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D808847 Jewelry piece with iconic element  
D808852 Charm  
D808845 Bracelet  
D808842 Styloid bracelet  
D808844 Bracelet  
D808849 Ring  
D808851 Earring  
D808846 Necklace with pendant  
D808850 Ring  
D808853 Charm  
D808293 Bullet shaped diffuser pendant  
D808292 Bangle  
D808298 Buckle  
D808291 Bracelet  
D808296 Case  
D808299 Buckle  
D808294 Round cut diamond  
D808283 Contoured receptacle for various objects  
D808295 Vessel  
D808290 Watch strap  
D808297 Coin holding base for decorative articles  
D807783 Buckle  
D807777 Receptacle insert for a wearable fitness band system  
D807778 Golden retriever Christmas stocking  
D807776 Princess cut diamond  
D807781 Buckle  
D807782 Buckle  
D807779 Boxer christmas stocking  
D807774 Earring  
D807773 Jewelry product  
D807780 Chihuahua christmas stocking  
D807775 Pendant  
D807226 Incense burner  
D807224 Watch bracelet link  
D807225 Tree stand  
D807222 Two stone jewelry setting  
D807220 Bracelet  
D807221 Ring  
D807223 Charm  
D807219 Wearable fitness band strap set  
D806605 Emblem  
D806601 Ring  
D806602 Two stone setting  
D806393 Clasp  
D806604 Precious stone  
D806603 Two stone setting with surround  
D806600 Jewelry cuff  
D805946 Ring  
D805948 Pendant with gemstones  
D805950 Hanging ornament