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D785480 Strap for a watch-shaped toy  
D785496 Gemstone  
D785494 Gem  
D785499 Zipper tooth  
D785488 Multiposition ring or bracelet  
D785495 Jewelry design  
D785491 Earring  
D785493 Jewel design  
D785485 Article of jewelry  
D785484 Bracelet  
D785492 Charm  
D785481 Internally illuminateable device  
D784840 Armband bracelet  
D784845 Jewelry item  
D784848 Boot charm hook  
D784847 Jewelry item  
D784846 Earring  
D784842 Jewelry article  
D784841 Jewelry item  
D784849 Christmas rotating ornament  
D784709 Interlocking block for artwork  
D784843 Bracelet  
D784850 Foldable figurine  
D784839 Bracelet  
D784844 Jewelry item  
D784851 Buckle  
D784836 Strap for a watch-shaped toy  
D784184 Tulip ring  
D784186 Labrador retriever Christmas stocking  
D784188 Squared face of a sheet element used in construction of hollow shaped bodies  
D784179 Butterfly finger ring  
D784632 Buckle for a stirrup strap  
D784181 Jewelry ring  
D784178 Chain bracelet  
D784194 Button cover with a clasp  
D784189 Flag pole  
D784187 Poodle Christmas stocking  
D784193 Curvilinear zipper  
D784180 Jewelry ring  
D784185 Tree topper  
D784177 Bottle opener bracelet  
D784192 Alligator clip fastener kit  
D784190 Flat bow  
D784182 Wearable ring  
D784183 Jewelry item  
D784191 Tension belt clip  
D783450 Bra to pant clothing support clip  
D783443 Jewelry article with two interlocking links  
D783437 Bracelet  
D783447 Pointed face of a sheet element used in construction of hollow shaped bodies