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D737715 Article of jewelry  
D737716 Wristband  
D737721 Planter  
D737720 Jewelry clasp  
D737717 Earring  
D737719 Accessory cinching device  
D737718 Watch clasp  
D737722 Hook and eye closure assembly  
D737171 Tree skirt  
D737535 Wall covering for a wall of a luggage or cargo carrier  
D737172 Water-fillable human body simulator  
D737170 Clasp  
D737169 Money clip  
D737167 Metering pump  
D737168 Housing for a metering pump  
D737166 Band for an electronic device  
D737173 Buckle with tool surfaces  
D736667 Diamond  
D736666 Jewelry clasp  
D736668 Skate blades imprisoned into faked ice blocks  
D736669 Model  
D736664 Wrist band for an electronic device  
D736670 Plant reservoir  
D736665 Keshi pearl  
D736113 Universal chain clasp  
D736114 Star  
D736115 Child car seat chest clip  
D736116 Connection assembly  
D735599 Religious article  
D735601 Planter  
D735605 Adjustable filler insert for planters  
D735602 Flower container  
D735606 Buckle assembly  
D735600 Tree stand cover  
D735604 Bird figurine  
D735603 Figurine  
D735607 Zipper pull  
D735598 Bracelet  
D735953 Bed for pets  
D735074 Buckle equipped with whistle  
D735070 Kite design for gem stone  
D735068 Bracelet  
D735069 Wrist band for an electronic device  
D735075 Cam buckle  
D735190 Electronic device  
D735073 Door banner  
D735071 Decagonal shaped gemstone  
D735072 Universal door banner  
D735076 Decorative accessory article  
D734686 Ring