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D834990 Neckwear to house and display metallic bars  
D834981 Combined display apparatus and jewelry item  
D834987 Ring  
D834994 Funerary ornament  
D834985 Jewelry ring  
D834984 Jewelry ring  
D834986 Article of jewelry  
D834991 Neckwear to house and display coins and rounds  
D834982 Jewelry item  
D834989 Metal neckwear  
D834983 Bracelet  
D834993 Seedling container  
D834988 Earring  
D834992 Hanging ornament  
D834441 Bracelet  
D834442 Jewelry item  
D834447 Segmented vase  
D834299 Bauble-pot  
D834443 Article of jewelry having configuration of tomb with stone rolled away  
D834445 Band attachment  
D834440 Bracelet  
D834446 Wearable device  
D834444 Article of jewelry  
D834439 Two piece watch band  
D833910 Pair of zipper parts  
D833906 Pendant  
D833907 Pendant  
D833908 Multi-stone setting  
D833909 Band  
D833905 Necklace pendant  
D833904 Detachable wrist band  
D833322 Pendant  
D833328 Molded container  
D833321 Pair of earrings  
D833325 Article of jewelry  
D833327 Ornament  
D833329 Molded container  
D833323 Jewelry article  
D833324 Precious stone  
D833326 Ornament  
D832738 Extended hydroponic tower  
D832734 Jewelry piece having decorative element  
D832741 Tooth holder chopper  
D832740 Flowerpot  
D832739 Vase  
D832736 Tree decorating apparatus  
D832735 Jewelry setting  
D832737 Ornament  
D832733 Combined display apparatus and pendant  
D832134 Ornament