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D796990 Wristband for electronic device  
D796989 Piece of jewellery  
D797300 Fastener for pacifier  
D796984 Necklace  
D796993 Slider for slide fastener  
D796988 Triple cut gemstone  
D796991 Wristband for electronic device  
D796987 Charm  
D796983 Bracelet  
D796985 Ring  
D796918 Wire wine cage  
D796992 Slider for slide fastener  
D796995 Slider for slide fastener  
D796368 Fitness band spine  
D796374 Jewelry object  
D796371 Medallion necklace  
D796584 Medal toy  
D796372 Earring  
D796501 Activity tracker band  
D796369 Bracelet  
D796370 Bracelet  
D796376 Tombstone  
D796375 Bag shaped token  
D796380 Hydroponic tray liner  
D796377 Artificial Christmas tree  
D796379 Planter  
D796378 Hydroponic tower  
D796373 Snap-on earwire  
D795733 Cross  
D795732 Bracelet  
D795739 Aquaponic growth container  
D795735 Clip-on holiday ornament with electronic flame  
D795738 Planter reservoir set  
D795737 Grow light apparatus  
D795731 Fitness watch strap  
D795734 Holiday nipper ornament  
D795736 Stocking with bump  
D795740 Slider for slide fastener  
D795124 Decorative element for jewelry  
D795121 Band  
D795131 Slider for slide fastener  
D795123 Ring  
D794990 Christmas tree jug  
D795129 Hydroponic tower  
D795125 Precious stone  
D795127 Strap marker  
D795128 Invisible Christmas tree  
D795126 Gemstone  
D795132 Buckle  
D795122 Chain link jewelry