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D795132 Buckle  
D795122 Chain link jewelry  
D795120 Fitness watch strap  
D795130 Aeroponic crop tower  
D794497 Ring  
D794501 Lighted tree skirt  
D794491 Electronic component necklace  
D794492 Smart watch accessory  
D794503 Figurine neck joint  
D794496 Ring  
D794494 Ring  
D794499 Element of jewelry  
D794493 Ring  
D794498 Pendant  
D794490 Fashion strap  
D794504 Slider for slide fastener  
D794495 Ring  
D794502 Figurine limb joint  
D794500 Jewelry component  
D793900 Hanging sculpture  
D793898 Ornament  
D793894 Bracelet  
D793903 Button adapter  
D793901 Ornament  
D793895 Necklace  
D793899 Gemstone  
D793902 Sculpture  
D793904 Buckle  
D794013 Body-worn portable electronic device  
D793897 Poker ring with suit shaped pick  
D793893 Article of jewelry  
D793896 Jewelry ring  
D793270 Fitness watch strap  
D793269 Fitness watch strap  
D793273 Necklace  
D793274 Ring  
D793278 Art pole  
D793281 Buckle  
D793272 Wristband  
D793271 Watch strap  
D793280 Racecar bobble novelty  
D793277 Magnetic clasp for jewelry  
D793279 Footprint keepsake display  
D793276 Ring  
D793275 Ring  
D792794 Jewelry article  
D792797 Snap bracelet lighter holder  
D792799 Tulip ring  
D792802 Ring  
D792804 Football embedded in a wall