Match Document Document Title
D784179 Butterfly finger ring  
D784632 Buckle for a stirrup strap  
D784181 Jewelry ring  
D784178 Chain bracelet  
D784194 Button cover with a clasp  
D784189 Flag pole  
D784187 Poodle Christmas stocking  
D784193 Curvilinear zipper  
D784180 Jewelry ring  
D784185 Tree topper  
D784177 Bottle opener bracelet  
D784192 Alligator clip fastener kit  
D784190 Flat bow  
D784182 Wearable ring  
D784183 Jewelry item  
D784191 Tension belt clip  
D783450 Bra to pant clothing support clip  
D783443 Jewelry article with two interlocking links  
D783437 Bracelet  
D783447 Pointed face of a sheet element used in construction of hollow shaped bodies  
D783439 Bracelet  
D783438 Bracelet  
D783444 Jewelry article  
D783446 Gemstone setting  
D783441 Ring  
D783451 Collar clip  
D783606 Activity tracker band  
D783440 Necklace  
D783448 Figurine articulated hand  
D783449 Door banner  
D783442 Earring  
D783445 Pendant  
D782934 Earring  
D782360 Well head cover  
D782363 Buckle and component thereof  
D782364 Belt buckle  
D782359 Breastfeeding badge of honor  
D782362 Buckle  
D782475 Activity tracker band  
D782356 Bracelet  
D782358 Band  
D782357 Charm  
D782361 Three tier planter  
D781744 Web adjuster  
D781740 Charm  
D781741 Shell casing jewelry article  
D782130 Pet collar buckle  
D781850 Wearable computer  
D781851 Wearable computer  
D781743 Lighted display base