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D804983 Jewelry article  
D804982 Jewelry article  
D804979 Necklace  
D804987 Slider  
D804980 Necklace  
D804985 Incense burner  
D804986 Slider  
D804988 Slider  
D804981 Curved filter screen  
D804989 Slider  
D804984 Article of jewelry  
D804349 Ring  
D804348 Jewelry article  
D804350 Horizontal waves vase  
D804262 Planter pot drain tray  
D804351 Horizontal rings vase  
D803720 Father figurine  
D803719 Plant container  
D803714 Article of jewelry  
D804139 Baby feet rosary  
D803718 Ornament  
D803715 Wrist accessory  
D803716 Notched chamber assembly for jewelry  
D803717 Gemstone  
D803089 Set of charms for a bracelet  
D803096 Slider for slide fastener  
D803085 Bracelet charm  
D803086 Watch wristband  
D803094 Slider for slide fastener  
D803090 Set of charms for a bracelet  
D803092 Jewelry article  
D803091 Ring  
D803093 Wind operated tree-shaped Christmas display  
D803095 Slider for slide fastener  
D803087 Bracelet  
D803088 Stent bracelet  
D802452 Bangle accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D802470 Christmas tree with wireless strand speakers and additional lighting feature  
D802465 Two-piece watch strap  
D802472 Electrostatic chuck for semiconductor manufacturing equipment  
D802466 Wristband  
D802464 Watch  
D802467 Watch strap  
D802471 Upside down holiday stocking  
D802468 Brooch  
D802453 Flexible wristband accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D802469 Unity cross assembly  
D801851 Hanukkah pouch  
D801849 Pendant  
D801854 Necktie device