
A gemstone cut with a table facet, where the gemstone receives existing light from around the viewer and the facets on the bottom of the diamond effectively reflect the existing light back into the...
D714181 Double drop earrings  
D714184 Planter box  
D714182 Jewelry plate  
D714183 Puzzle link  
D714177 Watch bracelet  
D714185 Buckle with bottle opener  
D714178 Bracelet  
D714179 Smart band  
D714180 Ring  
D713761 Chain for slide fastener  
D713755 Single drop earrings  
D713757 Wicking planter  
D713618 Huggable plush seatbelt cover  
D713760 Chain for slide fastener  
D713759 Buckle  
D713754 Ring  
D713758 Planting container  
D713756 Wicking planter  
D713280 Molded watchband with conforming contour tip  
D713295 Buckle for belt  
D713123 Huggable plush seatbelt cover  
D713124 Huggable plush seatbelt cover  
D713125 Huggable plush seatbelt cover  
D713288 Diamond shaped four-way garment closure  
D713285 Planter  
D713286 Box and tape novelty item  
D713293 Buckle for belts, nylon or elastic straps  
D713281 Power bracelet  
D713292 Maternity brassiere closure with indicator  
D713287 Teardrop shaped double garment closure  
D713265 Food container housing food articles  
D713282 Dry erase bracelet  
D713290 Triangular garment closure with hook  
D713289 Triangular three-way garment closure  
D713291 Triangular double garment closure  
D713294 Buckle for belt  
D713284 Indoor growing unit  
D713283 Bracelet  
D712777 Pentagonal ear gauge  
D712783 Decorative holder  
D712781 Medallion  
D712774 Ring  
D712626 Seatbelt shoulder pad  
D712773 Wristband and clip  
D712782 Lighted tree ornament  
D712785 Fish shaped chain for slide fastener  
D712772 Jewelry ornament  
D712779 Star-shaped ear gauge  
D712778 Hexagonal ear gauge