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D780030 Ring  
D779998 Leather lace bracelet  
D779997 Bracelet  
D780035 Jewelry article  
D780032 Ring  
D780038 Earring  
D779990 Band  
D780014 Tulip ring  
D780013 Ring  
D780010 Jewelry item  
D780049 Charm  
D780054 Pendant  
D780003 Jewelry article  
D780037 Earring  
D780011 Ring  
D780024 Ring  
D780020 Ring  
D780000 Bracelet  
D780025 Ring  
D780056 Charm  
D780015 Ring with internal stones  
D779989 Wristband  
D780006 Necklace  
D780027 Ring  
D779897 Self-watering planter  
D780055 Pendant  
D780041 Pendant  
D780018 Ring  
D780029 Ring  
D780022 Ring  
D780052 Charm  
D780051 Charm  
D780008 Necklace  
D780002 Necklace  
D779360 Pendant with chain  
D779368 Tulip ring  
D779373 Zipper pin and box assembly  
D779369 Pendant  
D779362 Bracelet  
D779363 Bracelet  
D779166 Jeans with jewelry hoop on hem  
D779371 Gemstone setting  
D779372 Planter  
D779366 Two-sided ring  
D779367 Four-sided ring  
D779358 Flashing silicone bracelet  
D779374 End stop for a slide fastener  
D779365 Ring  
D779356 Watch band  
D779370 Jewelry design