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D723264 Lanyard  
D723414 Watchband insert  
D723409 Bracelet  
D723413 Key chain charm  
D723415 Wristband cover  
D723416 Novelty snowman  
D723410 Necklace  
D723418 Flowerpot  
D723419 Musical wine bottle  
D723420 Magnetic collar weight  
D723411 Jewelry item  
D723421 Pair of multipurpose attachable buckles  
D723412 Bracelet  
D723422 Pin buckle for watch  
8966938 Brilliance enhancing jewelry prong setting  
A ring with a composite Diamond Head setting is described that includes a head portion and a base portion. The head portion includes at least one channel structure that defines a marquise-cut...
D723417 Tree skirt  
D722912 Jewelry  
D722902 Bracelet  
D722908 Key chain charm  
D722915 Santa stake  
D722904 Jewelry item  
D722913 Jewelry piece  
D722906 Jewelry ring  
D722917 Runner's plaque  
D722916 Runner's plaque  
D722889 Container  
D722909 Key chain charm  
D722918 Fish mobile ornament  
D722903 Bracelet  
D722911 Key chain charm  
D722905 Jewelry ring  
D722910 Key chain charm  
D722907 Earring  
D722914 Snowman stake  
D722518 Jewelry  
D722523 Wristband bead  
D722521 Braided bracelet closures  
D722524 Semicircular stylized christmas tree  
D722520 Chain  
D722525 Header ornament  
D722526 Nursery pot  
D722530 Clasp member  
D722519 Jewelry article for use as a pendant or chain  
D722528 Clasp retainer  
D722522 Gem crown  
D722529 Clasp retainer  
D722527 Plant and vegetable trough with crossed supports  
D722278 Jewelry  
D722280 Plant pot  
D722279 Pendant with an ammunition case head