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D813085 Gemstone  
D813090 Slider  
D813082 Charm  
D813080 Earring  
D813074 Watch strap  
D813078 Jewelry ring  
D813086 Figurine  
D813426 Basketball trophy candle  
D813427 Golf trophy candle  
D813075 Bracelet  
D813089 D-ring  
D813084 Gemstone  
D813083 Article of jewelry  
D813079 Ring  
D813087 Apparel clip  
D813081 Jewelry article  
D813088 Buckle  
D813076 Band  
D813077 Ring with rotatable interchangeable elements  
D812511 Earcuff  
D812473 Plant shipping container lid  
D812513 Gemstone jewelry  
D812514 Gemstone jewelry  
D812520 Slider for slide fastener  
D812510 Earring  
D812517 Gemstone  
D812512 Pendant  
D812518 Setting for a ring  
D812516 Gemstone jewelry  
D812515 Gemstone jewelry  
D812519 Platform for plants  
D811929 Tuning peg pendant  
D811922 Jewelry article  
D811927 Wearable ring  
D811934 Clasp assembly  
D811926 Rubber ring with interchangeable jewelry  
D811932 Quick-release buckle assembly with fire starter  
D811933 Buckle  
D811925 Necklace  
D811931 Essential oil diffuser  
D811935 Shirt cuff fastener  
D811928 Earring  
D811930 Chain link  
D811924 Bracelet key ring  
D811923 Fashionable chest placard  
D811262 Pendant necklace  
D811259 Necklace with pendant  
D811263 Setting for a ring  
D811261 Pendant necklace  
D811260 Ring