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D702595 D-ring  
D702587 Necklace ornament  
D702594 Buckle  
D702589 Necklace ornament  
D702593 Buckle  
D702592 Buttoning tool  
D702588 Necklace ornament  
D702585 Ring  
D702590 Vase  
D702584 Bracelet  
D702586 Necklace ornament  
D702591 Collapsible vase  
D702151 Belt adjuster  
D702149 Ear ring  
8689534 Segmented synthetic rope structures, systems, and methods  
A rope structure comprises a plurality of link structures each defining first and second ends. Each link structure is formed of synthetic fibers. Each first end comprises at least first and second...
D702150 Ornaments  
D701786 Toy ring  
D701788 Necklace ornament  
D701787 Gemstone ring  
D701792 Side squeeze buckle with integrated LED light  
D701790 Diamond forming a cross  
D701791 Bow  
D701789 Necklace ornament  
D701468 Stone  
D701142 Chain for slide fastener  
D701139 Buckle  
D701137 Gemstone ring  
D701138 Gemstone  
D701140 Module  
D701136 Gemstone ring  
D701141 Chain for slide fastener  
D701135 Ring  
D700863 Front silhouette plaque  
D700868 Chain for slide fastener  
D700860 Bracelet  
D700861 Plumeria ribbon jewelery  
D700862 Object  
D700867 Chain for slide fastener  
D700866 Chain for slide fastener  
D700990 Illuminating bird house  
D700864 Module assembly  
D700865 Chain for slide fastener  
D700539 Dove sculpture  
D700537 Stone  
D700540 Buckle  
D700541 Buckle  
D700538 Badge  
8661848 Concentric rotatable rings  
Articles of jewelry, including ring assemblies (100, 300, 400, 700, 1300) permitting secured, removable, rotatable, placement of rings within such ring assemblies (100, 300, 400, 700, 1300). In...
D700468 Beverage chiller  
D700100 Ring