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D735074 Buckle equipped with whistle  
D735070 Kite design for gem stone  
D735068 Bracelet  
D735069 Wrist band for an electronic device  
D735075 Cam buckle  
D735190 Electronic device  
D735073 Door banner  
D735071 Decagonal shaped gemstone  
D735072 Universal door banner  
D735076 Decorative accessory article  
D734686 Ring  
D734684 Ribbon bracelet  
D734682 Sensor module  
D734685 Ball bracelet  
D734687 Clasp for jewelry  
D734688 Plant container  
D734667 Snap together orchard bin  
D734207 Planter for a raised garden  
D734196 Bracelet for a psyche trainer  
D734201 Obelisk columbarium structure  
D734192 Sensor module  
D734199 Arrangement of chakra stones  
D734205 Plant container  
D734202 Planter  
D734204 Hose pot and planter  
D734203 Planter  
D734206 Planter  
D734209 Buckle  
D734200 Modified oval shaped gemstone  
D734191 Sensor module  
D734208 Side release buckle with ring  
D734197 Flower ring  
D734198 Pendant  
D734210 Zipper ornament  
D733605 Bracelet  
D733606 Watchband ornament  
D733612 Fastener  
D733609 Plant pot  
D733604 Wristband  
D733608 Spiral planter  
D733610 Turf module  
D733963 Guide cutting tool  
D733607 Bird mobile  
D733611 Skirting for a potted plant container  
D732994 Wristband  
D732998 Cold frame  
D732997 Clasp for jewel  
D732996 Pendant  
D732993 Jewelry item  
D733000 Leg for a raised garden