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D719478 Gemstone  
D719483 Belt support apparatus  
D719481 Dome shaped structure for use as a planter  
D719482 Planter  
D719485 Front-release belt buckle  
D719475 Jewelry  
D719476 Necklace pendant  
D719480 Pyramid shaped structure for use as a planter  
D719479 Trinket for a king cake  
D719484 Luggage strap buckle  
D719316 Pad  
D719477 Decorative accent  
D719045 Chain bracelet  
D719058 Decorative and connectable display product  
D719043 Bracelet  
D719044 Bracelet  
D719042 Necklace  
D719057 Arrangement vase  
D719056 Planter  
D719047 Necklace  
D719054 Diamond with inscribed cross  
D719059 Decorative and connectable display product  
D719048 Ring  
D719051 Set of pendants  
D719055 Modular plant growth apparatus  
D719046 Chain bracelet  
D719060 Extendable zipper pull assist device  
D719049 Jewelry ring  
D719050 Charm  
D719053 Jewelry attachment  
D719052 Charm  
D718650 Earring  
D718653 Pendant  
D718657 Clasp  
D718656 Decorative and connectable display product  
D718655 Square shaped baby tooth setting in a square shaped metallic bezel on a jewelry article  
D718649 Earring  
D718651 Charm  
D718652 Pendant  
D718654 Jewelry  
D718168 Jewellery  
D718181 Gemstone jewelry  
D718184 Belt buckle  
D718175 Diamond and ring setting  
D718170 Band for electronic device  
D718178 Diamonds with inscribed cross  
D718169 Mood bracelet  
D718177 Diamond with inscribed cross  
D718186 Buckle  
D718176 Jewelry pendant