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D721612 Hockey memorabilia display device  
D721609 Wristband  
D721615 Pants bottom clip  
D721613 Combined outer shell and internal plug for a planting system  
D721614 Decorative desk ornament  
D721617 Slider for slide fastener  
D721610 Band with circular attachment  
D721616 Slider for slide fastener  
D721608 Slap wrist bracelet and stylus  
D721611 Medallion  
D721607 Bracelet  
D721296 Baseball memorabilia display device  
D721294 Novelty toilet  
D721293 Article of pregnancy jewelry  
D721295 Baseball memorabilia display device  
D721009 Plant saucer  
D721005 Icosahedral chart of the 20 commonly occurring amino acids  
D721004 Santa wreath hanger  
D721010 Nesting buckle  
D721007 Baseball field planter  
D721011 Zipper ornament  
D721008 Balls  
D721003 Ring  
D721006 Plant pot  
D720640 Links bracelet  
D720647 Earring  
D720643 Ring  
D720641 Bracelet for containment of and rapid access to personal medication  
D720642 Article of jewelry  
D720646 Facial jewelry  
D720649 Christmas decoration  
D720650 Spiral planter  
D720645 Jewelry ring  
D720651 Three dimensional shape for attaching decorative objects  
D720652 Cufflink  
D720644 Ring  
D720648 Pendant  
D720253 Trunk spacer  
D720249 Wristband case  
D720252 Planter umbrella stand table  
D720250 Article of jewelry  
D720255 Button cover  
D720251 Orchid pendant with ring clasp  
D720254 Pull tab of slider for slide fastener  
D720248 Wristband  
D719874 Plant container stabilizer  
D719870 Christmas cross  
D719873 Soft sculpture  
D719864 Jewelry  
D719867 Facial jewelry