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D803094 Slider for slide fastener  
D803090 Set of charms for a bracelet  
D803092 Jewelry article  
D803091 Ring  
D803093 Wind operated tree-shaped Christmas display  
D803095 Slider for slide fastener  
D803087 Bracelet  
D803088 Stent bracelet  
D802452 Bangle accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D802470 Christmas tree with wireless strand speakers and additional lighting feature  
D802465 Two-piece watch strap  
D802472 Electrostatic chuck for semiconductor manufacturing equipment  
D802466 Wristband  
D802464 Watch  
D802467 Watch strap  
D802471 Upside down holiday stocking  
D802468 Brooch  
D802453 Flexible wristband accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D802469 Unity cross assembly  
D801851 Hanukkah pouch  
D801849 Pendant  
D801854 Necktie device  
D801850 Pear shaped diamond  
D801852 Adjustable diameter LED christmas ball with control box  
D801847 Bracelet  
D801848 Ring  
D801853 Plant container  
D801216 Buckle  
D801211 Jewelry clasp  
D801212 Hydroponic planter  
D801217 Buckle  
D801218 Buckle  
D801219 Buckle  
D801208 Bracelet  
D801210 Jewelry pendant  
D801215 Buckle  
D801209 Customizable ring  
D801220 Buckle  
D801214 Tie clip  
D801221 Belt strap adjuster  
D801213 Hydroponic device  
D800447 Lanyard  
D800722 Wearable device  
D800599 Flowerpot  
D800596 Wearable fitness band  
D800595 Jewelry  
D800601 Tie clip  
D800508 Football-shaped container and base  
D800597 Watch holder for pendant  
D800598 Base for an artificial flower