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D792805 Baseball award plaque  
D792796 Weighted bracelet  
D792798 Ring  
D792808 Flower and plant box  
D792803 Earring  
D792806 Ice skating award plaque  
D792807 Hydroponic plant cultivating apparatus  
D792801 Ring  
D792795 Watch band  
D792283 Cufflink  
D792273 Construction award plaque  
D792276 Planter  
D792275 Hockey award plaque  
D792265 Ring  
D792268 Portion of a jewelry article  
D792277 Tray  
D792281 Cufflink  
D792266 Earring  
D792278 Taxidermy mount  
D792270 Diamond (10 hearts and 10 arrows)  
D792271 Auto racing award plaque  
D792280 Bra accessory  
D792282 Cufflink  
D792267 Pendant  
D792264 Ring  
D792269 Gemstone  
D792272 Cheerleading award plaque  
D792274 Motorcycle helmet plaque  
D792279 Door banner  
D792263 Jewelry article  
D792262 Leather lace bracelet  
D791636 Ring  
D791639 Major separable divided plate  
D791643 Bra accessory  
D791633 Magnetic boutonniere appliance  
D791634 Wristband for electronic device  
D791642 Bra accessory  
D791635 Necklace  
D791637 Ring  
D791641 Flower vase  
D791638 Pencil pendant  
D791640 Basketball embedded in a wall  
D791005 Arm band  
D791016 Button cover  
D791014 Plant hanger  
D791011 Gemstone  
D791015 Door banner  
D791009 Ten point pavilion diamond  
D791008 Breastfeeding badge of honor  
D791006 Bracelet