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D759530 Necklace  
D759533 Ring  
D759535 Ring  
D759529 Bracelet  
D759536 Pendant  
D759539 Tree topper  
D759505 Wristwatch case with band  
D759537 Pendant  
D759528 Bracelet  
D759531 Necklace  
D759538 Negotiable instrument  
D759532 Chain for necklaces or bracelets  
D759534 Ring  
D758907 Bottle opener bracelet  
D758891 Watch  
D758917 Planter  
D758916 Planter cell  
D758914 Planter riser  
D758913 Wreath  
D758915 Planter riser  
D758911 Earring  
D758909 Ring  
D758918 Planter bottom plate  
D758919 Combined safety flag and mounting bracket for a vehicle window  
D758910 Ring  
D758912 Assyrian coin  
D758908 Hairband concealing bracelet  
D758212 Watch  
D758240 Jewelry design  
D758238 Pendant  
D758237 Ring  
D758213 Watch  
D758239 Jewelry clasp  
D758236 Bracelet  
D758234 Watch strap  
D758235 Chain watch  
D758211 Watch  
D758241 Water-fillable human body simulator  
D757601 Toy figure  
D757603 Zipper tooth  
D757599 Chain link  
D757591 Jewelry item  
D757597 Jewel design  
D757600 Cross pendant  
D757590 Band  
D757594 Band  
D757592 Jewelry item  
D757596 Ornament  
D757595 Pendant  
D757602 Sliding clip buckle