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D757601 Toy figure  
D757603 Zipper tooth  
D757599 Chain link  
D757591 Jewelry item  
D757597 Jewel design  
D757600 Cross pendant  
D757590 Band  
D757594 Band  
D757592 Jewelry item  
D757596 Ornament  
D757595 Pendant  
D757602 Sliding clip buckle  
D757593 Hair band bracelet  
D757598 Gemstone  
D756834 Pendant  
D757211 Pool chlorinator  
D756833 Pair of earrings  
D756840 Button cover  
D756616 Fashion accessory  
D757376 Harness and leash adapter  
D756836 Jewelry article including a hand  
D756832 Watch strap  
D756837 Magnetic clasp for a necklace  
D756838 Multi-layered tied feather sculpture  
D756835 Jewelry article including hand and paw  
D756839 Multi-layered tied feather sculpture  
D756841 Belt buckle having an integrated tobacco can holder  
D756263 Flag  
D756262 Wind spinner  
D756359 Expandable armband device  
D755507 Keychain  
D755668 Wreath  
D755669 Plaque award  
D755664 Pendant  
D755663 Jewelry article  
D755670 Inflatable word novelty item  
D755662 Band  
D755665 Jewelry setting  
D755661 Jewelry article  
D755667 Holographic coin  
D755666 Jewelry setting  
D755076 Belt buckle  
D755074 Band  
D755072 Gemstone jewelry article  
D755075 Seed propagation frame  
D755073 Jewelry setting  
D755070 Band  
D755071 Guitar finger ring  
D754557 Centrifugal compressor  
D754560 Herb pot set