Match Document Document Title
D771010 Necklace combined with audio electronics  
D771262 Smart band  
D770935 Centerpiece  
D770323 Article of jewelry  
D770170 Lanyard  
D770326 Bow  
D770324 Jewelry medallion  
D770322 Jewelry item  
D770325 Penguin figurine  
D770327 Buckle  
D770321 Wrist band device case  
D769771 Changeable multiple position jewelry  
D769768 Jewelry component  
D769870 Dog statue enclosure for wireless telemetry device  
D769738 Wristwatch case  
D769769 Round gemstone  
D769773 Hand pennant  
D769772 Figurine  
D769770 Cross pendant  
D769765 Smart watch  
D769767 Multi-membered bracelet with tri-bar configuration  
D769705 Fitting with swivel D-ring  
D769766 Multi-membered bracelet with formed arches  
D769983 Medal toy  
D769764 Watch bracelet  
D769149 Dog figurine  
D769147 Hook pendant clasp  
D769150 Cat figurine  
D769148 Planter  
D768533 Artificial magnolia tree  
D768532 Gemstone  
D768531 Medallion  
D768536 Flowerpot  
D768529 Band for portable electronic device  
D768528 Band for portable electronic device  
D768787 Medal toy  
D768538 Cufflink  
D768534 Holder for a match with an incense flag attachment  
D768537 Statuette of a couple  
D768415 Seashell holder for rings and things  
D768530 Ring  
D768535 Decorative plaque  
D768025 Band  
D768027 Ring  
D768030 Band  
D768024 Necklace with a built in guidance device  
D768028 Peg component of a wearable fitness band system  
D768029 Diamond cut  
D768026 Cover for a finger ring  
D768032 Tab for zipper