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D764341 Band  
D764340 Band  
D764339 Camera bracelet  
D764344 Pendant  
D764348 Metal combo tension hook  
D764674 Finger ring  
D764342 Earring  
D764346 Wearable device  
D764347 Band attachment  
D764343 Earring  
D764345 Ribbon award  
D763726 Band attachment  
D763724 Band attachment  
D763729 Wine barrel sculpture  
D763719 Wristband for fitness monitoring capsule  
D763730 Button cover with a clasp  
D763721 Pendant  
D763725 Band attachment  
D763723 Gemstone  
D763728 Christmas decoration  
D763720 Earring  
D763722 Gemstone  
D763727 Christmas decoration  
D763230 Spherical speaker device  
D763127 Band attachment  
D763132 Hook and eye fastener  
D763117 Jewelry article including hand and horseshoe  
D763121 Gemstone  
D763115 Jewelry article  
D763119 Object  
D763126 Band attachment  
D763118 Jasmine cut diamond  
D763123 Band attachment  
D763128 Band attachment  
D763120 Object  
D763130 Toothholding device  
D763131 Door banner  
D763124 Band attachment  
D763122 Oval shaped diamond  
D763125 Band attachment  
D763129 Ornament  
D763116 Magnetic frame for use with necklace  
D762513 Gemstone  
D762514 Link for jewelry chain  
D762515 Band attachment  
D762510 Jewelry item  
D762511 Bangle  
D762509 Decorative ornament  
D762516 Pumpkin shaped embossed Easter egg  
D762375 Wrist band