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D821910 Ring  
D821913 Stand for a Christmas tree  
D821915 Elongated hydroponic structure  
D821912 Watch band adapter  
D821246 Band  
D821259 Buckle  
D821248 Novelty wristband  
D821251 Ring  
D821255 Deck the halls gnome ornament  
D821254 Locket  
D821252 Ring  
D821258 Railing supported elongated planter  
D821257 Stacked snowmen  
D821247 Wristband for fitness monitoring capsule  
D821260 Zipper slider  
D821249 Ring  
D821261 Zipper assist device  
D821256 Holiday gnome ornament  
D821245 Band for a wearable fitness band system  
D821253 Necklace pendant  
D821250 Ring  
D820723 Accessory for plant pots  
D820721 Flowerpot  
D820718 Gemstone  
D820728 Zip teeth  
D820720 Ornament  
D820713 Wristband for portable electronic device  
D820715 Ring  
D820716 Ring  
D820726 Zipper pull  
D820714 Ring  
D820719 Diamond  
D820717 Diamond  
D820724 Zipper pull  
D820725 Zipper pull  
D820722 Plant pot  
D820727 Zipper pull  
D820151 Planter  
D820052 Beverage container label  
D820146 Holographic ornament  
D820145 Earring  
D820144 Bracelet  
D820150 Plant pot  
D820155 Zipper pull  
D820154 Zipper pull  
D820143 Charm bracelet  
D820106 Bottle  
D820124 Wearable sensor ring  
D820141 Jewelry piece  
D820147 Wall ornament and hanger set