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D772753 Cross-shaped jewelry  
D772751 Ring  
D772752 Lanyard  
D772097 Pendant  
D772102 Vase  
D772100 Flowerpot stand  
D772099 Earring component  
D772103 Planter  
D772104 Set of characters for board game  
D772096 Bracelet  
D772516 Combined trash can receptacle and planter  
D772101 Hanging planter  
D772098 Pendant  
D771519 American flag ball  
D771520 Hydroponic growing stand  
D771521 Lighted display base  
D771522 Dual angle flagstaff support bracket  
D771518 Ornament setting  
D771516 Christmas tree topper bow  
D771481 Bead for use with string bikini top  
D771517 Snowman clip  
D771515 Jewelry article  
D770933 Interchangeable military insignia plate set  
D771189 Center band of a pen  
D770936 Medal display  
D770934 Braided bracelet closures  
D770938 Trophy  
D770939 Buckle  
D770932 Portion of a bracelet  
D770937 Display mounting bracket  
D771010 Necklace combined with audio electronics  
D771262 Smart band  
D770935 Centerpiece  
D770323 Article of jewelry  
D770170 Lanyard  
D770326 Bow  
D770324 Jewelry medallion  
D770322 Jewelry item  
D770325 Penguin figurine  
D770327 Buckle  
D770321 Wrist band device case  
D769771 Changeable multiple position jewelry  
D769768 Jewelry component  
D769870 Dog statue enclosure for wireless telemetry device  
D769738 Wristwatch case  
D769769 Round gemstone  
D769773 Hand pennant  
D769772 Figurine  
D769770 Cross pendant  
D769765 Smart watch