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D811934 Clasp assembly  
D811926 Rubber ring with interchangeable jewelry  
D811932 Quick-release buckle assembly with fire starter  
D811933 Buckle  
D811925 Necklace  
D811931 Essential oil diffuser  
D811935 Shirt cuff fastener  
D811928 Earring  
D811930 Chain link  
D811924 Bracelet key ring  
D811923 Fashionable chest placard  
D811262 Pendant necklace  
D811259 Necklace with pendant  
D811263 Setting for a ring  
D811261 Pendant necklace  
D811260 Ring  
D811258 Watch  
D810606 Ring  
D810614 Tombstone  
D811018 Pet toy  
D810605 Convertible jewelry set  
D810611 Tuning peg pendant  
D810616 Trophy display  
D810612 Earring jewelry clip  
D810609 Rectangular jewelry enhancer  
D810610 Pendant  
D810613 Multiple facet gemstone  
D810608 Circular jewelry enhancer  
D810603 Phone proximity alert band  
D810607 Ring  
D810514 Drinking glass  
D810615 Vertical waves vase  
D810604 Strap component for a fluid delivery apparatus  
D809965 Aeroponic column  
D809954 On-hand attachment band  
D809964 Combination plant holder and amplifier  
D809961 Earring  
D809957 Bracelet  
D809966 Clip mechanism  
D809958 Champion ring  
D809960 Earring  
D809956 Bracelet  
D809963 Multiple facet gemstone  
D809953 On-hand attachment band  
D809962 Earring  
D809955 Band for a wearable fitness band system  
D809959 Ring  
D809414 Wristband of personal lifestyle monitoring and management device  
D809418 Ring  
D809419 Earring