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D769149 Dog figurine  
D769147 Hook pendant clasp  
D769150 Cat figurine  
D769148 Planter  
D768533 Artificial magnolia tree  
D768532 Gemstone  
D768531 Medallion  
D768536 Flowerpot  
D768529 Band for portable electronic device  
D768528 Band for portable electronic device  
D768787 Medal toy  
D768538 Cufflink  
D768534 Holder for a match with an incense flag attachment  
D768537 Statuette of a couple  
D768415 Seashell holder for rings and things  
D768530 Ring  
D768535 Decorative plaque  
D768025 Band  
D768027 Ring  
D768030 Band  
D768024 Necklace with a built in guidance device  
D768028 Peg component of a wearable fitness band system  
D768029 Diamond cut  
D768026 Cover for a finger ring  
D768032 Tab for zipper  
D768031 Faceted sphere  
D767437 Watch strap  
D767638 Plant cultivation device  
D767440 Gemstone  
D767436 Wrist band  
D767435 Wrist band  
D767438 Jewelry pendant  
D767443 Stem extension for artificial flowers  
D767441 Gemstone  
D767439 Object  
D767434 Jewelry article  
D767565 Insert for a wearable electronic display device  
D767442 Gemstone  
D766774 Giraffe trophy head  
D766771 Diamond cut  
D766770 Wrist band sheath  
D766772 Unity cross assembly  
D766775 Clasp  
D766768 Watch component  
D766769 Gemstone and charm for necklace  
D766773 Cross arm  
D766125 Jewelry pendant  
D766123 Piece of jewelry  
D766128 Fish tank vase  
D766234 Wearable electronic display device with an attachable accent