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D814963 Jewelry piece  
D814957 Bracelet  
D814960 Ring  
D814965 Ornament  
D814968 Buckle  
D814962 Jewelry article  
D814335 Wearable ornament display  
D814332 Jewelry article  
D814342 Beagle christmas stocking  
D814330 Ring  
D814339 Gemstone  
D814337 Stone for fashion jewelry  
D814668 Tennis trophy candle  
D814345 Planter  
D814343 Dachshund Christmas stocking  
D814581 Sport ball holder  
D814328 Watch strap  
D814338 Stone for fashion jewelry  
D814336 Stone for fashion jewelry  
D814341 Yorkshire terrier christmas stocking  
D814346 Buckle  
D814333 Third eye pendant  
D814331 Finger ring  
D814329 Bracelet  
D814340 Schnauzer christmas stocking  
D814334 Jewelry article  
D814344 Terracotta pot holder  
D813709 Flexible pendant  
D813712 Jewelry component  
D813707 Jewelry product  
D813722 Zipper puller  
D813715 Gemstone  
D813721 Hook and eye closure extender for a brassiere  
D813704 Bracelet  
D813964 Trophy putter  
D813717 Article of jewelry  
D813705 Watch band  
D813501 Jeweled headband  
D813714 Gemstone  
D813710 Jewelry article  
D813719 Planter  
D813718 Claw prong bracelet  
D813713 Wearable ornament display  
D813708 Earring  
D813703 Jewelry item  
D813711 Double wine bottle pendant  
D813706 Jewelry product  
D813716 Cut gemstone  
D813720 Clip for clothes  
D812991 Beverage container label